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  • Fair elections at risk if we don't stop counting illegals in Census

    By counting illegal immigrants in the Census, we’re rewarding cities and states that break our immigration laws.
  • Building the Global Nuclear Energy Order Book
    The outlook for nuclear power is bright on the world stage. Global demand for clean nuclear energy is higher than we have ever seen.
  • Thank you, Sheriff Donnie Barrera
    Thank you, Donnie, for your many years of law enforcement service. You have always been great to work with. All the best in your well-deserved retirement. I owe you one.
  • State Senate unanimously passes S.R. 121
    The state Senate unanimously passed Senate Resolution 121 supporting the continued buildout of natural gas infrastructure and recognizing the strategic value of U.S. LNG to help sustain good American jobs and safeguard our national security.
  • Ranking Trump’s VP options
    There are a number of potential candidates not listed here. Ben Carson, Elise Stefanik, Tom Cotton or Ron DeSantis come to mind (and Kristi Noem until about three weeks ago), and Trump really could pick someone completely out of the blue. But let’s look at the potential running mates who have gotten the most buzz.
  • EPA’s clean power plan prioritizes net-zero over grid reliability
    Coal and natural gas plants provide 60% of the U.S.’ affordable, reliable, and baseload power. In a time of increased electricity demand, America needs to double down on harnessing these sources – not abandon them. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s recently finalized Clean Power Plan 2.0 (CPP) rule, however, takes the country in the wrong direction.
  • The EV battery 'Catch-22'
    Solutions to some of the problems include battery recycling and increased domestic mining, however, the U.S. is currently limited in its capacity for both. Federal funds are spurring new recycling plant projects, but questions remain on whether there will be enough used material to meet projected needs. 
  • Ending the border catastrophe
    The strongest border security bill in history passed the United States House of Representatives on May 11, 2023. This legislation – formally known as H.R. 2 or the Secure the Border Act – would put an end to President Biden’s reckless open-border policies by resuming construction of the border wall, increasing the number of Border Patrol agents, ending Catch-and-Release, requiring transparency from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) regarding illegal crossings, ending the abuse of executive immigration authority, and more.
  • Veterans falling into addiction need our support
    Start the conversation by talking to a veteran about substance use and prevention. Do not avoid these conversations; they could be the turning point that convinces them to get help.
  • A sermon for Trinity Sunday
    Theologians have used earthly examples to explain the Trinity. An egg has a shell, yolk and egg white, but it is still one egg. Water can be steam, ice or liquid, yet it is the one same essence. 
  • How lawfare turned Trump into a superhero
    Face it, the Democrats who threw everything they had at Donald Trump in four courthouses must have been shocked to see him emerging Rambo-like from the smoking wreckage of our justice system. But if they underestimated Trump, it is their own fault.
  • Why I’m skipping my 50th reunion at Yale
    As my 50th class reunion approaches, it is hard to summon the pride and devotion I once felt. Indeed, the university, along with other similar institutions, has lost its way to such a degree that I cannot in good conscience attend what should have been a joyful occasion.
  • Biden administration’s scientific integrity policies
    It is no secret that the Biden administration has prioritized insulating the administrative state from the will of the people. The goal is placing career officials on equal footing with agency leadership (i.e., political appointees).
  • A solution for our swamped police departments
    The Recruit and Retain Act offers our law enforcement better access to resources that can address staffing issues. My legislation improves the Department of Justice’s Community Oriented Policing Services, or COPS, hiring grant program.
  • Thank you, peace officers, for protecting our liberties 
    Thank you to all peace officers and law enforcement families, for keeping our communities safe and ensuring our constitutional freedoms.
  • How to plant a garden with a puppy dog
    I have just learned these 13 easy steps to successfully plant a vegetable garden with a puppy dog. I am glad to share them with you on the chance that you might someday find yourself in such a predicament.
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