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  • A sad day for America 

    All of the vicious and violent anti-Donald Trump rhetoric must end. Now. It should never have gotten to this point. The media are complicit. So is Hollywood. So are many far-left Democrats. 
  • President Biden addresses assassination attempt
    An assassination attempt is contrary to everything we stand for as a nation. Everything. It’s not who we are as a nation. It’s not America, and we cannot allow this to happen. Unity is the most elusive goal of all, but nothing is important than that right now — unity.
  • Why wind power is useless
    Renewable electricity, mostly wind power, is useless in every dimension. It is extremely expensive but is made to look cheap by hiding an 80% subsidy.
  • A most enjoyable – and scary – week
    For the last 50 years or more, the Democrats visibly have had the hair stand up on the back of their necks when one even slightly suggested some of their ideas belonged in the loony bin.  
  • The woke program is our American pogrom
    My fellow Americans and my fellow American Jews: We have a problem. We, the American people, are losing our American minds. We are thinking and behaving badly, at a poison-Ivy-League level, and with trickle-down-scale consequences in the real world, beyond the twilight zone of academia.
  • Take away the car keys
    The president’s performance in his recent debate with Donald Trump was a shock to anyone with eyes and ears. His handlers have limited his unscripted interactions with journalists for precisely this reason. Yet, he and his staff insist he is as intellectually vigorous as ever and trot out ludicrous excuses for why he stumbled.
  • Good days, bad days in the newspaper business
    The dilemma now facing members of Greenfield Village Council and their duties to the community is this: Now what? How do you move on from this?
  • Solving the hidden safety risks of EVs
    The high-voltage batteries in EVs can cause electric shock not just to drivers, but also to the officers who respond on the scene of crashes. And any contact with fire, however small, can cause the batteries to explode. The study highlighted the need for training and clear guidance for first and second responders.
  • Reaching out to farmers and ranchers in crisis
    As Congress works to reauthorize the Farm Bill ahead of its Sept. 30 expiration, I am keeping the needs of farmers and ranchers at the forefront as I advocate for a strong safety net that provides what producers need while facing a challenging farm economy and helps ensure the continuation of important research, promotion and conservation programs. 
  • The world needs NATO in the arena
    As critics have hurled taunts of obsolescence, NATO has remained the steadfast practitioner of peace, the man in the arena upholding the collective defense commitment enshrined in Article 5 of the Washington Treaty, and building and maintaining the deterrence and defense capabilities that sit at the very heart of transatlantic security.
  • Advancing clean nuclear energy
    We must preserve and expand our use of nuclear energy. This will advance our country’s energy and national security interests. Nuclear energy is reliable and clean.
  • Reflecting on Independence Day
    Last Thursday, on July 4th, we celebrated our nation’s independence and freedom. It was the 248th anniversary of when the Declaration of Independence was signed, and the United States of America officially became an independent nation, and no longer a colony of England.
  • War with Hezbollah is inevitable
    Israel has glimpsed the possibility of another Holocaust. Though Hamas is incapable of fulfilling its genocidal aspirations, Iran may well be, and Hezbollah is a crucial part of Tehran’s plans. In the long run, Israel simply cannot tolerate such a malignant and formidable enemy on its doorstep.
  • Joe Biden’s cognitive issues are destined for the memory hole
    We’ve heard this all before – and Trump is still leading the race. The attacks on him have been so vicious and unhinged for so long that it is easy to overlook the truly astounding fact that the man is still standing. Part of this is due to his remarkable toughness; part is due to the out-of-touch incompetence of his foes. They still don’t see that they have overplayed their hand, offering risible caricatures instead of critiques.
  • White House: No ‘specialist’ has examined Biden at residence in Delaware
    The White House would not say this week why a neurologist with expertise in Parkinson’s disease, Dr. Kevin Cannard, visited the executive campus eight different times or who specifically the doctor was there to visit.
  • Poll: Independent voters move away from Biden
    Former President Donald Trump holds a lead over President Joe Biden just a few months away from election day. Emerson College Polling released the new poll, which reports Trump leads Biden 46% to 43% with 11% undecided.
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