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  • Electric vehicle subsidies as complex and costly as ever

    It’s time for President Biden and lawmakers to ditch protectionism and finally end EV subsidies. 
  • My plan to shake up Washington
    The Senate is a failure, unable to fix itself or the dysfunction in Washington. Millions of American families see the evidence of this failure every day, with chaos at the southern border, dramatic price increases at the checkout counter, and anti-Semitic, anti-American hatred spewed across our college campuses.
  • LaRose to Ohio House: Ban foreign influence over state's elections
    Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose renewed his call for passage of legislation banning foreign influence over Ohio’s elections, asking the Ohio House of Representatives to quickly approve legislation sent over by the Ohio Senate.
  • Toxic atmosphere at FDIC spurs calls for chair's resignation
    The episode is an embarrassment to President Biden, who promised on the first day of his administration to fire “on the spot” anyone who engaged in such behavior.
  • Court hasn’t yet crippled Trump’s lead over Biden
    The legal proceedings, at least for now, have not crippled Trump. He has not seen a drop in his poll numbers, and the $1,000 fines for violating a court gag order are hardly an obstacle on the campaign trail. Judge Merchan has warned, however, that if the former president continues to defy the court, he could land himself in jail.
  • Exclusive: House Oversight Committee probing Biden voter mobilization order
    In a letter obtained by RealClearPolitics, Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) has requested that Office of Management and Budget Director Shalanda Young produce a slew of documents and information concerning the development and implementation of Biden’s sweeping “Executive Order on Promoting Accessing to Voting” no later than May 28, and a staff-level briefing by May 20.
  • A sermon for Pentecost
    Preachers talk so often about the "power" of God. I was curious about how the dictionary defines the word "power." So, I looked it up. I was baffled by this one definition I discovered. It defined power as "the ability to get extra-base hits." I found it strange they used a baseball analogy to define power.
  • Is transgender inclusion more important than women’s sports?
    Protecting women and girls in sports doesn’t need to be a partisan issue. Congress should follow Louisiana’s leadership and do more to protect girls, their sports, their scholarships and their futures from a social experiment that is already proving to be unwise.
  • Biden’s betrayal of Israel
    President Biden’s betrayal of Israel is unforgivable. Not only has he looked the other way as antisemitism rages across campuses — he’s denying weapons shipments to a nation fighting for its very right to exist. If the president does not stand with Israel, his words of sympathy are empty.
  • Advocating for better market access for U.S. producers
    For the fourth year in a row, the Biden Administration’s trade agenda provides no plan for real negotiations to improve market access.  
  • To change the world, protest less, study more
    Campus protesters make noise. Our attention economy rewards them. But it is the serious thinkers who bend the arc of a moral universe toward justice.
  • Small businesses face major hurdles due to Biden policies
    President Biden is claiming a small business "boom" under his administration. The reality is entrepreneurs grapple with a triple threat: a decelerating economy, soaring inflation and escalating credit expenses due to his bad policies. 
  • Why did the turtle cross the road?
    Perhaps the question should not have been about chickens, but rather an inquiry as to why the turtle crossed the road. We all know that the chicken crossed the road to get to the other side, but how often does one actually encounter a chicken crossing? 
  • To hurting moms and children everywhere
    Well, Mom, you aren’t here this year for Mother’s Day, but I will think of you. I will choose to dwell on the good memories of you, and to forgive the mistakes that may come to my mind. See you when I get there, too.
  • Israel faces a second front in Lebanon
    The world is walking toward catastrophe. Israel cannot accept for much longer the continuation of the current situation in its northern parts. Without a major change in Western policy, Israel may be forced to take greater risks to change the facts on the ground.
  • Jean Wallis (1933-2024): A treasure trove of Highland County history
    Throughout the years, Jean was the go-to source for every organization and local media outlet when it came to settling questions of local history. If she could not immediately resolve a question, she would painstakingly research the topic until a satisfactory answer could be found.
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