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  • Gun violence emergencies prompt concerns of government overreach

    What if President Joe Biden declared a national emergency over gun violence? The White House didn't respond to an email asking if Biden had considered such an option. When a president declares a national emergency, there are at least 135 statutory powers that could be made available, according to the Brennan Center.
  • Tax Armageddon Day is coming
    This year everyone (who pays taxes) knows that Tuesday, April 18 was Tax Day. What we need to know is that Dec. 31, 2025, will be a devastating day for most taxpayers – Tax Armageddon Day. As Franklin warned, “nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” However, Dec. 31, 2025 doesn’t have to be a fait accompli, not if Congress acts and the American people go to the polls in 2024 knowing that tax hikes are coming in 2026.
  • In the limelight
    As Greg and I walked out the door of the century old pump house, the four triple-steam engines resting quietly behind me, I thought of my Nana. I so wished that I could call her up, and tell her about my amazing day and the 104-foot tall engines that had been constructed inside a pump house that rests six feet below the river’s bottom.
  • Washington uses tax dollars as patronage fund for state programs
    The federal government used the once-in-a-century pandemic as an excuse to cover up decades of overspending by politicians at the state level. Over the last several years, we’ve also seen an enormous increase in the level of federal grants made to state and local governments.
  • Biden’s electric vehicle folly; U.S. lacks grid to power electric vehicle fleet
    If Biden’s program is to be implemented without crashing America’s power grid, what is required is a total reversal of the regulatory state’s War on Energy. Furthermore, if the electrification of transportation is to actually result in a reduction of carbon emissions, the vast amount of new capacity required will need to come from a carbon-free source. The only way to do that is through nuclear power.
  • Passing the buck
    Twenty years of policy and effort obviously bear the mark of multiple administrations and Congresses. However, as Commander in Chief, President Biden cannot point fingers and blame anyone else for this national embarrassment of this ending but himself. His failure on the international stage has surely and certainly emboldened our enemies.
  • Republican 2024 field, sans Trump, backs Bud boycott 
    “You have this man, who dresses up like a girl, and clearly makes a mockery of women – it’s just not right,” Nikki Haley told RCP. “Feminist groups who claim to be pro-women have gone silent. We need to use the power of our voice to call this out.”
  • Possible scenarios for 2024
    This week (April 20, 2023), it will be 21 months until the next U.S. presidential inauguration. What are some possible scenarios between now and then?
  • A sermon on the road to Emmaus
    It is foolish to think I am in charge of me own life. I make God laugh every time I tell him my plans. 
  • Accountability for Biden's botched Afghan withdrawal?
    Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby had the audacity to state that he was proud of the withdrawal from Afghanistan. This followed the release of a report from the Biden administration that lays the blame for this withdrawal at the feet of President Trump, taking little to no responsibility. This is a sign of failed leadership.
  • Poll: Majority of GOP lawmakers want to cut voter access to Ohio Constitution
    Some Ohio House Republicans — and Secretary of State Frank LaRose — are reviving a measure that failed in last year’s lame-duck legislative session. It would raise the percentage of votes it would take to amend the Ohio Constitution from 50% to 60%.
  • Time's up on TikTok
    It’s no surprise that many Americans agree that TikTok should be banned. And it’s why I recently introduced bipartisan legislation that would codify President Trump’s forward-looking effort to confront foreign-adversary technologies like TikTok that threaten our national security.
  • Biden energy agenda puts China, bureaucrats first
    The big-government socialists want to change the way we live our lives, and it's not because they want to help America. You know, they call it the ‘green agenda’. I call it the ‘red agenda,’ because where are these batteries being made? In China. 
  • History and education in those Highland County hills of yore, Part 8 
    In 1856, a new Hillsborough Female College was constructed on the west end of Main Street. It was located between Main and West Walnut at Oak Street.
  • Lawmakers reintroduce legislation to support America’s trucking industry
    The bipartisan Strengthening Supply Chains Through Truck Driver Incentives Act would provide a short-term, fast, and straightforward incentive to attract and retain new drivers. Specifically, the Gallagher-Spanberger bill would create a two-year refundable tax credit of up to $7,500 for truck drivers holding a valid Class A commercial driver’s license (CDL) who drive at least 1,900 hours in the year.
  • Lowering prescription drug prices

    By U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown

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