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  • I just want your vote

    The current objectives of the Biden Administration and the DNC are too obvious and too cynical for the serious voter. They are only about getting votes for Biden.
  • Modern slavery
    Our federal government is no better than the citizens when it comes to responsible spending. We have gone from a national debt in the single digit trillions to the mid-30 trillions in less than 20 years.  The day of reckoning is coming for this, too, and we will all suffer from it.
  • Canary in the coal mine
    When one looks at the history of countries with shady governments, the genesis of this problem has usually been manipulation of their court system. Whether they be “banana republics,” dictatorships or something else, the path from a well-organized, honest government to a poorly organized, dishonest government has often gone through the courthouse.
  • Dates
    The other experience I have this time of year is that I hang a new calendar in my office. January seems to go along at a reasonable pace, so does February. Then all of a sudden, I am looking at November.
  • Stop the steal
    Corporations, small businesses and other entities have been stealing time from each of us in a planned and systematic way for many years to enrich themselves. It is time for this to stop.
  • Sonner Chapel in East Danville welcomes Jim Merz Dec. 10
    Sonner Chapel in East Danville invites the community to its 9 a.m. Sunday, Dec. 10 service with special guest Jim Merz of the Huber Heights First Church of God.
  • SEC v. Jarkesy
    Some will argue we live in a republic; others may say we live in a democracy. I say both are wrong. We live in a dictatorship. It is not the old-fashioned type of dictatorship with one leader, it has many leaders ensconced in all the various bureaucracies. 
  • We are no better than the Ancients
    At least I have found something on which Christians and Muslims agree – no infanticide.
  • My friends and colleagues
    So, who makes us enemies? It clearly does not happen on the one-on-one, person-to-person level. I lay this issue at the feet of politicians worldwide.
  • Jim Jordan nabs key nominations for speaker heading into Tuesday vote
    U.S. House Republican Jim Jordan of Ohio has picked up several key endorsements heading into a scheduled Tuesday vote for the next speaker of the House.
  • The Blue Marble
    We only have this tiny Blue Marble on which to live. We can take care of it environmentally, and we can take care of it socially. Or not. Right now, it looks like we are squandering our precious home, allowing our sinful nature to – once again – wreak havoc.
  • Don't cross the D.C. swampers
    The Security and Exchange Commission is still pursuing Mr. Musk over his purchase of Twitter, now a year ago.
  • The age of shabby and shoddy, Part 2
    Little did I know three weeks ago that I would be revisiting this topic again so soon. However, thank you, Senate Majority Leader Charles Ellis Schumer, D-N.Y., for providing our topic this week.  
  • UNESCO in Ohio
    It was recently in the news that a number of ancient native American sites in Ohio are about to become part of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO’s) World Heritage Sites.  
  • The Republicans and abortion
    From fetuses to male swimmers in bikinis, these are all patterns of the same thinking. The innocent are ignored for the sake of some great "enlightened" thought process. If you don’t go along with their line of thought, you are cast as a dumb rube (and it is OK to call you a dumb rube, because you are not part of the “in crowd”).  
  • The age of shabby and shoddy
    Politicians talk about standards. What standards? Look at our clothes today. People buy jeans that have been purposely shredded. I get that you want to be cool looking like everyone else, but where did we get to the point that looking like we live in rags is a fashion statement we want to emulate?  
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