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  • Lawmakers introduce bill to hold federal bureaucrats accountable

    “It is far past time to reinstate accountability to the people for the federal bureaucracy by requiring that like any private sector employee, federal workers can be removed from their positions,” Representative Roy said
  • The Secure the Border Act of 2023
    Borders play an essential part in maintaining world order, as they delineate where towns, counties, states, countries and continents stop and start. The United States’ border is what makes clear where our government’s authority ends, and Canada or Mexico’s begins. The border is there for a reason, and why the Biden Administration insists on open border policies that put our nation at risk is beyond comprehension.
  • Happy Mother's Day: And the value of a parental 'no'
    If any of us needed to hear that word more than the others, it was me. There is parental value in saying "no" to some of the whims of your children. They will thank you for it later in life. Happy Mother's Day to all good mothers everywhere.
  • BLS reports mere snapshots; macro picture more revealing
    Former director of the National Economic Council Larry Kudlow called the April BLS analysis “sloppy,” and dismissed the 230,000-job creation number as fiction. The big story, Kudlow continued, is that the two months prior to April were revised lower substantially. March was lowered by 71,000 and February by 78,000, a total of 149,000 fewer jobs.
  • Third-party presidential effort is a game changer
    When will our insider D.C. leaders learn that the hyper-partisan status quo is failing? In truth, they already know it. But they will not change until we force them. A system will never reform itself because those in power want to stay in power.
  • After 20 years as a prosecutor in Illinois, I quit
    I will not raise my son here. I am fortunate enough to have the means to escape, so my entire family is leaving the State of Illinois. I grew up here, my family and friends are here, and yet my own employer has turned it into a place from which I am no longer proud to be, and in which my son is not safe.
  • Rep. Wenstrup: COVID-19 naturally acquired immunity could have been a force multiplier for good
    When the COVID-19 vaccines became widely available, 91 million Americans had been infected with COVID-19. And still facts and science continued to show that those who had antibodies from previous infection had some form of protection against reinfection. Yet the Biden Administration attempted to mandate vaccines – regardless of previous infection – for the military, healthcare workers, large private sector companies, and federal employees.
  • Rep. Higgins issues statement on evidence involving Biden family
    “As an investigator, I recognize that bank records are amongst the most irrefutable form of evidence. Every American knows that bank documents are unbiased. They’re just accounts and numbers and dates and times. They’re not opinions, they’re not Republican bank documents or Democrat bank documents." – Rep. Higgins
  • It’s time to take politics out of ESG and retirement savings
    Increased politicization of “environmental, social and governance” (ESG) factors in investment has resulted in one side claiming it only promotes social and political objectives, and the other side claiming that ESG is always relevant to making sound investment decisions. 
  • The Biden economy and how it could be fixed
    The hard economic times we are experiencing are especially striking as they come on the heels of the Trump boom, which opened our eyes again to American economic potential when we have low taxes, reduced regulation and a bountiful supply of domestic energy. Everybody, particularly minority and low-wage earners, reaped the benefits in the Trump years.
  • ESG just window dressing for liberal activism, far-left ideology
    Americans should be free to invest their own money in any legal investment strategy they choose. This freedom does not exist when asset managers use their clients’ funds to push ESG instead of client returns. And let’s not kid ourselves. ESG is just window dressing for liberal activism and radical far-left ideology.
  • Happy Mother's Day to all moms
    Whether you are one who loves constantly changing styles in clothes and makeup or are just the opposite – be confident in being YOU. Happy Mother’s Day to all the gussied-up moms and the au naturale moms among us.
  • History and education in those Highland County hills of yore, Part 10 
    Ladies and gentlemen, more than 162 years ago, the Rev. Joseph McDowell Mathews, a pioneer of education in Highland County in the 1800s, announced he was resigning as president of the Hillsborough Female College in December of 1860. 
  • Veterans' benefits not on the chopping block
    House Republicans have made it very clear that veterans’ benefits, defense spending, Medicare and Social Security are not on the chopping block when it comes to debt ceiling negotiations. We’ve always prioritized veterans in our budgets to ensure that the men and women who have served our country have access to the care and benefits they deserve.
  • Countering coercion
    As a lead sponsor of the Countering Economic Coercion Act of 2023, I am pleased that a portion of the jurisdiction for this legislation rests with the House Rules Committee, and this week I will chair the first committee hearing on the provision.
  • Wind and solar aren’t nearly enough
    It turns out that Vladimir Putin’s war has brought the sleepwalking West the great energy reality check that it so desperately needed – and that includes even the most “climate ambitious administration in U.S. history.” 
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