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  • A visit to the Moon Dollar Coffee Shop

    This particular day, I was out in a distant suburb for lunch with a client, and then I was going to meet Laura afterward in the same area for yet another consultation with yet another doctor on her never-healing right knee. No point in driving home, but I had a bit of a time gap to fill, so I thought I would go into one of these foo-foo coffee shops I am always hearing about.
  • Is WeWork a business concept, lifestyle or religion?
    I don’t know if we are watching a reincarnation of New Harmony, Indiana, the Shakers, or reruns of “Friends” here, but something is going on. The difference between communal colonies of old seems to be that, rather than religion-centered, the WeWork concept is at best agnostic, at worst atheist.
  • Maybe California has it right
    The point is this: We are two countries. There is a city component and a rural component. If we change the political boundaries to match, we just may have a better chance of living in peace and harmony.
  • What are our fundamental values?
    I am not responsible for nor should I be condemned for not agreeing with your values that lie beyond the fundamental values. Likewise, I should not expect any different treatment from you.
  • ‘The Real McCoys’ Doctrine
    What has happened to “Hollywood” in the last 61 years to turn it from writing valuable life lessons like this (and “The Real McCoys” dish these out at the rate of about four or five per episode) into the garbage it turns out today? It wouldn’t be just plain old money, would it? Should we listen to “Hollywood’s” moral lessons about anything?
  • From tariffs to immigration, Trump is really simple
    President Donald Trump has managed to rile up many corners of society lately, including some in Highland County who may even have voted for him. Nearly everything I see and read shows people are looking at him only from their own personal perspective, not the big picture. That’s understandable if you are seeing a sudden rise in newsprint prices or wonder where your soybean crop will be sold this fall and for what price.
  • The only constant is change
    The evening of June 14 found me high atop the Hampton Inn (seventh floor) at the corner of U.S. 41 and I-70 in beautiful Terre Haute, Ind. My view was south, looking toward Honey Creek Mall, or what is left of it.
  • Greed, Ten Commandments, socialism and the Widow’s Mite
    Socialism, totalitarianism and other such forms, including those found in the European Union, have continued to oppress the masses to this very day and keep them from reaching their full potential.
  • What are the politics of the 'fat cats?'
    What makes a person lean left or lean right? I don’t think it is money. I still think it is their willingness to believe the government is the solution to society’s problems balanced with their willingness to give up their freedoms in order to avail themselves of government solutions. The right-wing people I know are fiercely independent and want to stay that way no matter what. Those willing to let the government step into their lives do not seem to value independence so much.
  • Socialism is not necessarily related to Christianity
    Jesus tells us, more so than in nearly any other area of the focus of his teachings, that our Christianity and our obedience to our government are distinct and unrelated. In no other area of life does Jesus offer such a separation or compartmentalization of our activities. Simply pray for our government leaders – no matter who they are.
  • Can Pete Rose finally get into the Hall of Fame?
    On May 14, the U.S. Supreme Court, by a vote of 6-3, struck down the federal law prohibiting sports gambling. Katie bar the door.
  • Is the Fourth Estate about to get what it deserves?
    I am not sure that licensing journalists – but not those who write on the opinion page – violates the First Amendment, either. I don’t see it as any different than licensing machine guns, a law which has been in place since the 1930s, and which is not harmful to the Second Amendment. In both cases, you take wicked tools out of the hands of those with evil intent.
  • My travails
    Pulmonary edema
    was the prognosis,
    It looked like I would live,
    complete with canine halitosis!
  • A Christmas story
    Now, it’s Christmas,
    Over ten years later,
    Life’s still delicious,
    Dad’s still my savior.
  • A Standard Morning
    So now leashed we walk together,
    I seek squirrels, cats, perhaps a feather,
    These are my morning joys.
  • Heritage Foundation’s 2016 President’s Club Meeting
    Our dinner speaker was Vice-President elect Mike Pence. Mr. Pence made it very clear that the team of Trump and Pence are going to hit the ground running. To say – for conservatives – that the day was like breathing straight from a pure tank of oxygen, would be an understatement.
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