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  • Public notice of commissioners' May 31 meeting in question

    The Highland County commissioners are in direct violation of your legal counsel for conducting these extra recess sessions, as well as being in violation of the previously referenced Public Meetings Act, as I believe that extra meetings being held up to 24 hours after the start of the regular meeting should be defined as a "special meeting" as discussed in ORC 121.22 Paragraph F.
  • Senior Center presents enriching event
    We applaud the Highland County businesses that chose to support this endeavor and Mechell Frost, director of the Senior Center, for organizing it and would like to encourage the planning of more of these kinds of events.
  • Parent questions school's handling of sports incident
    On May 15, while playing an away game, my daughter and another player misplayed a ball in the field. When the inning was over, my daughter ran to the dugout and was met by one of the coaches. The coach proceeded to push by daughter's left shoulder hard enough to where she stumbled and bumped into a teammate. When this happened, I saw another of our coaches drop his head and walk away.
  • Options for city, townships
    Prepare a multi-year contract for Fire Protection/EMS now. The townships have proposed such a three-year contract. Restore the firefighting capabilities of the Hillsboro Fire Department. Use the three-year period to study the issue and identify the steps needed to implement a new Fire District to become effective January 2016.
  • Seeking resolution to lake association issue
    We would like to get this issue resolved as to the validity of the CCRs as to the amount of money that is charged by the Board of EHCA. The board must follow the CCRs as well as the members as they do the annual billing to the members, as this is the only contract between ECHA and membership.
  • May 25 is National Missing Children's Day
    If you would like to join the National Child Watch Team, call me or send me an email. If you would like a report of the 25 ways to make kids safer, I will send you more information. This is a growing concern everywhere; the last time I looked up the registered sexual predators in this county, there were over 100.
  • Getting to a number for EMS and Fire service
    We have $305.36 per township resident vs. $162.27 per city resident per call/incident. Now, keep in mind, this is with the $22 per-person contract. The townships are now offering $30. So ask yourself, who is subsidizing who?
  • Stop arguing and solve the Fire/EMS problem
    We cannot change the past – we cannot predict the future – we can act responsively now. Venus does talk to Mars. No one has to win the argument, we just need to solve the problem.
  • Why I support Sen. Sherrod Brown
    Senator Brown has demonstrated consistent strong support for veterans and military families throughout his career. Mr. Mandel is, at best, an unknown.
  • An open letter to the citizens of Jackson Township
    If you want to join a township fire district (Mowrystown, for example), please let our trustees know that. If you want to join the new district the city thinks it can form, please let our trustees know that. Whatever your opinion is in this matter, PLEASE contact our trustees now and let them know what you think should be done. They want to hear from you because they are trying to do something for your benefit. Please help them.
  • Under the Obama Administration, bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive
    When President Obama took office the stock market stood at just over 8,000 and now is over 13,000. This is over a 50% increase since President Obama took office. These numbers certainly show how ridiculous all the socialist and communist talk is.
  • St. Mary Catholic School dinner, auction a success
    On April 24, St. Mary Catholic School in Hillsboro held its first spaghetti dinner and quarter auction. We would like to thank the many supporters who donated their time and auction items and the many area businesses and independent vendors who generously donated merchandise for the auction. We had a great turnout, and everyone enjoyed the evening.
  • HCS thanks volunteers for kindergarten registration assistance
    My staff at the Hillsboro City Schools Early Childhood Center and I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the many volunteers who donated their time to work at the annual kindergarten registration held April 11.
  • PFC Zachary Gullett scholarship dinner May 19
    We are asking for items to be donated for an auction. We plan to make themed baskets with the donated items and then hold a silent auction to benefit the scholarship trust the evening of the benefit dinner, which will be from 4-8 p.m. Saturday, May 19 at the Hillsboro VFW Post 9094.
  • Fairfield parent speaks out on coaching issues
    Yesterday, I read the story about the hiring of Coach Everett Snyder and found it difficult to comprehend that once again, the Leesburg community has decided they are unhappy with a coach.
  • Sams family grateful for support
    We would like to thank the businesses and individuals for their generous support of the benefit. We also would like to thank the committee for all their hard work involved with planning this event and making it a huge success. We are so thankful, and your generosity will help with Josh's long recovery. Thanks so much.
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