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  • How lawfare turned Trump into a superhero

    Face it, the Democrats who threw everything they had at Donald Trump in four courthouses must have been shocked to see him emerging Rambo-like from the smoking wreckage of our justice system. But if they underestimated Trump, it is their own fault.
  • LaRose to Ohio House: Ban foreign influence over state's elections
    Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose renewed his call for passage of legislation banning foreign influence over Ohio’s elections, asking the Ohio House of Representatives to quickly approve legislation sent over by the Ohio Senate.
  • LaRose chosen as chairman of Republican Secretaries of State Committee
    Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose was chosen as chairman of the Republican Secretaries of State Committee (RSSC) today, a testament to LaRose's leadership and Ohio's national reputation for election security.  
  • The intifada comes to America; now what?
    Welcome to the global intifada, yet another disastrous result of the Biden administration’s porous border and feckless foreign policy.
  • LaRose urges support for election integrity legislation
    “Election integrity is vital to not only ensuring an accurate and honest process, but also increasing public trust in our elections. Ohio leads the nation on many of the goals outlined, including our work to ensure only citizens may vote. It’s time we build on that and take Ohio’s model nationwide while giving states access to the data needed to better conduct this important work."
  • The border question Dems can’t answer
    Here’s the question that Democrats have no answer to: If the border can be shut down when more than 5,000 illegal immigrants cross per day, then why can’t it be shut down immediately, right now?
  • We must abandon reckless wind, solar subsidies
    Liberal energy policies tied to fake and unjustified outrage over the environment lack any humanity or common sense. We must recapture American energy dominance, protect farmers, lower fuel prices for hard-working Americans and abandon green energy subsidies.
  • LaRose wants stricter campaign finance laws
    Ohio Republican Secretary of State Frank LaRose wants the General Assembly to tighten campaign finance laws with an eye toward potential constitutional amendments that could appear before state voters.
  • We must stop the Chinese communist party invasion
    Transactions benefitting the Chinese Communist Party are a threat we cannot ignore. Biden and Brown have failed us and have not forcefully defended America from invasion or taken needed actions to protect our strategic interests.
  • Like it or not, 2024 is the Year of Trump
    To put it plainly, the poll shows Trump leading by 34 percentage points, a lead which is virtually unheard of in a contested primary. It is highly unlikely that Trump will lose, and if his lead remains anywhere near 34 points on Caucus Day – and he runs the table in New Hampshire eight days later – then the race is effectively over.
  • Deport the Biden border invasion
    America’s southern border is wide open. With the lure of free health care and education, and assurances the law will turn a blind eye, President Biden’s weak policies are facilitating a flood of illegal immigration, human trafficking and drugs into Ohio.
  • LaRose signs Americans for Tax Reform's Taxpayer Protection Pledge
    Ohio Secretary of State and U.S. Senate candidate Frank LaRose announced that he has signed the Americans for Tax Reform's Taxpayer Protection Pledge, committing to oppose any and all efforts to increase taxes for hardworking American individuals and entrepreneurs.
  • The damage an open border can do
    This is about national sovereignty, public safety and human dignity. Without a secure border, we don’t have a secure nation.
  • Protect parents: Vote 'no'  on Issue 1
    If the radical Issue 1 amendment passes, this will be a new and horrifying fear for every parent of younger girls in Ohio.
  • Stopping the invasion at our southern border
    A few months ago, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown remarked in an interview that voters don’t care about the issue. Senator, you are dead wrong.  The voters I encounter on a daily basis care very deeply and are very concerned about the threat posed by a completely open border.
  • LaRose: Biden acknowledges Trump's wall works
    Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose, who is running for the U.S. Senate race, issued the following statement today on the Biden administration's coopting of President Donald Trump’s border wall.
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