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  • Democrat’s national dark money machine dominates Pa. elections

    The Left has done a stellar job convincing deep-pocketed national donors and special interests that they should invest in Pennsylvania. That’s because it understands that Pennsylvania is the frontline battleground for the American future. The Right needs to come to this same realization before Democrats succeed in pushing Pennsylvania over the progressive cliff – and taking the country with it. 
  • Antisemitism, multiculturalism and barbarism
    To reclaim human rights, foster comity among citizens, and restore appreciation of the public interest, it is vital to reform our colleges and universities. Institutions of higher education erode the public interest by promulgating an intolerant and anti-pluralist creed under the rubric of multiculturalism while providing outposts for propagandists of barbarism.
  • A roadmap from the American People for Congress
    The American people are prepared to defend civilization and the rule of law from barbarism and terrorism with strong, specific government actions.  
  • A new Thanksgiving tradition
    In this day and time, we need more thank-you letters than ever. Every letter is another act of kindness, civility and gratitude that reminds us of how many better angels of our nature truly exist.
  • Giving thanks now and all year long
    Seems like I am noticing a trend – and not a healthy one. As a whole, our nation is losing the ability to pronounce some words. In fact, people seem to have forgotten some words exist in the English language. Phrases like “thank you,” “thanks so much,” “I appreciate that,” seem to have slid into a dark hole somewhere and vanished.
  • Thanksgiving Day in Highland County in 1913 
    It is our hope that today will be a day of real Thanksgiving for every one, that it will contain much joy and gladness and that no one will overlook an opportunity to cause some less fortunate brother to have real cause to give thanks. 
  • Girlfriend
    We walked along briskly, her hooves clip-pity-clopping a crisp, light rhythm. For some unknown reason, a lilting tune drifted across my mind, and I began to sing a song that my grandmother had taught me when I was a little girl. It was about a fellow named Buckeye Jim. I well remembered the lyrics, whose roots go far back in time.
  • The blessing of adoption
    If our family hadn’t placed trust in the Lord’s Provision, we would have missed out on three of the greatest blessings in our lives.
  • Government spending cuts start at home
    Government spending is a universal problem found everywhere. Anyone who walks through the door of a city council meeting or county commissioner meeting with a grant, gift or graft (I just like the alliterative sound of that), is welcomed with open arms. If there has ever been an assessment of whether the community needs whatever this filthy lucre is purported to fix, that is an analysis I fail to recall ever seeing.
  • Biden trying to push through trade agreement behind closed doors
    Once again, the White House was trying to push through a trade agreement behind closed doors with no enforceable labor standards. The good news is, this time we put a stop to it.
  • Biden administration continues catering to Iran
    President Biden must not continue catering to our enemies. He and his staff have demonstrated a pattern of asinine decisions that is unforgivable. My colleagues and I are committed to righting the administration’s wrongs and forcing them to learn from their mistakes. 
  • Outside APEC, complaints of intimidation, assaults
    During official and unofficial meetings this week, there was no mention of the long list of atrocities. Instead, Xi received an unusually warm reception. 
  • Family businesses can’t afford to lose access to reliable electricity
    Regulators have distorted the sector to force conventional power plants into early retirement, reducing total power generation and increasing prices. The Biden Administration has backed these actions based on the dubious claim that positive incentives for solar and wind projects will allow new arrays and wind farms to fully replace conventional power plants. 
  • Let the college donor revolution begin
    he overwhelming majority of politically progressive faculty and administrators have long guarded their right to advance their cherished political causes inside and outside the classroom, while punishment has awaited those who challenge the shibboleths. Instead of the free exchange of ideas and the intellectual capaciousness that ultimately advance social justice, it is now clearer than ever that it is not social justice they have fostered but mindless ideology and hate.
  • The moral fight between good and evil, Part 1
    Too many people haven’t been taught about the atrocities associated with communism, and too many people are making money working with the Chinese. As a result, modern-day America has lost its moral bearings and doesn’t know the difference between good and evil.
  • Deport the Biden border invasion
    America’s southern border is wide open. With the lure of free health care and education, and assurances the law will turn a blind eye, President Biden’s weak policies are facilitating a flood of illegal immigration, human trafficking and drugs into Ohio.
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