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  • U.S. helps pro-Ukraine media run a fog machine of war

    Little attention has been paid to the Ukraine government’s crackdown on independent and opposition media, a push aided by the U.S.-backed network of anti-disinformation groups. Even as Washington’s efforts to censor information at home are drawing greater scrutiny, its support of Ukraine’s efforts reflects the increasingly global reach of the American government’s propaganda arms.
  • Migrants feel the awful pain of Biden’s 'virtue'
    For women and children, the road to hell is paved with Democrats’ good intentions. The party’s beliefs about the right thing to do regarding the border are the main contributors to an explosion of rape, human trafficking, prostitution, and child labor. Much of this human tragedy can be traced to the scores of executive orders and other new policies advanced by the Biden administration to encourage millions of migrants from around the world to come to America.
  • Greenfield 'experiment' has run its course
    Now, armed with new knowledge, we can take what we have learned from that experience and apply it to a new government that will serve us better than anything we have yet seen. It's going to be an exciting year.
  • 'You failed, but you aren't dead'
    Remember, you may have failed, but you’re not dead yet. You still have time to help yourself learn to succeed. Have the courage to admit your failure, look backward for potholes where you fell, and work at filling them in. Instead of giving in to the temptation to blame someone else.
  • The Sullivan Doctrine
    By prioritizing crisis management in response to escalating tensions, President Biden and his national security team risk inadvertently paving the way for a war between Iran and Israel. The Sullivan Doctrine, which appears to avoid taking decisive measures against Iranian aggression, heightens the possibility of a war that could lead to the first-ever use of a nuclear strike in the Middle East.
  • BBC reporter gets schooled for climate hypocrisy
    Guyana’s President Irfaan Ali has little to explain, much less apologize for, as his country rapidly emerges as an important South American exporter of hydrocarbons. Let the BBC’s reporters peddle their luxury beliefs to those who think they can afford them.
  • Biden not only reason for Dems to panic
    When Democrats panic, they will say or do anything to try to regain the upper hand. That’s why they turn out a new anti-Trump hoax every week, such as “The Bloodbath Hoax,” “The Immigrants are Animals Hoax,” and “The Trump Thinks He Is God Hoax.”
  • Immigration No. 1 issue among voters, explained
    A Wall Street Journal national poll conducted in late February found that 20% of voters now rank immigration as their top issue, up from 13% in December. In the same poll, 65% of voters said they disapproved of President Joe Biden’s handling of border security, and 71% said developments in immigration and border security are going in the wrong direction.
  • Ensuring future generations are free of today’s diseases and chronic conditions
    Cancer is a terrible disease that affects almost every American family in some form. During April, National Cancer Prevention and Early Detection month, we recognize the importance of expanding access to cancer screenings, stopping more cancers before they start, supporting research to find a cure for cancer and enabling healthy lifestyles.
  • A sermon on Luke 24:35-48
    A man went to his pastor for spiritual advice. He complained that he was bombarded with many temptations that led him to sin. He described his soul as "filled with cobwebs all around me. They are my temptations. I get stuck on them. They trap me." Frustrated, he asked the pastor, "How can I clear my soul of these pesky cobwebs?" The pastor looked at him with compassion and wisely said, "Kill the spider."
  • It’s time for a U.S. STEM talent strategy to compete with China
    U.S. innovation fuels our economic strength and is vital for our national security. Released last earlier this month, the National Science Board’s congressionally mandated State of U.S. Science and Engineering Indicators report shows that an accelerating science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) talent crisis is imperiling America’s economy and security.
  • Ohio consumer watchdog blasts AEP rate hike
    FirstEnergy collected $465 million under the distribution rider before the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that it was illegal. Because of the way it and other riders are structured by the PUCO, there’s no way to refund them to customers if they’re later declared illegal.
  • Continuing the fight against Big Pharma to lower insulin costs
    I’m fighting to expand the insulin cap for all Ohioans, so that anyone who needs insulin won’t pay more than $35 out-of-pocket. There’s no reason other than corporate greed for any Ohioan to be paying hundreds of dollars a month for this drug.
  • CNN's RFK Jr. interview ignored policy issues – by design
    While giving Kennedy significant airtime is laudable, Burnett demonstrated her strong biases in the interview and with the panel of partisan guests who dissected the interview in the following segment. Over roughly 30 minutes, Burnett didn’t ask Kennedy a single question about policy issues themselves.
  • Rain, rain, go away
    The first few weeks of spring have hardly been springlike here in the creek valley. The dawning temperatures have dipped well below freezing, and the gray skies have repeatedly dropped not only rain, but hail. I have sadly put on my down vest before venturing outside to make my morning rounds, all the while, a childhood rhyme circling through my thoughts.
  • Todd Wilkin has served Greenfield well, regardless of any pending actions on April 9
    After six years of honorable service to the village of Greenfield, Todd Wilkin's fate ought not to come down to petty politics or ulterior agendas. By all accounts, Wilkin has served Greenfield well, regardless of any pending actions by council on April 9.
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