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  • Happy Valentine’s Day

    Readers of this column know me and know God is an important part of my life. I’ve been given, so far, an extra 23 years. I wake up every morning asking the Lord what he wants me to do with these days. I didn’t beat cancer. He did, and I need to follow His leading on what to do with all this extra time.
  • Were you surprised?
    Humans want to think the world is steady and predictable. It never has been and never will be. A close-to-home example is when a loved one passes away. This event is often described as a shock, even though it is very predictable – we are all going to die.
  • Are we facing the Dark Ages II?
    It is not only television that is driving us mad, but also the 1,000 other channels of tripe being delivered to us daily through all sorts of media to our pot-soaked nostrils and our fentanyl-clogged lifeless veins. Our big city teachers’ unions have lost all sense of responsibility to teach. Many of our educators have become political tools.
  • You can’t have it both ways
    This column will build on what I said last week in, “Is this a tipping point?” Since that column, we have been blessed with shrill speeches at the World Economic Forum by John Kerry and Al Gore, where they called for taxing us to death to pay for the perceived climate change needs (Kerry) followed by phrases like “boiling oceans” and “rain bombs” by Gore.
  • Is this a tipping point?
    Today, it is very hard to determine what is real and what is a joke. My personal hope is that we have gone so near to the edge that sobriety will bring us back to a place of rational thinking.
  • The curious case of Damar Hamlin
    Call this a first. I have never written a sports column before (that I recall) but the Damar Hamlin incident has so many interesting facets that I could not resist.
  • Beyond tax returns
    Honest politicians should have no fear of such an examination; dishonest politicians will do everything they can to block it. Propose this idea to politicians you know and see which ones throw up the most resistance. That will tell you a lot about the skeletons in their closet right now.
  • What does this look like to you?
    President Biden has been in office for nearly two years. Let’s assess just a small portion of what has happened on his and his predecessor’s watch.
  • Christmas hypocrisy
    Gifts are Biblical. The Wise Men brought three gifts to Jesus. I have read these passages many times. I have looked hard. There was not a PlayStation, Xbox or bicycle among those gifts.
  • I have some questions for Twitter
    We owe Elon Musk a debt of gratitude for the exposure of the malfeasance of the actions of the former Twitter management group, various government agencies such as the FBI and CIA, the Democratic Party, liberals and possibly the mainstream media.
  • I no longer trust elections
    As Joseph Stalin said, “I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this – who counts the votes and how.”
  • The lame duck congressional session
    What about independent cake bakers? Will they continue to be prosecuted for not being willing to bake cakes for same-sex marriage ceremonies? I think there are some in Colorado who would welcome protection from prosecution and persecution on this account. On the other hand, will gay or lesbian cake bakers be forced to bake cakes for heterosexual couples?
  • Conventional and unconventional gift ideas for this season
    If we do a fraction of the items on this list, we’ll feel better about ourselves and our families and neighbors will feel better about themselves, too.
  • Why I trust business over government
    In business, hiring someone is taken very seriously and if a mistake is made, it can be quickly corrected. In elections, the voter can often be unqualified, from a training point, to choose; and the candidates can be unqualified to serve. The next opportunity to change is two, four or six years away.
  • Money doesn’t fix everything
    Ever wonder why older people seem “more religious?” Not sure I can define “more religious” precisely, but I am sure you have seen it and can recognize it. It is simply this. Most people eventually realize money can’t solve every problem in life.
  • Modern American culture in three acts
    There is a famous restaurant in Tampa, Fla. that Laura has talked about for years, lo, even for decades. She tried to get us a reservation there this past Valentine’s Day when we escaped to Florida a few days toward the end of winter. Then, she discovered that the restaurant’s reservation waiting list is 60 days long. This place is very exclusive and has been since the 1950s.
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