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  • Let me say this: !*&^%+%7*&(ijokjr^%!!

    For anyone, reading and understanding the title of this column is pretty impossible. The reason is plain: I just closed my eyes and pressed random keys, so it makes absolutely no sense to anyone. Why? Because I wanted to make a clear illustration of my point: If a person doesn’t use words that are clear and easily understood by the reader, then why bother? 
  • The numbers are in on how Biden-era funding skewing 'scientific' research ever-wokeward
    “People should realize that [we] are paying tax money to fund science that should be going to help improve people’s lives,” said Leif Rasmussen, a research Ph.D. student at Northwestern University who has analyzed NSF research grant funding in a white paper titled, “Increasing Politicization and Homogeneity in Scientific Funding. That money isn’t always going to that [and] is instead pushing an agenda in which people have to use the right words.”  
  • World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’ advances
    Title 42 has  ended, and the “Great Reset” is gathering a full head of steam. In 2020, the World Economic Forum proposed the Great Reset and drafted its mission statement, which included these words: “…Great Reset initiative has a set of dimensions to build a new social contract that honors the dignity of every human being.” While the mission conveys compassion, the sub rosa translation is: Green light the free flow of cheap labor.
  • A sermon on the Ascension of the Lord
    The great scientist Albert Einstein said this is the most important question we should ask about our existence. "Is the universe friendly?" The Ascension of Jesus is the answer. Yes, it is. 
  • Report: China showed its hand, unwittingly verified Wuhan lab leak
    A new report released today shows how Chinese researchers and government officials provide evidence that the virology lab in Wuhan, China, could be the origin point of COVID-19. U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, who serves on the Select Committee on Intelligence and the Committee on Foreign Relations, released the report, which marks another federal-level source backing the Wuhan origins theory, which was once “debunked” as a conspiracy, mocked by news outlets and censored by social media companies.
  • Court backlog clog: It's growing inexorably worse
    New migrants pouring into the U.S. after the Biden administration let a COVID-19 restriction called Title 42 expire last week will not break the nation’s stretched court system. The system is already shattered, according to several former judges, immigration experts, and Department of Homeland Security data.  
  • Rep. Comer issues statement on IRS retaliating against whistleblower
    “On the same day that the Durham Report exposed how the federal government weaponized its power to advance the Russia collusion hoax, we now have learned that the federal government once again may be abusing its power to retaliate against a whistleblower who alleges the Biden Administration is obstructing justice by blocking efforts to charge Hunter Biden for federal violations." – Rep. Comer
  • Restoring order at the border
    Chaos is the one word that accurately describes the current situation at the southern border. The present state of affairs that has gone on for more than two years as a direct result of reckless and thoughtless policy decisions by the Biden Administration is endangering lives and U.S. security. It cannot continue as is.
  • Ex-DOJ official, wife had bigger roles in fake dossier
    While it’s bad enough the debunked dossier the FBI used to spy on the Trump campaign was paid for by the Clinton campaign and authored by a foreign FBI informant and his carousing researcher, the newly released report of Special Counsel John Durham strongly suggests a top Justice Department official and his wife had an early hand in shaping the political rumor sheet. 
  • Rubio: Durham report details serious and unforgivable breaches
    “The Durham report details serious and unforgivable breaches by federal law enforcement," Rubio said.
  • Making progress in the fight for rail safety

    By U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown

  • Fleabane
    Fleabane is a wildflower to some, a weed to others, and then there are those who even choose to plant it in their gardens. This has been such a wonderful spring for wildflowers here in the creek valley, perhaps because of the cool weather, but no matter the reason, fleabane is blooming everywhere.
  • China’s Caribbean Sea
    At stake in the clash over Taiwan is not only control of the South China Sea, but also control of what Nicholas Spykman called the “Asiatic Mediterranean” and its islands and littorals.
  • Why you dislike your neighbor
    Why do you dislike your neighbor? The simple answer is because there is money in it.
  • Securing our communications networks
    Our national defense, and the security of our communications services, is vital. In the Senate, we need to follow through on the reimbursement payments we promised so carriers and the communities they serve aren’t hurt. I’ll keep pushing to pass the Defend Our Networks Act for the sake of Nebraska and the rest of our country.
  • Expanding trade, expanding freedom
    The Administration should be consulting Congress, as U.S. trade policy is strongest when the Administration and Congress work together. The American people deserve a better trade policy.  
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