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  • Local officials should acknowledge Sunshine Week

    In light of the upcoming elections and the ongoing concerns on the behalf of involved citizens, I believe that Sunshine Week would be an excellent opportunity for local elected officials to raise public awareness to issues of open and honest government.
  • When will investigation of teacher conclude?
    This is an open letter to the Hillsboro City Schools Board of Education, community, principals of Hillsboro High School and Hillsboro Middle School, and Ohio Department of Education.
  • Hillsboro man thankful for prayers for injured granddaughter
    On Feb. 27, I received a telephone call from my son, Mel, in Madison, Wisc. at 7:05 a.m. When I heard Mel's voice, I knew that something was wrong. Mel told me that his daughter Michaelia, age 20, had been injured in a skiing accident and that she was in a coma. He told me that he wanted me to start a prayer chain. 
  • Stop unwanted political phone calls
    As one of your potential, future bosses, I trust you will value my opinion on what constitutes considerate phone conduct. I do not call your home uninvited with commercials, so please don't think you're that important to have some machine call me uninvited.
  • DeWine urges support for Santorum
    Rick Santorum has run this campaign based on what matters – on the issues and on his vision for our future. He is giving the American people a reason to vote for him – a reason to hope and a reason to believe that America will be better.  
  • Community input sought on OSU survey
    We are conducting a survey in your community, and we need your help. We are seeking information that will help inform community leaders about ways to better meet the needs of the residents in the county. Your input is an important part of this process.
  • Lynchburg residents asked to support levy
    On March 6, 2012, the residents of the village will be asked to vote on a police levy. This levy will help in hiring possibly two full-time officers and getting the police department back on track.
  • Reasons to support the ADAMH board levy on March 6
    We are not talking about funding unimportant activities, but needed community services that keep people out of jails and out of hospitals that cost us much more than treatment and intervention programs.
  • Few changes in Fire/EMS negotiations
    Their so-called “negotiation” is the same as always. We get a lousy, poorly explained “my-way-or-the-highway” contract with hocus-pocus numbers – again. And then the so-called “discussion,” with the city ignoring us and telling us (falsely) that we have no choice – again.
  • Greenfield city manager explains electric options
    Several years ago electricity was deregulated. As a result of that deregulation several energy companies popped up. We used to have only DPL in this area and the electric companies did not encroach on each other's territory.
  • Daniels addresses AEP issue
    This unprecedented and crippling rate hike is proving detrimental to small businesses and families alike. I, as well as my staff, have been well-engaged in monitoring this situation and urging the PUCO to take action as soon as possible.
  • Senator silent on AEP rate hikes
    I phoned Highland’s Ohio Sen. Dave Daniels’ office to learn what he was doing to help Highland Countians through this P.U.C.O./AEP mess and, unfortunately, was not surprised by what I learned.
  • Deters questions Supreme Court justice
    Ohio Supreme Court Justice Paul Pfeifer has been traveling Ohio campaigning for the repeal of Ohio's death penalty. This is somewhat disconcerting since one of his jobs as Ohio Supreme Court justice is to rule on cases before that court involving the death penalty.
  • Customers may not be thrilled with deregulation now
    Back in the "old days," the utility was regulated and made enough money to maintain its infrastructure and pay a dividend to its shareholders, but no one ever got rich on the stock of that company. Its service was excellent and its price was reasonable.
  • Post-forum questions
    I must say that I was impressed by all of the candidates at county commissioner forum hosted by the Highland County TEA Party this past Monday evening, though some shined brighter than others. But it certainly isn’t my place to critique the candidates for their public speaking; besides, one’s public speaking ability has more to do with getting elected than actually fulfilling the requirements of the office.
  • New Directions telethon a 'huge success'
    The 19th Annual New Directions Telethon that took place on Jan. 24 was a huge success. So far the donations and pledges total $14,944.
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