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  • After the election: Enjoy or endure?

    In my short lifetime, 62 years, the United States has moved from a place to enjoy living, a fortunate privilege for those of us born here or immigrating here, to a place to be endured.
  • New Yorkers and global warming
    If my house falls off the back of my lot, you know I will not ask the federal government, or any other government, for help. Such a disaster is the result of my own choices, good or bad.
  • The really serious issue
    We have one root problem in the developed world – idle hands and minds created by an extraordinarily efficient manufacturing system. (China is not the problem. That is a false target.) This extraordinarily efficient manufacturing system causes a sense of worthlessness and listlessness leading to societal problems.
  • I can't wait for $10 gasoline!
    This leads to a question and a conclusion. The question is this: are we to infer the economy is much better, now that gas is $4 per gallon? And then the only logical conclusion one can reach from the president’s statement – we should all be cheering for $10 gas, for that will indicate the economy is really booming.
  • Reasons to be optimistic about the future
    The last and final blow to the progressive liberal agenda occurred on Sept. 13, 2012, when Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke announced Quantitative Easing III, the plan to purchase $40 billion per month of mortgage backed securities "until there is a real turn in the economy." In other words, indefinitely.
  • Pessimism: The nature of the ultimate 'no' vote
    The current view of the United States of the future, should the progressive liberals continue to dominate the agenda as they have for many decades, is bleak.
  • Sandi Patty and Barack Obama
    I want to believe what he says, too, but the actions do not back up the words; just look at his behavior around the United Nations General Assembly meeting recently – and a trip to “The View” to be “eye candy” while the Middle East is going up in flames can be seen as nothing but megalomania.
  • Who is rich?
    I can solve the budget deficit problem as well as President Obama, the imported energy problem and any little old thing that might be polluting our air from autos with one simple little law: Tax all sports and entertainment expenditures at 200 percent, starting with high school sports.
  • Echoes of Jimmy Carter
    Benjamin Netanyahu is coming to New York for the United Nations General Assembly meeting. He has asked for a meeting with President Obama. The president said he was too busy to meet with him next week in New York (although he does have time to make an appearance on David Letterman).
  • Everybody's talking at me
    I read somewhere recently if you are getting something for free, then you are not the customer. This is very true with government handout programs – those giving away things are doing it to earn votes – the voters are the customers, whether they ever use the services or not.
  • Guide to the Democrats' convention
    Don't expect to see any interviews with Canadians who come to the U.S. for health care because it is impossible to receive timely and decent health care in Canada under their universal health care system. The Chevy Volt will not be mentioned. Nor will GM's announcement to suspend its production from Sept. 17 to Oct. 15.
  • Elections have consequences
    Think with both sides of your brain when you head into the voting booth in a couple of months. You will be deciding issues affecting your family for unborn generations to come.
  • What are we saying?
    In football, in business, in many other endeavors, the leader, the coach, the president would not be allowed four years to fix the problems. I can tell you in business, the rule is simple: You have one year. A charismatic football coach may be given two years.
  • The moral high road
    Let's take the Department of Motor Vehicles. What if your state put these services out for bid every couple of years? What, if say, next year, New Jersey won the right to operate the DMV in your state? Maybe a couple of years later, due to service and costs, Iowa offers your state a better deal. What would be wrong with that?
  • A 'Mr. Ed' moment
    It is time we all leave fantasyland and the dream works. It is time to assess threats and dangers as responsible adults, not by what we feel is right or wrong.
  • You didn't build that
    Obama has no clue how small business works. I do. I have been in business for myself for 23 years of my 42-year career. Here are some of the things I have learned.
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