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  • History and education in those Highland County hills of yore, Part 14       

    Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve discussed how the Rev. Joseph McDowell Mathews, a pioneer of Highland County education, left Hillsboro in late 1860 and moved to Kentucky. Specifically, the Mathews family relocated to Nicholasville, Ky., where the Rev. Mathews took charge of the Jessamine Female College.
  • National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 82nd Commemoration Dec. 7
    The attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, marked a pivotal moment in world history. Our nation joined the free people of the world in battle against the forces of tyranny that sought to enslave the masses and impose a new world order of blind hatred and oppression.
  • Rep. Stefanik: Harvard must find its moral clarity
    As a Harvard alumna, I believe we must demand that the most well-recognized and preeminent higher education institution in the world rediscover its moral clarity and eliminate antisemitism from its campus.
  • Frisky business and backdoor bailouts brought to you by the FDIC
    There are no polite words for how angry I am right now…or the reasons why. The recent revelations about the workplace culture of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) – where raunchy, racist, and all-around reprehensible behavior is not only tolerated but even rewarded – are appalling.
  • A year after Taylor Swift, ticketing reform is within reach
    After more than a year of effort to reform the ticketing industry, it is clear that there is genuine and bipartisan interest and momentum to fix the live event industry.
  • Don’t let government get away with poisoning Americans
    Since its creation, RECA has helped tens of thousands of Americans and assisted those exposed to radiation rebuild and renew their lives. How can we turn our back on them?
  • Send flowers before it's too late
    I’m not saying to quit sending flowers to honor the loss of someone you loved and respected – not at all. But I am saying this: Give verbal flowers and warm hugs now, while that individual is still breathing, alert and alive. While they can hear and feel your love surrounding them.
  • America’s global energy and climate leadership needs carbon capture
    The world is in the throes of a complex energy landscape as we recognize the unprecedented demand for affordable and reliable energy combined with our shared goal to decrease global carbon dioxide emissions.
  • A sermon on Mark 1:1-8
    Happy Advent. May you be the gift of love to someone who needs it.
  • How does Israel’s 10/7 crisis compare?
    Israel is engaged in one of its most challenging international crises since at least the Yom Kippur War of 1973. On October 7 (henceforward referred to as 10/7) Israel suffered the worst terrorist attack in modern history in proportion to the number of its inhabitants. As United States President, Joe Biden, said, 10/7 was like 9/11 multiplied by 15.
  • The Potemkin presidency of Joe Biden
    Despite the best efforts of the left-wing media, American voters will see through the Potemkin presidency of Joe Biden just as surely as Xi Jinping saw through Gavin Newsom’s Disneyland version of San Francisco. That’s why I’m confident Joe Biden is going to be a one-term president.
  • The old lathe
    I now know that this particular Atlas quite likely dates back to the late 1930s. It has a 54-inch bed, and can turn a piece of metal up to 10 inches in diameter. I have learned that most all of its kind were put to work during the Second World War in support the Allied war effort.
  • The world got a little dumber last week
    Three remarkable individuals left their earthly bodies last week. Charlie Munger, age 99, Henry Kissinger, age 100, and Sandra Day O’Conner, age 93. All three were remarkable intellects.
  • Megyn Kelly’s new media moment
    Next week may be the biggest opportunity yet for independent media when Megyn Kelly returns to live television. She predicts that some of her questions will be objectionable to one wing of the party and acceptable to another.
  • Cutting IRS red tape for Ohioans
    After months of pressure, the IRS has agreed to again delay the implementation of new, burdensome rules that increase tax paperwork for Ohio’s smallest businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • The Biden family grift and Hunter’s fake offer to testify
    Hunter Biden’s offer to testify before the House Oversight Committee is a clever evasion, nothing more. The president’s son says he will testify only if the hearing is publicly televised. Nice try. Subpoenaed witnesses don’t get to set the terms. The committee does.
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