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  • Gun Appreciation Day set for Jan. 19

    A new coalition of gun rights and conservative groups has proclaimed January 19, 2013, "Gun Appreciation Day" and begun urging Americans nationwide to show their support for gun ownership by turning out en masse at gun stores, ranges, and shows from coast to coast.
  • Sharing the spirit of Christmas
    As Heather and her husband were driving to deliver the gifts, Chet who couldn't bear the thought of any child not having a "good Christmas," went straight, instead of turning down the road to the home. The Gibsons did a little more shopping, "so each child could have a new outfit to wear back to school after the holidays," in Chet's words.
  • An open letter to U.S. House and Senate Republicans
    Let us also remind you that a great many potent conservative organizations and millions of conservative and liberty-loving voters do not believe in the divine right of incumbents to be re-nominated.
  • Leesburg American Legion to distribute food baskets; ask for donations
    The Leesburg American Legion is currently accepting donations for the Leesburg-area Christmas food baskets, which will be delivered on Dec. 15. In 2011, nearly 80 families received Christmas food baskets.
  • Samaritan Outreach seeks donations
    Samaritan Outreach Services has provided emergency food supplies to families in need throughout Highland County for many years. By working with local, regional and national agencies, we are able to provide low-cost, nutritious foods for pennies a meal, but we need your help.
  • MHS class of '55 seeks donations, fellowship
    The Edward Lee McClain High School Class of 1955 is contemplating making a significant contribution to the school that would memorialize our class. At this specific time, nothing has been decided. Although a few suggestions have been presented, we would greatly appreciate your participation and suggestions.
  • Remembering our veterans
    We hope that today's Veterans Day affords you a chance to say thank you to someone who may have served, or is serving now.
  • It wasn't the messenger, it was the message
    I’m convinced that the Republicans really believe that most Americans are only interested in how much money they can make and ensuring everyone plays by the rules they have decided are the important ones.
  • Jackson Township trustees urged to sign with SHJFD
    Signing with Mowrystown is the only choice that even makes sense for Jackson Township. We should have signed with them a year ago.
  • A political ad that should be backfiring

    What the ad fails to point out is that all these countries might be considered socialist states by U.S. standards. All have some form of public health care, etc., and even Singapore, the most conservative, has free health care for the poor. Instead of making the point that liberalism is the death of economic competitiveness, the ad actually does just the opposite.

  • Reasons to support Sen. Sherrod Brown
    Sherrod Brown has a better grasp of what drives Ohio's economy, evidenced by his understanding of the ramifications of letting the auto industry go bankrupt. Auto-related jobs in Ohio have increased by 6.1 percent, or 11,100 jobs, since 2009 because of Sherrod Brown's actions, and he's led the fight against China's illegal currency manipulation, which is costing Ohio jobs.
  • Would JFK or FDR recognize today's party?
    Today’s Democrat Party is even less the party of old than the one that existed when I was a kid. It has become something most JFK and Roosevelt Democrats would not recognize.
  • Remember 2009 when gas was less than $2 a gallon?
    I can give two examples of the vast difference between these two candidates. A vote for Romney would mean a big decrease in gas and electric costs, while a vote for Obama would mean a continued rise in the cost of gas and electricity.
  • Many like socialism more than they will admit

    The funny thing is, when you put the labels aside and start drilling down on the individual issues, most people are a lot more agreeable to socialism than they want to admit.

  • Romney only cares about the very wealthy
    Mitt Romney currently owns $8 million worth of Bain funds which includes 51 percent of a company called Sensata. Sensata is being forced by Bain to close a plant in Freeport, Ill. and move it to China.
  • 'The Hillsboro Story'

    I would like to thank everyone who went to see "The Hillsboro Story" at Southern State Community College on Sept. 28. This was performed by Susan Banyas and her fellow performers. I, like many others, have lived "The Hillsboro Story."

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