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  • Poll: Voters think schools should inform parents about gender changes

    Voters support school policies that require educators to tell parents about changes to their student’s pronouns, a nationwide poll found. The findings come as parental notification policies have stirred controversy as advocates and parents square off in school board meetings. 
  • The auction song
    As Greg and I turned to head back down to the creek, the auctioneer’s song no longer beckoned, but followed us across the now mostly empty parking field. Our truck bed may well have been empty, and our trailer would not be put to use, but my pocket was filled with a beautiful weighty marble.
  • Why republics outlive democracies
    Progressives cannot openly replace republicanism with socialism so they are shrewdly convincing voters that we have a democracy instead of a republic. They are aware if they repeat this lie often enough, voters will believe it. And they will socialize America with one unconstitutional law at a time. 
  • Thank you for your service!
    Has it dawned on you that you work for everyone who is supposed to work for you? Have you noticed it is a lonely job?
  • European migration ‘compassion fatigue’
    At the risk of sounding alarmist, the 2024 election could be America’s last chance to retain its sovereignty. Maintaining the status quo means that, assuming the current migrant entry rate, by the 2028 election between 15 and 20 million unvetted illegal immigrants would be residing in the U.S., a treasonous act.
  • Is America short of heavy weapons?
    President Joe Biden echoed former President Franklin Roosevelt when he called America the arsenal of democracy. With wars raging on two fronts, Israel and Ukraine, and China threatening to invade Taiwan, how stretched is the American arsenal?
  • Let’s give thanks for America
    Let’s all give thanks, not just for mere survival or for a bountiful harvest, but for living in a nation that is blessed with “liberty and justice for all,” as the Pledge of Allegiance concludes. Yes, we are not perfect and will never be. But we should have great gratitude for everything America has achieved so far, and what we will achieve in the future with a better understanding of our shared principles, along with a little hard work.
  • Time for Nikki Haley to 'Live Free or Die'
    Primary voters in New Hampshire demand contact with candidates; every day Nikki Haley spends trying to make something happen in Iowa is a day she is not with New Hampshire voters and a day she is hurting her chances of achieving that essential win before the next primary in her home state of South Carolina.
  • Biden Administration’s EV goals an expensive fantasy
    While EV proponents try to claim that EVs will soon be cheaper than gasoline vehicles, our new research demonstrates that EVs benefitted from hidden subsidies that total nearly $50,000 per EV. Who is footing that bill? Gasoline vehicle owners, taxpayers, and utility ratepayers are.
  • Rep. Leo Ryan's heroism at Jonestown
    Ryan recognized that investigating Jones could be dangerous; he considered taking a gun to protect himself from robbers. Yet neither he nor anyone else expected Jones to unleash the violence he did. In the end, Ryan, too, was a victim. At a remote dirt airstrip in Port Kaituma, Guyana, he and four others were assassinated by Jones’ hit squad while escorting 14 Americans to safety.
  • NYC Mayor Adams’ woes mount
    At the root of Adams’ problems are that he’s spoken publicly, loudly, critically and repeatedly about President Biden’s open border policy and how the arriving illegal aliens are bankrupting his once proud city. Even prominent Democratic supporters like Adams can’t get away with such candor. 
  • Happy Thanksgiving
    As Americans come together to celebrate Thanksgiving, we are also coming together to celebrate the ideals that underpin the very fabric of our nation: freedom, hope and opportunity.
  • John F. Kennedy – A remembrance
    Sixty autumns have passed since the assassination of John F. Kennedy that Friday, Nov. 22, a day that traumatized a generation of children and revealed the impermanence of their innocence.
  • Voters want age and term limits for elected officials
    Whatever you personally feel about term limits, one only has to look at the abysmal job approval of Congress, along with a possible (if only partial) “solution” that garners 80% support among Democrats, 81% among independents, and 82% among Republicans as at least the beginnings of a workable issue that we as Americans can get behind.
  • Thanksgiving can be a challenging time for mental health; gratitude can help
    With global tragedies looming, inflation rising, and the state of our collective mental health at a peak of fragility, the importance of kindness and gratitude in procuring our individual and community wellness has never been more critical as we prepare to gather for this Thanksgiving holiday.
  • The moral fight between good and evil, Part 2
    Whether it be communism or terrorism, a faction of America will not admit that those ideas are evil. If evil can’t be identified, neither can good. As a result, America becomes just another country in the world instead a beacon of hope. When that happens, evil will take over.
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