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  • A sermon on Luke 24:35-48

    A man went to his pastor for spiritual advice. He complained that he was bombarded with many temptations that led him to sin. He described his soul as "filled with cobwebs all around me. They are my temptations. I get stuck on them. They trap me." Frustrated, he asked the pastor, "How can I clear my soul of these pesky cobwebs?" The pastor looked at him with compassion and wisely said, "Kill the spider."
  • It’s time for a U.S. STEM talent strategy to compete with China
    U.S. innovation fuels our economic strength and is vital for our national security. Released last earlier this month, the National Science Board’s congressionally mandated State of U.S. Science and Engineering Indicators report shows that an accelerating science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) talent crisis is imperiling America’s economy and security.
  • Ohio consumer watchdog blasts AEP rate hike
    FirstEnergy collected $465 million under the distribution rider before the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that it was illegal. Because of the way it and other riders are structured by the PUCO, there’s no way to refund them to customers if they’re later declared illegal.
  • Continuing the fight against Big Pharma to lower insulin costs
    I’m fighting to expand the insulin cap for all Ohioans, so that anyone who needs insulin won’t pay more than $35 out-of-pocket. There’s no reason other than corporate greed for any Ohioan to be paying hundreds of dollars a month for this drug.
  • CNN's RFK Jr. interview ignored policy issues – by design
    While giving Kennedy significant airtime is laudable, Burnett demonstrated her strong biases in the interview and with the panel of partisan guests who dissected the interview in the following segment. Over roughly 30 minutes, Burnett didn’t ask Kennedy a single question about policy issues themselves.
  • Rain, rain, go away
    The first few weeks of spring have hardly been springlike here in the creek valley. The dawning temperatures have dipped well below freezing, and the gray skies have repeatedly dropped not only rain, but hail. I have sadly put on my down vest before venturing outside to make my morning rounds, all the while, a childhood rhyme circling through my thoughts.
  • Todd Wilkin has served Greenfield well, regardless of any pending actions on April 9
    After six years of honorable service to the village of Greenfield, Todd Wilkin's fate ought not to come down to petty politics or ulterior agendas. By all accounts, Wilkin has served Greenfield well, regardless of any pending actions by council on April 9.
  • Weaponized immigration wrecking sovereign America
    The consequences of his brazen disregard for enforcement and protecting the homeland will continue to play out until January 2025, or until Mayorkas’ DHS releases about two million more illegal aliens into the interior, bringing the total to well over 10 million during his term as secretary.
  • The unattainable American dream
    Experiencing the kinds of lives enjoyed by our parents and grandparents has become impossible for most Americans, leading to widespread disenchantment and a palpable loss of patriotism and confidence in America.
  • The ears and memories of baby elephants
    Back in the ancient days of Fred Flintstone and no cell phones, when he was a young dad and a wet-behind-the-ears pastor, Andy had a habit. No, not a habit like we refer to today. But he unconsciously used a certain phrase – constantly. 
  • Retire Biden’s inflation
    With Bidenonmics causing outrageous inflation rates and skyrocketing the price of living by $11,400 per year, how are people supposed to take their hard-earned money and invest it into their retirement or even consider retiring when the cost of living has forced them to live paycheck to paycheck?
  • Israel is not causing a Gazan famine
    Hamas, which has been hoarding food and stealing from Gazans, is the root cause of Gazans’ suffering. As Congressman Jim Himes, a Connecticut Democrat and ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, stated in a CNN interview: “Hamas has a long history of stealing aid, and needs to stop that in the interest of the people that they purport to represent.”
  • George Washington, the United States and the world
    President Washington urged the American people to strive to preserve their Union and the freedoms it bestowed. He believed this depended upon many things, especially unity.
  • Historical ignorance; looking for the easy way out
    There is a picture floating around Facebook. It is one of Henry Ford, and it looks like he was perhaps 50 or so at the time. The headline that goes with it is something like this, “Henry Ford, the man who introduced the 40-hour work week.” Below that, it says you should “boo” him.   What ignorance! Henry Ford reduced the work week from 72 hours per week to 40 hours. He didn’t raise it to 40 hours.
  • Putin the Pilate
    As a man of the cloth, it pains me to speak of struggles and war but there is a moral imperative for all of us here. The innocent deserve protection. The defenseless must be defended. Americans need to rise above partisan domestic politics and the politicization of freedom. Ukraine is bravely staving off Russian imperialism. If Ukraine gets the aid it needs, the U.S. and Europe do not have to experience Russian expansion again.
  • Opportunity knocks during April 8 eclipse
    A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and earth, completely blocking the face of the sun and causing the sky to darken as if at dawn or dusk. If the weather cooperates, the so-called path of totality set to blanket communities located in the center of the moon’s shadow will create a memorable spectacle that leaves little daylight visible for several minutes in the early afternoon.
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