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  • We are no better than the Ancients

    At least I have found something on which Christians and Muslims agree – no infanticide.
  • What do we do now?
    For my entire life, these bad players and others have been trying to destroy Western culture and our way of life. They are not going to pause; they are not going to stop. It is up to us to stop them.
  • My friends and colleagues
    So, who makes us enemies? It clearly does not happen on the one-on-one, person-to-person level. I lay this issue at the feet of politicians worldwide.
  • My encounter with the PLO
    Phone calls from the U.S. to Helsinki were much more reasonable, and I called my family every couple of days while in the states. On one call, my wife told me Mr. al-Wazir and his family had suddenly left on a family emergency. The reason? Mr. al-Wazir’s brother was Khalil al-Wazir.
  • The Blue Marble
    We only have this tiny Blue Marble on which to live. We can take care of it environmentally, and we can take care of it socially. Or not. Right now, it looks like we are squandering our precious home, allowing our sinful nature to – once again – wreak havoc.
  • Don't cross the D.C. swampers
    The Security and Exchange Commission is still pursuing Mr. Musk over his purchase of Twitter, now a year ago.
  • Considerations from
    If you are pro-abortion, you are here today voicing your opinion because someone made a decision you may think no one should now have to make. That is your right in the United States. My purpose is to help you understand what it took to get here where you can now voice that opinion. 
  • The age of shabby and shoddy, Part 2
    Little did I know three weeks ago that I would be revisiting this topic again so soon. However, thank you, Senate Majority Leader Charles Ellis Schumer, D-N.Y., for providing our topic this week.  
  • UNESCO in Ohio
    It was recently in the news that a number of ancient native American sites in Ohio are about to become part of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO’s) World Heritage Sites.  
  • The Republicans and abortion
    From fetuses to male swimmers in bikinis, these are all patterns of the same thinking. The innocent are ignored for the sake of some great "enlightened" thought process. If you don’t go along with their line of thought, you are cast as a dumb rube (and it is OK to call you a dumb rube, because you are not part of the “in crowd”).  
  • The age of shabby and shoddy
    Politicians talk about standards. What standards? Look at our clothes today. People buy jeans that have been purposely shredded. I get that you want to be cool looking like everyone else, but where did we get to the point that looking like we live in rags is a fashion statement we want to emulate?  
  • Maybe another try…
    Fifty years ago, in Cincinnati, places like Mount Adams and Walnut Hills were rebuilt by brave individual pioneers who bought 50- to 75-year-old row houses and mansions. They took the risks of rebuilding these residences on their own and it paid off. This happened in other cities as well.
  • Points of decivilization
    There are many reasons to be discouraged by the America of today, especially if you follow the news media and the politicians. Encouragement is found in the countryside.
  • The Great Chicago Fire – and lessons still to be learned
    Always be aware of your surroundings, and use your brain. Others doing the same thing you are doing is no assurance of safety. Your life may depend on it.
  • How my opinion of Guatemala has changed in 11 years
    We just returned from our annual mission construction trip to Guatemala. Well, it was annual up until 2019, then we skipped three years due to COVID. It sure felt good to go back.
  • What did we used to do?
    In today’s world, it feels like many are coming at us telling us what to do, how to think, and throwing a guilt trip at us if we don’t do as they tell us.  
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