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  • The sales test

    The sales pitch is it is “the law of the land.” What a joke of an argument. Let’s see, what else has been “the law of the land” in the past?

  • Income disparity
    Higher wages have to come from somewhere, and where would that be? You, the consumer, not you, the investor, would pay higher prices.
  • Why the Feds want to keep you poor
    Politicians prefer the voters who are poor because they can control poor voters. You can control anyone with “free stuff” if they don’t care or are gullible as to what this is about. It is pure old psychological conditioning.
  • The folly of the 'Life Balance' concept
    Let me ask you this. If you are about to undergo brain surgery, do you want a doctor who (a) thinks and breathes brain surgery day and night; or, (b) a doctor who skipped the last few seminars on latest techniques to go to their kid’s soccer games?
  • Who will be president on Jan. 21, 2017?
    Any other Democrat, a “strawman” if you will, could run, win and then turn the office over to Obama. This is constitutionally ambiguous enough that it could probably succeed. Easiest way to accomplish this, with Hillary out of the way, is to run Michelle.
  • Nuts and Bolts
    Today, progressive liberalism knows no bounds. Movements and people of this ilk are literally trying to create heaven on earth. Everyone has a right to everything, they say. No one is to be offended, denied access, or feel pain.
  • The laws of economics still work

    Who will buy the remaining assets of the United States when the country fails? Will the Statute of Liberty be sold to Russia and moved to St. Petersburg?

  • Detroit and progressive liberalism
    Progressive liberalism, thy name is Detroit. You own it.
  • Will we see Christians in America killed for their faith?

    We can certainly answer in the affirmative, “Will we see Christians in America persecuted for their faith?” This has been happening and is getting worse by the day. Face it, it is no longer cool – if it ever were – to be a Christian in America.

  • Justice and modern media
    The judicial process has always had its miscarriages. Some point to the Scopes Trial (“The Monkey Trial” in Dayton, Tenn., 1925) as the first modern media trial frenzy. I would direct the reader’s attention to the Sacco and Vanzetti Trial in Massachusetts in 1921 and suggest it holds this dubious honor.
  • Change
    When it comes to business, I am a rabid enthusiast for change. If we can find a better way to make a product, find new products to make, find a better delivery system for products to consumers, I am all in favor of this.
  • 'Solstice Bus'
    It makes me wonder today how many people could make the trip from poverty to the middle class, if only they had the nerve to get on a bus. Or how many of means could expand their world if only they had the nerve to “stoop” to riding a bus.
  • A momentous week and 150 years
    There was an article published just a week or so ago that predicted a major Electromagnetic Pulse, delivered by natural or hostile forces, could cause a complete breakdown in the electrical grid from Washington, D.C. to New York City that would last up to two years. How many people in that corridor have the knowledge or means to survive at even a mere sustenance level for that period of time?
  • Qualified?
    Quite simply, the presidency has gotten too big and our expectations are too high for any human occupant of this office. In fact, our expectations merely show our ignorance as voters.
  • Singularity emerges
    The Department of Homeland Security wants to search laptops, phones and other such items as they are brought into the country by anyone. This is an act of desperation. They are, in effect, admitting that they do not know where the bad stuff is.
  • Sequester solutions
    Bottom line, chip away a little here, a little there, like the rest of us do when times are tight, and we should be able to squeeze $250 billion out of the budget without affecting services.
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