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  • A sermon on the Synod

    Pope Francis is urging the faithful to calm down. The purpose of the Synod is not to change Church teaching on marriage or allow blessings on gay unions. They are trying to formulate a "theology of love" which is inclusive not exclusive, which is accepting not rejecting.
  • A sermon on Matthew 21:33-43
    Start your day with this simple prayer, "God, who do you want me to love today and show me how to do it." 
  • A sermon on Respect Life Sunday
    Brother Jim Townsend went to arms of His Father on June 12, 2011 at age of 84. He is buried at the friar's plot at St. Mary Church in Herman, Pa. I have visited his grave several times. God used this broken earthen vessel, a criminal who took three lives, to affirm the dignity of every human life. If Brother Jim were alive today, he would be voting "no" on Ohio Issue One.
  • A sermon on Matthew 20:1-16
    I believe all the problems in our country are spiritual. I define spirituality as loving God, loving neighbors and loving self. Once you eliminate the love for God, the other two loves will cease. I have met many people who are lonely and anxious. But once they let God into their life, I am amazed how their life changed for the better.
  • A sermon on Matthew 18:21-35
    There is a far more important reason to forgive than just a desire to be happy. Jesus says how you treat others is how God will treat you. If you claim your right to punish someone who hurt you, then God will claim His right to punish you. But when you show mercy, God will shower His mercy on you.
  • A sermon on Matthew 18:15-20
    The greatest faith is to keep believing God loves you when everything says He doesn't.
  • A sermon on Matthew 16:21-27
    Something happened to me last week that I never experienced before. I couldn't even find the words to describe the experience until I accidentally found an article on the internet that explained what happened to me. 
  • A sermon on Matthew 16:13-20
    How will Jesus remember you in your judgment? Have you lived your life in a way that Jesus will remember you as faithful to Him? Will He remember you as living Micah 6:8, "This is what the Lord requires of you. Be fair to other people. Love kindness and loyalty, and humbly obey your God." 
  • A sermon on Matthew 14:22-33
    Jesus not only walked on the water to save his disciples, but he walked on the dirty road to Golgotha to save us all. I believe Jesus fell three times because He was running to Golgotha to accomplish His Father's will and bring us home. 
  • A sermon on the Transfiguration
    The Transfiguration was the greatest of all spiritual experiences. A spiritual experience is a powerful awareness of God's presence. It's like feeling His love enfolding you in a warm blanket right out of the dryer on a cold day. It feels so good. 
  • A sermon on Matthew 13:44-46
    You must answer this question when you accept Jesus into your life: "What am I willing to do to enter Heaven?" Heaven is the pearl of great price. It is the hidden treasure in the field. How far will you go to possess it? 
  • A sermon on Matthew 13:1-23
    Jesus uses the simple story of a sower to teach us about our behavior. Behavior is how we act toward others. How we behave is based on two things: thoughts and feelings. How you think influences how you feel which determines how you act. 
  • A sermon on Matthew 11:25-30
    Jesus came to earth to show us what God wants. God wants you to be happy. Jesus tells you where to find real happiness – and it won't be found in a beer bottle. 
  • A sermon on Matthew 10:37-42
    One day, a little 6-year-old boy held a dollar bill in his hand. He went to the shop owners along the street asking, "Excuse me, do you sell God?"
  • A sermon on Matthew 10:26-33
    Have you ever wondered how God handles all the prayers He receives? With billions of people praying to God, does He hear mine? According to Jesus, the Father hears them all.  
  • A sermon on John 6:51-58
    Holy Communion matters because when you receive Him, Jesus enkindles the fire of His love within you. Jesus has chosen the common food of bread and wine to place His very self within you. Earthly food keeps you alive. Heavenly food gives you life.
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