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  • The Marine Corps that should have been

    If it had been allowed to evolve, OMFTs (Operational Maneuver from the Sea) would have been the perfect tool to suppress threats such as the Houthis at the source. A group of retired general officers calling themselves Chowder II have put together an alternate approach to Force Design for the Corps that they call Vision 2035; much of it is based on work done before 2001.
  • When will IRS stop ballooning budget? Short answer: Not anytime soon
    In his fiscal year (FY) 2025 budget proposal, President Biden requested Congress provide an unprecedented $104 billion in additional funding for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on top of its $12.3 billion annual budget and the $80 billion the Biden Administration already enacted in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).
  • The lie of the century: The origin of COVID-19
    Dr. Fauci was working overtime to deflect attention from the lab-leak theory. In multiple bouts of congressional testimony, Fauci engaged in semantic games to insist the U.S. wasn’t involved in funding dangerous gain-of-function research at the WIV. (It was.) On several occasions, Fauci publicly argued the evidence “very, very strongly” leans toward natural origin. (It doesn’t.) Those challenging Fauci on these questions, he famously told CBS’s Face the Nation, were “really criticizing science, because I represent science.”
  • Rogue prosecutors and the rise of crime
    The lesson for voters across America is to pay close attention to “low visibility” local races – such as district attorney races, which directly impact public safety – to protect their communities against the kind of devastation we see in so many of America’s once great cities.
  • The Coast Guard Academy’s newest DEI push
    DEI is a bad idea. It is divisive, racist and anti-meritocratic. Yet, our Coast Guard leadership continues to promote it without discussion or debate. For an objective observer, that should be the first clue that something is very, very wrong.
  • Avoiding victimhood: A lesson from our Jewish peers
    To be clear, peaceful protest is permissible and critique of Israel is not equivalent to antisemitism, but when protesters shout “intifada revolution” and “kill all the Jews,” we should take them seriously.
  • ‘Radical Left Revolution:’ Trump weighs in on pro-Hamas campus chaos
    Former President Donald Trump weighed in online on the ongoing chaos on college campuses as pro-Hamas protesters occupy and vandalize colleges around the country.
  • Columbia lawlessness springs from free-speech hypocrisy
    Columbia’s failure stems from decades of dereliction of duty by elite universities. Not least of the derelictions has involved encouraging students to believe that a university’s principal purpose is to promote progressive opinions about social justice.
  • AG Garland MIA during campus riots
    Last week, amid nationwide student protesting that threatened Jewish students and effectively shut down college campuses, 27 GOP U.S. senators sent Attorney General Merrick Garland and Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona a letter urging them to restore order and shut down the antisemitic, pro-Palestine mobs.
  • Remembering the lessons of 1968
    Although today’s rioters at the universities seem to be organized by professional protesters, these rioters are of the age that they will not forget the causes and intensities of their current efforts. Many will make these causes their life’s vocation or avocation.  
  • Unredactions reveal early Biden White House involvement in Trump documents case
    Although Biden himself is not mentioned in the exhibits, the active participation of Su and other high-ranking White House officials raises questions about whether Biden was forthright when he told “60 Minutes” he wasn’t involved in the investigation.
  • Five ways campus turmoil hurts Democrats and America
    Higher education is sinking lower and lower.
  • Chickweed
    We would all likely agree that it is nice to be able to get something for nothing. I must confess, however, that I often feel a lingering doubt as to whether a particular something really is free for the taking, no strings attached. 
  • Centennial celebration for Craters of the Moon – an extraordinary Idaho landscape
    The landscape of Craters of the Moon is like no other. It is a place where one can walk on the same ground that was once molten lava, flowing from deep within the Earth.
  • A sermon on John 15:9-17
    One of my favorite saints is St. Catherine of Siena. She was a no-nonsense, "tell it like it is" woman. If she believed you were doing something wrong, she badgered you 'til you got it right. 
  • Locked up and secure – or scary?
    Remember, some rules and regulations are not made to harm you. I am specifically referring to The Ten Commandments written in your Bible. They are not there to take away the fun in your life and trap you. The One who created you only wants to help you.
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