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  • The failure of Western feminism when it’s most needed

    When my friend and colleague, Mandy Sanghera – the British-Indian human rights activist –called to ask whether I wanted to co-lead a grassroots team to rescue women from Afghanistan, I said, “I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for decades.” Together, our team rescued 400 Afghan women in 2021. I’ve taken personal responsibility for a brilliant young Afghan woman who is now flourishing in graduate school in America.
  • Ohio Republican Party endorses President Donald J. Trump for 2024
    The Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee met in Columbus this week and proudly endorsed Donald J. Trump for President in 2024.
  • House gives Mayorkas a free pass
    Even though the Senate would never have upheld a House vote to impeach, the opportunity missed was huge. Impeaching Mayorkas would show that the Republicans are serious about protecting Americans from the danger that unvetted migrants represent.
  • Families of American hostages press for swifter action
    Rep. Kathy Manning, a North Carolina Democrat who is Jewish, also implored the international community to do more to help free the hostages.
  • Another expensive holiday season
    As yet another expensive holiday season has begun and while families begin preparing to buy gifts for their own homes and loved ones, Americans certainly see that Democrats’ reckless spending has caused a severe lag in our economy’s ability to bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Jarkesy v. SEC: The case that should restore our government
    Consider what this means for Americans. The SEC makes rules, formally and informally, and through enforcement proceedings announces new rules, often retroactively. It has unchecked power to launch investigations that can last years and which lead to a recommendation to itself to commence an in-house prosecution which the commission, unsurprisingly, approves. But since 2010, the same enforcement team that investigates and recommends prosecution becomes the prosecutor before an administrative law judge employed by the very commission that launched the investigation and approved the prosecution in the first place.
  • Hunter Biden art buyer advocated for her great-niece's release from Hamas
    The American kidnap victim released by the terrorist group Hamas during its ongoing ceasefire with Israel is a great-niece of Elizabeth Hirsh Naftali, a major Democratic party donor who paid handsomely for Hunter Biden’s art and won an appointment to a plum cultural post from President Biden.
  • 2024 presidential election will be decided by 'double-haters'
    I can only warn Republicans about polls showing Trump leading Biden in battleground states. In terms of predicting the outcome of the election, polls are meaningless at this point in time. In fact, an early lead in the polls is a sweet poison, putting candidates and their teams to sleep and keeping them from taking much-needed action.
  • 'Night of the Living Ed:' Zombie public schools, drained of pandemic lifeblood, haunt the land
    A significant but unknown number of public schools across the U.S., particularly in big cities, have lost so many students in the last half-decade that many of their classrooms sit empty. Gone is the loud clatter of students bursting through crowded hallways and slamming lockers. The harm from these half-empty schools is inflicted directly on all students in a district.
  • A sermon on Mark 13:33-37
    The Church gives you Advent, a time to watch for Jesus who is coming back, a time to prepare for His arrival. Jesus says in Mark 13:33-34 "Be on guard! Be alert! You do not know when that time will come."
  • A house divided
    Our politicians draw their strength from the division between us. They take the 10%-20% disagreement between us and turn it into the main thing, because that’s what gives them a mandate to “represent” us, to fight in our name. They do it at the expense of our security, our welfare, our taxes and our freedom.
  • In defense of the ancient plumb bob; Second District primary taking shape
    Today's Word of the Day is groma. I was happily ignorant of the word until my son – who is a schoolteacher – said to me (paraphrasing): "You used to be a surveyor, do you know what this is?" Colin had drawn a rudimentary picture of a groma.
  • Poll: Democrats support Biden more than others, but Michelle Obama remains popular
    Democratic voters support President Joe Biden far more than any of the declared candidates seeking the nomination and a group of hypothetical candidates from across the country except for one: Michelle Obama. 
  • Mega-Jolt: The costs and logistics of plugging in EVs about to become supercharged
    Chargers are expected to lose money until there are enough EVs on the road to justify the investment. The cost of building a fast-charging station with four or more charging ports can range from several hundred thousand dollars to more than $1 million. Reliability remains a persistent problem, one that will shadow the industry as chargers are built out in remote areas, low-income areas, and other out-of-the-way places.
  • SEC v. Jarkesy
    Some will argue we live in a republic; others may say we live in a democracy. I say both are wrong. We live in a dictatorship. It is not the old-fashioned type of dictatorship with one leader, it has many leaders ensconced in all the various bureaucracies. 
  • New NY law wipes clean millions of criminal records
    New York now has a parole system that goes out of its way to release violent inmates – including cop killers and child murderers – back into society. Under the cover of a so-called “progressive” political ideology that has taken complete control of the reins of power in Albany, this state has become less safe.
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