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  • Disband the mega-cities

    Cities have become a breeding ground for dissent and violence and are a very costly place to live. People packed in like sardines are angry and in a constant state of turmoil.
  • A little red tractor kind of day
    The little Farmall Cub is far from a show tractor. Her paint is weathered, and her front grill shows a bit of well-earned rust, but to my eyes she could not be any more perfect. 
  • Memorial Day 2023
    We’ll never be able to repay the families of the heroes who make the ultimate sacrifice for the United States, and I hope you’ll join me in taking time this weekend to remember the service members we’ve lost and the families they’ve left behind. 
  • Washington High School: Commencement etiquette exemplified
    A tip of the cap (or mortarboard) goes to Washington Schools Superintendent Tom Bailey, Board of Education members Jennifer Lynch, Mark Chrisman, Kenneth Upthegrove, Zach Camp and Dennis Garrison and the faculty and administration. The new graduates will come to appreciate all you've done through the years. I'm guessing their parents also appreciated a formal and dignified commencement ceremony for the class of 2023 – a great example of how it should be done.
  • Default Democrats
    For several years now, Republicans have warned Democrats that their reckless and inflationary spending would lead to economic calamity. Now, in the wake of a default that would severely harm our economy for decades to come, President Biden continues to ignore pleas to negotiate a fair solution and is instead digging his heels in even deeper to his disastrous agenda that got us into this mess in the first place.
  • A lot has to change quickly for Republicans to have a chance in 2024
    Republicans assume that everyone knows that President Joe Biden is “cognitively challenged;" the economy is in decline; the border is flooded daily by undocumented immigrants; that crime is destroying the nation’s once great and revered cities; that the U.S. appears weak and unprepared for future aggressions by major foes. You get the point. But the average voter doesn’t.
  • DeSantis reshapes Republican primary, sparks wave of opposition, support
    On Twitter, pundits and popular conservative voices chose sides, posting in favor or against DeSantis through the night and into the morning depending on their allegiances. The announcement has divided the party more than any other.
  • A sermon on John 20:19-23
    Jesus shows us that there is a direct connection between giving the Holy Spirit and giving forgiveness. What's the connection? Every time you forgive, God re-creates you in His image. You become more like God every time you forgive. 
  • The clear and present AI danger
    Does artificial intelligence threaten to conquer humanity? In recent months, the question has leaped from the pages of science fiction novels to the forefront of media and government attention. It’s unclear, however, how many of the discussants understand the implication of that leap.
  • Our sweet, spunky Dailey 
    Ladies and gentlemen, a famous doctor once wrote, “How did it get so late so soon?” I didn’t expect to pen this one this year, or the next, or the next. Certainly not today. But here we are.  
  • Green projects hit iron wall
    From Boston’s Big Dig to California’s high-speed rail to New York’s 12 years-overdue and 300-percent over-budget East Side Access rail project, big boondoggles routinely demonstrate the validity of the rule. Offshore wind projects are not immune to the Iron Law, regularly experiencing vast cost overruns before a single watt is generated.  
  • Aiming to end a crisis
    For far too long, dangerous predators have disproportionately targeted indigenous women and girls, and violence against Native Americans and Alaska Natives far exceeds national averages.
  • A few kudos, a thank-you or two, and a long goodbye
    This past week’s mail brought a couple of interesting items. First off, while I was anticipating the arrival of a new gas cap for my wife’s Jeep Compass to correct an emissions issue, the package that arrived felt more like a hardcover book than a Jeep gas cap. Much to my surprise, I received a copy of Dr. Robert T. Sharp’s new book, “The Bull in the Darkness and the One-Eyed Dog,” a followup to his well-received classic, “No Dogs in Heaven? Scenes from the Life of a Country Veterinarian.”
  • The tragic southern border is a market signal, and begs to be treated as such
    The foremost market signal is that the U.S. is prosperous. Extraordinarily so. And enormous prosperity will always exist as a magnet for those seeking a better life.
  • Launching 2023 summer manufacturing camps
    These camps are an opportunity for students and parents to learn about the possibilities available to them in the manufacturing industry.
  • In the dirt
    I have always felt happily at home with dirt on my knees, though never, in all of my wildest dreams, would I have ever imagined the variety of the wonderful tools that would become my dirt-working companions today. 
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