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  • A momentous week and 150 years

    There was an article published just a week or so ago that predicted a major Electromagnetic Pulse, delivered by natural or hostile forces, could cause a complete breakdown in the electrical grid from Washington, D.C. to New York City that would last up to two years. How many people in that corridor have the knowledge or means to survive at even a mere sustenance level for that period of time?
  • Qualified?
    Quite simply, the presidency has gotten too big and our expectations are too high for any human occupant of this office. In fact, our expectations merely show our ignorance as voters.
  • Singularity emerges
    The Department of Homeland Security wants to search laptops, phones and other such items as they are brought into the country by anyone. This is an act of desperation. They are, in effect, admitting that they do not know where the bad stuff is.
  • Sequester solutions
    Bottom line, chip away a little here, a little there, like the rest of us do when times are tight, and we should be able to squeeze $250 billion out of the budget without affecting services.
  • The 'Out-of-Towners'
    This scene provoked a question: Are progressive liberals more likely to use sanitizer than anyone else? After all, they seem to live lives of fear, dependent on the government to save them from everything imaginable and unimaginable.
  • Caring, compassion, cash and control
    So, Senator Sheldon, and other progressive liberals, if you want to show us you really care, take off your suits, go to Oklahoma and get your hands dirty.
  • Vindication
    I am sure glad the president never makes these decisions and that he hears about them in the newspapers about the same time we do. It does worry me, though, that all these low-level employees have such a free hand. Oh, Harry, can you please return and bring adult supervision to Washington, D.C.?
  • Get involved
    There is a new effort afoot to try to deal with all the issues of foster care. It is a faith-based initiative, so far active only in Oklahoma and Georgia. It is called the 111 Project (you can easily find it on the web). Why 111? The idea is to have one family in each church take in one foster child – one church, one family, one child.
  • President Obama missing the point
    World leaders pay closer attention than our own population to the leadership and decisive qualities of our president. He has already “gone wobbly” on Syria’s use of chemical weapons.
  • Schools, technology and practical solutions
    We will know this country has gotten serious when it starts proposing logical solutions to straightforward problems.
  • NCAA: The real lesson in corporate greed
    If you choose to criticize the only thing that makes an economy work – business – why do you then turn a blind eye when it comes to collegiate sports whose workers are paid nothing and who are controlled by rules intolerable and illegal elsewhere?
  • Time to get serious about 'retirement'
    In 1881, Otto von Bismarck introduced the retirement age of 65 years old in Germany. He set a retirement age to counter the winds of socialism spreading through Europe. He set it at 65 because almost no one lived that long. Throw the people a bone on which they can never chew — a pretty clever political move, wouldn’t you say?
  • When the majority is no more
    What happens to the attitudes and narrative when whites are no longer a majority in this country, a condition on the threshold as we speak? In the case of the plurality cited by the NYT article, it is obvious that several future voting blocs will exist: Blacks and Whites; Blacks and Hispanic; Hispanics and Whites. I can see situations where it is to the interest of these coalitions to all exist simultaneously.
  • What Cyprus means
    Trust is the cornerstone of the modern banking system. When you or I or a company puts money in a bank, we trust it will be there when we want it. If an entity – out of the blue – puts forth loan conditions that require a country to take our money out of our savings accounts, we will put it in a mattress. And economic activity will come to a halt.
  • Second term not a charm (usually)
    With Bob Woodward leading, it looks like the Washington Post has some questions these days. So does NBC News. Forbes Magazine is wondering why Homeland Security is buying a stockpile of ammunition that could last them 50 years. It is no longer just Fox News and fringe right-wing blogs asking the questions.
  • Just a couple of problems
    Remember when Nancy Pelosi said Congress would have to pass the bill (Obamacare) in order for us to understand what was in it? That day has come. A number of news sources have reported recently that companies are dropping spousal coverage in their insurance plans. Why? They can save considerable costs and, interestingly, Obamacare does not require spousal coverage.
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