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  • What are we saying?

    In football, in business, in many other endeavors, the leader, the coach, the president would not be allowed four years to fix the problems. I can tell you in business, the rule is simple: You have one year. A charismatic football coach may be given two years.
  • The moral high road
    Let's take the Department of Motor Vehicles. What if your state put these services out for bid every couple of years? What, if say, next year, New Jersey won the right to operate the DMV in your state? Maybe a couple of years later, due to service and costs, Iowa offers your state a better deal. What would be wrong with that?
  • A 'Mr. Ed' moment
    It is time we all leave fantasyland and the dream works. It is time to assess threats and dangers as responsible adults, not by what we feel is right or wrong.
  • You didn't build that
    Obama has no clue how small business works. I do. I have been in business for myself for 23 years of my 42-year career. Here are some of the things I have learned.
  • A Coke and a Big Mac
    It came out a couple of weeks ago that the International Olympic Committee is in a quandary. They just don't know if they should let Coca-Cola and McDonald's sponsor the Olympics any longer. Coke has been doing so since the 1920s and McDonald's for several decades. It is not that they don't like their money, it is just the way they earn it.
  • Lessons of Mao Tse-tung not lost on progressive liberalism
    They also know the more people on the federal payroll, regardless of political leanings, the more votes they have for an ever broadening and restrictive federal bureaucracy (who is going to vote to eliminate their own job?). The cuffs are around our hands.
  • John Glover Nixon
    Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush thought they defeated communism and socialism. They were wrong. Despite the failures of communism, despite the failures of socialism, the American people have embraced their lies. We might as well give the keys to the country to Putin or Hollande.
  • Do-it-yourself economic recovery
    Who will businesses keep? The person who shows up on time every day and cheerfully does their assigned tasks, and, additionally, thinks of ways to improve the business. I don’t care if you are a clerk in a convenience store, you can make the business neater, friendlier and stand out compared to the competition. Apply yourself.
  • Health care debate may soon be moot
    Live two decades more and health care will be so cheap it will not matter who is paying for it.
  • Unions have proved themselves redundant
    Franklin Roosevelt, as quoted in the New York Times on Sept. 16, 2011, is reported to have said, "It is impossible to bargain collectively with the government." And of course the reason is simple and can be explained by a sixth grader: public worker union bargainers sit across the bargaining table from elected officials their members elect. They are bargaining with themselves, which is why things have gotten so far out of balance today.
  • Lying in comfort
    Have high standards and hold other people to them as well. We are slowly sinking into mediocrity.
  • What it would take to make me a Democrat or a contemporary Republican
    Respect the Constitution. The whole Constitution as written, especially the Bill of Rights. None of this "living document" nonsense. I think most of us can read a sentence and figure out what it says.
  • What is the real agenda?
    The United States has a history of prejudice, it just happens to swing erratically from one side to the other, depending on who is in power and who is on the outs. We are not cured of this condition. We must be on guard all the time. It is difficult to tell if we are headed down a dangerous path at the moment, but we should certainly keep a watchful eye.
  • Francois Hollande is the new president of France - so what?
    What goes on in Europe, and indeed everywhere, affects LIBOR and LIBOR affects everyone else. Want to change this? You are bucking decades of tradition. LIBOR is the most widely published interest rate in the world.
  • Nutmeg and 1-percenters
    Student loans and parent's savings accounts are merely the delivery system for support of the outmoded and costly system of tenure.
  • Where are the arrests?
    Most have been played for a fool for when it comes to environmental matters. There are two reasons for this.
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