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SSU senior presents at Midwest Psychological Association

Jacob Lynn
Jacob Lynn. (Submitted photo)
Shawnee State University, Press Release

Shawnee State University senior Jacob Lynn of Lucasville recently presented his own research at the Midwest Psychological Association conference in Chicago, Ill.

His project “The Effects of Color Preference on Brain Activity” took him nearly a year to complete.

“Using EEG technology, I researched the effects of color preference on brain activity by looking at brain scans in the social sciences lab on campus,” he said.

With a background in the arts, Lynn was excited to find an opportunity to combine that passion with science and gain experience working in a lab environment. With the help of his faculty mentors within the Department of Social Sciences, he learned about the conference and wanted to find out more about how to participate.

“Presenting my research at the conference was a highlight of my college career,” he said. “Meeting people from around the world and being able to learn from their research was truly a one-of-a-kind experience. I highly encourage students who are interested in doing psychological research to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.”

SSU’s Psychology program offers courses in a range of disciplines – developmental, social, clinical, cognitive and biological psychology. Courses give students enrolled an opportunity to gain new insights into the way people feel, think and behave, as well as the tools and methods to study these different processes.

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