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  • My friends and colleagues

    So, who makes us enemies? It clearly does not happen on the one-on-one, person-to-person level. I lay this issue at the feet of politicians worldwide.
  • Biden chose Venezuela over Canada for oil
    The United States needs more heavy oil for a whole series of reasons. President Joe Biden could have chosen to have that oil come from a close friend and ally, environmentally-conscious Canada, or from one of the world’s nastiest regimes, Nicolas Maduro’s Venezuela, which doesn’t give a toss about the environment. Which did he choose? Venezuela, of course.
  • Bringing high-speed internet to more Ohioans
    Every Ohio family and Ohio business should have reliable, high-speed internet. It’s a crucial aspect of modern society, and one of the most important tools for economic development.
  • The political risks of mandating EVs for everyone
    The realities of physics and engineering mean that politicians pushing for an all-EV future run a high risk. Quite aside from the eventual discovery that EVs will disappoint with only a tiny impact on global CO2 emissions, the bigger impacts will come as consumers find vehicle ownership costs and inconveniences both escalating.
  • Sen. Rick Scott: Iran’s terror cannot be funded by IMF
    The Biden administration has supported a record $650 billion SDR allocation, of which $17.5 billion went to Russia, $22 billion to Communist China and $3.5 billion to Iran. Senator Ted Cruz joined Senator Scott in introducing this legislation.
  • Energy security for America and our allies
    As war breaks out in the Middle East, the depletion of our emergency oil supplies to the lowest levels since the 1980s presents a unique threat to our nation, our longest ally Israel and partners around the world.
  • Bankman-Fried trial should spur dark money legislation
    Last week, in the trial of former crypto billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried, details emerged about how the now-disgraced entrepreneur attempted to co-opt U.S. senators from both the Republican and Democratic parties.
  • Brutal Hamas and anti-Semitism deserve unequivocal condemnation
    The horrific nature of Hamas’ actions must harden our resolve in this time of global crisis. We must realize that Hamas did not act alone. Iran has long been the puppet master of instability in the region, fueling terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah, and encouraging their goal of forever destroying the State of Israel. 
  • Biden’s urgent Oval Office address omits reference to border crisis
    If the administration wants to avert what looks like the inevitable – a major terrorist attack on the homeland – it will have to get immediately busy shutting the border and deporting illegally present aliens.
  • Crisis is here: National security minded leaders in the House needed
    The military threat that China poses to Taiwan and the sovereignty of free nations throughout the Indo-Pacific grows by the day. As America and its allies and partners face down multiple crises, the U.S. Congress cannot function. It’s time for the real leaders in the House to step up.
  • White House rejects calls to pull visas of students who express support for Hamas
    Citing the First Amendment, the White House this week rejected calls to pull the visas of students who express support for Hamas while Republicans rolled their eyes at what they see as suspicious and sudden conversion to free speech absolutism.
  • Time for suburban Democrats to prove they’re moderates
    Asking these questions may not help Republicans win elections, but it could push Democrats to moderate their policies and get us back to sanity. And we may then be able to learn if there are, in fact, any moderate Democrats in the suburbs willing to stand up to left-wing extremist ideology, embrace common sense and show some real independence.
  • History and education in those Highland County hills of yore, Part 13 
    Ladies and gentlemen, in our last offering we talked about how the Rev. Joseph McDowell Mathews, a pioneer of education in Highland County in the 1800s, had three wives and four children during his lifetime. 
  • Backing Israel in both word and deed
    Israelis stood with Americans on 9/11 and the years that have followed against terrorists seeking to undermine the respect for mutual understanding, coexistence, human dignity and freedom, at the core of our Republic and central to our hope for our fellow people around our world. We share their loss, as we stand with them now unequivocally in word and deed. 
  • A sermon on Matthew 22:34-40
    When you "give human kindness" to anyone who "needs human kindness," you satisfy all three of God's commands to love.
  • Mega-Jolt: The costs and logistics of plugging in EVs about to become supercharged
    U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm gave Americans an unintended glimpse of the future during her road trip this summer touting the wonders of electric vehicles. Far from spotlighting the promise of EVs, her public relations misadventure in Georgia involved one of her staff in a gasoline-powered vehicle blocking off a coveted charger in advance of her arrival, leading to frayed tempers and a local EV owner calling the cops.
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