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  • Republicans squabble through messy 2nd debate

    Ron DeSantis needed a big night to revive his stalled presidential campaign and come within shouting distance of former President Donald Trump. It was a heavy lift, and probably too much to ask.
  • Missouri resident enjoys Jones Family Reunion in Lynchburg
    I went to the Historical Jones Family Reunion on Sept. 9 in Lynchburg. This Jones family is related to over 400 most famous people in world history.
  • Introducing RCI's Biden investigations timeline
    The timeline covers major threads, including the development and collapse of Hunter Biden’s plea deal; IRS whistleblower allegations of slow-walking and subversion of the case against him; and alleged retaliation by authorities and Hunter’s lawyer against the whistleblowers.
  • Families need to communicate
    If we lose our families by miscommunication, we lose more than we can possibly comprehend – until your family experiences it personally. And then that newly found wisdom comes way too late.
  • On impeachment, McCarthy misses the big picture
    McCarthy, Comer, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, et al., don’t have to subpoena bank records, review the 5,400 emails that Biden wrote under his pseudonyms Robert Peters, Robin Ware and JRB Ware. House leadership simply has to visit the border to see that Biden has aided, abetted, facilitated, orchestrated and promoted illegal immigration, crimes for which he should be removed from office.
  • Demanding action from Norfolk Southern
    It’s now been more than seven months since a Norfolk Southern train derailed in East Palestine. By now everyone in Ohio and around the country knows the devastation the company’s negligence has caused in that small, tight-knit community in Columbiana County.
  • Climate litigation would close Pennsylvania for business
    Recent opinion content making its rounds in newspapers reveals that the national campaign to sue U.S. energy companies for the effects of global climate change has chosen Pennsylvania as its next target. These climate lawsuits have failed in other states because they are without merit.
  • Parents, not teachers' unions, should choose what's best for their children
    Action by states stands in stark contrast to the rank liberal hypocrisy displayed in Washington, D.C.  According to a recent report, 12 U.S. senators oppose school choice for the rest of us but send their own kids to private schools.
  • A sermon on Respect Life Sunday
    Brother Jim Townsend went to arms of His Father on June 12, 2011 at age of 84. He is buried at the friar's plot at St. Mary Church in Herman, Pa. I have visited his grave several times. God used this broken earthen vessel, a criminal who took three lives, to affirm the dignity of every human life. If Brother Jim were alive today, he would be voting "no" on Ohio Issue One.
  • Europe must do more for Ukraine; U.S. has to protect its own border
    The Biden administration has neither explained the American objective in Ukraine nor his strategy to achieve it. "As long as it takes" is a slogan, not a strategy. 
  • Russia and China are running in a nuclear arms race
    Deterring nuclear war is without question one of the most fundamental jobs of the Department of Defense. Even if the cost is significant, the United States has an obligation to ensure that the nuclear arsenal receives the funds it needs. In short, the only way to restore stability at the theater nuclear level is for the United States to not only modernize its strategic nuclear arsenal but revitalize its theater nuclear force.
  • The age of shabby and shoddy, Part 2
    Little did I know three weeks ago that I would be revisiting this topic again so soon. However, thank you, Senate Majority Leader Charles Ellis Schumer, D-N.Y., for providing our topic this week.  
  • Who let the horses out?
    Something was quite wrong with this scene. The cattle were supposed to be eating their fill, and the horses were supposed to be on a diet. What, I wondered, could have possibly gone wrong?
  • U.S. offshore wind plans are collapsing
    Offshore wind developer Ørsted has delayed its New Jersey Ocean Wind 1 project to 2026. Previously, the company had announced construction of the project would begin in October 2023. The delay was attributed to supply chain issues, higher interest rates and a failure so far to garner enough tax credits from the federal government. 
  • Deadline Oct. 6 to opt out of electricity aggregation program
    I have had AEP service for more than four decades at my home and business. I am not upset with my AEP billing or service. Had I discarded what at first glance I thought was junk mail, I would have unwittingly changed billing services. No thanks. I'll keep my billing – and more importantly my customer service – with AEP Ohio.
  • Sens. Paul, Vance and Rep. Roy reject indefinite war in Ukraine
    “The American people deserve to know what their money has gone to. How is the counteroffensive going? Are the Ukrainians any closer to victory than they were six months ago? What is our strategy, and what is the president’s exit plan? What does the administration define as victory in Ukraine?"
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