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  • Counter appreciates privilege of serving

    There is nothing more satisfying than being a public servant with the ability to help others and the opportunity to build relationships with the other public officials. I look forward to continue being your Highland County Recorder.
  • Help Me Grow, sponsors assist 81 children in annual 'Adopt-A-Family' project
    Highland County Help Me Grow had another successful "Adopt-A-Family" project for the eighth consecutive year. It was a difficult year for many, due to the economy. We were concerned that we could not provide Christmas for as many as we have in the past. However, thanks to the generosity of the below named sponsors, we were able to assist 81 children this past year in having Christmas presents under their trees.
  • Commissioners' actions draw scrutiny
    It was revealed that commissioners have been going into recess upon the completion of agenda items, allowing the public attendees to leave, and then returning to session hours and even a day later with no public notice of when they will reconvene or what business is to be conducted.
  • Homeless Shelter proud to have helped 350 people in 2011
    I did not know what to expect being the executive director here at the Homeless Shelter. I am proud of the fact that we have helped close to 350 individuals and families this past year. We are also very proud of and so appreciate our many donors who help us to keep our doors open.
  • State audit reveals real concerns
    It is time that the people of this county begin asking tough questions of their elected servants and demanding real answers. We have grown accustomed to our “leaders” blaming the economy or low tax revenues for their inability to comply with the requirements. What is being missed is that these rules have been put in place to protect the taxpayer from having their tax dollars mismanaged.
  • Chad McConnaughey announces candidacy
    I look forward to the opportunity to represent and serve the citizens of Highland County. I feel that my 17 years of experience in the land surveying field will greatly aid me in this position.
  • Don't forget the true meaning of Christmas
    So "holly, jolly, let's keep all the folly," but let's also try to remember that Christmas is about Christ. Without Him, there would be no Christmas. Oh, and before I forget, Merry Christmas! That phrase will not be removed from my vocabulary.
  • Now's a good time to start 'buying local'
    Being a businessman in Lynchburg since 1972, I have seen the full impact of residents going elsewhere. Many people driving through Main Street often wonder what happened. Over the years, I have seen many of the village's elected officials rarely patronize local businesses.
  • Charity seeks contributions
    Got Forgiveness?, Inc. is a faith-based 501(c)(3) public charity making an impact in the Hillsboro area. We help struggling families prevent their utilities from being disconnected or prevent their family’s eviction.
  • Christmas is a season for giving, sharing
    As the Christmas season is quickly approaching and my youngest son counts down the days on his chalk board, I challenge each and every one of you to give back this season.
  • Make the right choice for sheriff
    Highland County’s citizens need to start monitoring and investigating the behavior and attitudes of HCSO deputies now so when Election Day comes, the citizens can make a choice for sheriff that is based on solid information. That’s how Highlanders can be sure to elect a sheriff whose department truly increases the safety of people living in Highland County and thus avoid electing one whose deputies actually make it dangerous to live here. Let’s all make every effort we can to elect, or re-elect, the right person to our sheriff’s office.
  • Thanks to our unsung local heroes
    Many thanks to all the AEP employees, those I saw as well as those behind the scenes that we don’t see. It’s all in a days work to these people, but not to me. I’m writing to let them know how much I appreciate them for bringing me back into the 21st century and keeping me comfortable.
  • Resident questions delay in commissioners' minutes requests
    In light of the Nov. 9 department head meeting referenced in Ms. Chandler’s article, I would think that special focus would have been made to get the minutes completed in a timely manner. However, it appears that the state auditor’s advice has been taken with a grain of salt and then discarded in order to return to business as usual in Highland County.
  • Rainsboro Elementary thanked for hosting Veterans Day program
    Thanksgiving is also a time to remember those persons who have helped “pave the way” for us. Most importantly, we must remember to express our gratitude to God for all of the blessings we have received as individuals and as a nation.
  • Deters' column more right-wing propaganda
    Obama is and has always been a fairly moderate Democrat and pragmatist who, checking back, has kept very one of his campaign pledges that he had the power to keep but one, which was closing of Guantanamo. If you can find another, please advise.
  • Property taxes: Some pay, some don't
    Highland County is expected to have a shortfall of $191,000 in Local Government Funding, as reported in The Highland County Press on Oct. 19. It seems that the Highland County commissioners should be taking steps to recuperate the outstanding balance of delinquent property taxes to make up this projected shortfall, and quite a lot more after that.
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