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  • Send flowers before it's too late

    I’m not saying to quit sending flowers to honor the loss of someone you loved and respected – not at all. But I am saying this: Give verbal flowers and warm hugs now, while that individual is still breathing, alert and alive. While they can hear and feel your love surrounding them.
  • Giving thanks now and all year long
    Seems like I am noticing a trend – and not a healthy one. As a whole, our nation is losing the ability to pronounce some words. In fact, people seem to have forgotten some words exist in the English language. Phrases like “thank you,” “thanks so much,” “I appreciate that,” seem to have slid into a dark hole somewhere and vanished.
  • 'Heroes ride Hondas there'
    Faraway country. Poverty stricken area with hard-working citizens, who don’t have much chance to see things change for the better. My hero rides his Honda into their part of his world every day, to deliver help and hope.
  • Dirt swept under the rug is still dirt
    In our country, there are entire families who will suffer through a severe issue that eventually severs family relationships for many years. 
  • Lonely and hurting
    Many people today are living emotionally all alone, even while surrounded by people. And that works for them, most of the time. But once in a while, the loneliness catches up with them, and they realize they need others.
  • Families need to communicate
    If we lose our families by miscommunication, we lose more than we can possibly comprehend – until your family experiences it personally. And then that newly found wisdom comes way too late.
  • 50 plus 50 can equal 0
    There will be times in life when one spouse will have to give more, other times that spouse will need to be given more. But that is the way a good marriage works. 
  • Chronic pain may have upsides
    When you talk to sufferers of chronic pain, you find that there seem to be a few characteristics that are part and parcel of the whole experience.
  • Thoughts on human behavior
    A good friend who is willing to gossip with you, is usually willing to talk to another good friend about you. Remember, a juicy piece of gossip about you is often just too good not to share.
  • Are we as toads in boiling water?
    So many do not sense the coming danger. Have we reached the point of no return? Are our consciences and our moral compass so damaged by the play water that we as a nation can no longer grasp that there is a wrong and a right in the eyes of our Creator? 
  • The lost art of customer service
    Why have customers seemingly become a nuisance to many businesses? Some of their employees are projecting an arrogant attitude of “Excuse me, but you are bothering me.”  
  • A father's responsibility
    Dads, there is nothing in life that can substitute for time with you. The foundation of your child doesn’t have the strong underpinnings it needs without you. The result of your neglect will likely be a hurting adult. 
  • Resolve those triggers in your life
    Learn the value of deep breathing and attempting to see the other side of the pancake, no matter how thin it is. Then, you can hopefully have discussions instead of explosions. Now…if only I could remember to take my own advice.
  • Pastor Frankie: The 'I just love that old boy' dude

    By Dr. Andy and Renie Bowman

  • Let me say this: !*&^%+%7*&(ijokjr^%!!
    For anyone, reading and understanding the title of this column is pretty impossible. The reason is plain: I just closed my eyes and pressed random keys, so it makes absolutely no sense to anyone. Why? Because I wanted to make a clear illustration of my point: If a person doesn’t use words that are clear and easily understood by the reader, then why bother? 
  • Happy Mother's Day to all moms
    Whether you are one who loves constantly changing styles in clothes and makeup or are just the opposite – be confident in being YOU. Happy Mother’s Day to all the gussied-up moms and the au naturale moms among us.
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