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  • A sermon on John 14:15-21

    When you love someone, you do what pleases them. The five most important words in a successful marriage is "I will do the dishes." 
  • Standing up for Ohio manufacturers against unfair trade
    I have fought my whole career for fair trade that puts American workers first, and stood up to presidents of both parties on behalf of Ohioans. One of my proudest votes was against NAFTA.
  • Spherical joy
    Our hearts are not so much warmed by the small spherical glass orbs, as they are warmed by the people that these small orbs share with us, and of course, I smiled.
  • No. 1 killer over the last 170 years
    There have been between 160 to 200 million people killed, i.e., they did not die of natural causes but at the hand of their fellow humans, since about 1860. It stands to reason if we could find one root cause of this tragedy, we would ban it from the face of the earth. Yet, I am sure we won’t. Why? The root cause is electricity.  
  • The time is now for missile defense
    China, Russia, North Korea and Iran continue to invest in technologies to expand their capabilities to hit the United States with nuclear weapons. All four countries have also escalated their threatening rhetoric, indicating their willingness to use nuclear weapons in a military conflict.
  • The 5.6-percent 'loss of income' narrative as foolish as the COVID-19 lockdowns
    If analysts had a clue about the future income of school-aged youth in 2020 and beyond, they most certainly wouldn’t be analysts. Instead, they’d be earning billions as investors based on an ability to see years and decades into the future.
  • Clinton, Bush, Obama align with open borders groups
    The latest chapter in the ongoing open border crisis involves four former first families associated with groups whose mission is to transport migrants from their home countries to the United States. Immigration lawyers call this “aiding and abetting,” a federal crime.
  • ESG is digging a deeper hole for itself
    Though more than $50 trillion has been committed to ESG and other sustainable investment strategies, the world is no closer to achieving its net zero objectives, nor is the global economy more socially inclusive than it would have been otherwise. 
  • Trump should never again be president
    In national poll after poll, two-thirds of Americans say they do not want a rematch of the 2020 election, but the powers that be are not listening.
  • Forcing consumers to purchase electric vehicles: A new low for Biden
    The basic economic impacts, along with the negligible climate benefits, raise a simple question: why is the Biden Administration pursuing this EV windmill-tilting exercise? By effectively forcing consumers and businesses to purchase vehicles they do not want, the Biden administration will impose yet more damage on American’s standard of living, reducing mobility and raise costs.
  • Vance: Biden playing Russian roulette with U.S. economy
    What Joe Biden has done is refuse to negotiate from the very beginning. He's basically playing Russian roulette with the country's finances and telling Republicans they need to do exactly what he wants them to do or he's going to drive the American economy off the cliff.
  • A sensible debt ceiling solution
    The Limit, Save, Grow Act of 2023 has passed out of the House, and now the ball is in the Senate’s court. House Republicans have proven we are serious about getting our country back on track. It’s time for Senate Democrats and President Biden to follow suit.
  • Bringing critical supply chains home
    The United States cannot continue to ignore China’s unfair trade practices and sacrifice American manufacturing jobs on the altar of Green New Deal policies. Indeed, we cannot risk our energy supply chains becoming even more dependent on our adversaries.
  • We all have choices
    If you have ever found yourself in a relationship with someone who has decided to figuratively hand you one end of their rope, leap over the side of the bridge and just simply hang there – then you can identify with the older sister.
  • Climate envoy John Kerry's jet-set spending getting copious cloud cover
    John Kerry leads an international jet-set life that might exhaust a runway model. If President Biden’s special envoy for climate was not in Washington or relaxing at his mansion near Nantucket Harbor, he could be found in Brazil, Panama, the Bahamas, or Germany. And that’s just in February and March. Adam Andrzejewski, CEO of OpenTheBooks, said: “Kerry can’t operate according to his own accord and spend tens of millions of dollars in his budget as the special envoy without transparency. The people, the press and politicians need to hold him accountable for his spending.”
  • History and education in those Highland County hills of yore, Part 9 
    Ladies and gentlemen, after operating the Oakland Female Seminary in Hillsboro from 1839 until 1856, the Rev. Joseph McDowell Mathews, a pioneer of education in Highland County in the 1800s, was appointed president of the new Hillsborough Female College that was constructed between West Main and West Walnut at Oak Street.  
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