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  • The $200 billion electric school bus shock

    It will take a $200 billion investment just to replace existing school buses – which must be done, Kamala tells us, by the 2030 deadline or else CHILDREN WILL DIE. Do factories, batteries, and other raw materials exist to build (or retrofit) 500,000 school buses – and every other vehicle in America today – by 2030? By 2050? Does that much money exist? Does that much electricity exist?
  • On private American patrols in smuggler-blighted border badlands of Arizona
    The AZBR is a private group with no authority to arrest the mules, but for years its members have run patrols and cameras along the hundreds of trails and washes that web an area the group has dubbed Baby’s Head Gap. It is so named for a Mexican doll’s head atop a spike in the desert, an apparent warning to anyone wanting to cross that passage is done only with the cartel’s permission.
  • The HALT Fentanyl Act
    Fentanyl does not care if you’re young or old, healthy or unhealthy, a Republican or Democrat; it’s an incredibly lethal substance.
  • How the FBI lost, found and rewarded the alleged Russian spy pivotal to surveilling Trump
    Durham interviewed a career counterintelligence analyst at Langley who said the dossier was transparent fiction. “Indeed, after the dossier was leaked and became public,” Durham relayed in his report, “that [CIA] expert’s reaction was to ask the FBI, ‘You didn’t use that, right?’” 
  • Pastor Frankie: The 'I just love that old boy' dude

    By Dr. Andy and Renie Bowman

  • Ohio Farm Bureau supports Ohio Issue 1
    Issue 1, a ballot initiative that asks Ohio voters if the state should strengthen the petition process and raise the threshold to 60% for approving constitutional amendment proposals, has the support of Ohio Farm Bureau.
  • Federal government needs to control debt and protect America at the same time
    Now is the time to find the right balance between savings and defense needs. There are plenty of other places to find savings, but our current and future military programs and budgets need to be fully funded. Other large militaries around the world are funding theirs - we need to do the same.
  • Combating the censorship industrial complex
    It’s been nearly six months since the first installment of the Twitter Files—the journalistic effort by Matt Taibbi, Michael Shellenberger, Bari Weiss, Lee Fang, and many others to expose the myriad channels by which the U.S government cooperated with Twitter on content moderation and censorship—was first published. Twitter Files One, perhaps the mildest of more than 20 unique reports, details the social media company’s internal deliberations in the days before the New York Post’s story about Hunter Biden’s laptop was removed from the site.
  • Rep. Roy remarks on H.R. 3746
    A government barreling toward $36 trillion of debt, and an absolute devastating burden on the future of this country, on our children and our grandchildren — who are not going to be able to afford homes, not be able to afford go to school, not be able to afford food, groceries. Talk about food programs, I don't hear a whole hell of a lot about what we're doing to devastate American families with rampant inflation, because we keep spending money we don't have.
  • Biden views the debt ceiling as a staring contest with Republicans
    In 1984, then-Senator Biden announced before voting against an increase in the debt limit that, "I cannot agree to vote for a full increase in the debt without any assurance that steps will be taken early next year to reduce the alarming increase in the deficits and the debt."
  • Employing first-person sources can re-humanize history
    The field of American history is in crisis. Earlier this month, the Department of Education released troubling data indicating that only 13% of eighth-graders met proficiency standards in history. Students are failing to understand the American story and our shared values – and the consequences are severe. 
  • Banning non-compete agreements hurts U.S. companies, workers
    President Biden recently touted the Federal Trade Commission's proposal to ban all non-compete agreements, which prevent employees who leave jobs from working for rival firms for a limited time. But the FTC's staggeringly broad proposal would stunt job growth and curb investment in research and development. That'll hurt every U.S. worker.
  • 2023 graduates: Agents of change?
    In the end, it’s also important to remember that preserving our dynamic free-market economic system is also a way to foster the kind of change that America needs, the kind that leads to less poverty and higher incomes.
  • Keep artificial intelligence out of government surveillance
    This should not be a partisan issue. We must get to the bottom of how the federal government uses AI to violate the privacy and civil liberties of the American people before it’s too late.
  • A sermon on John 3:16-18
    Once you accept and believe in Jesus, then you must act like Him. I can make my altar call and get dunked in a river. I can receive Holy Communion at Mass. But if I don't have a personal relationship with Jesus that changes my life to follow God's will instead of my own evil desires, then I will perish.
  • The importance of Memorial Day
    Memorial Day serves as a solemn reminder that freedom is never free, but rather a priceless treasure that must be protected and nurtured by each succeeding generation.
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