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  • Old hooks

    I simply use my hook to peel off a layer of hay from a round bale, but no matter the difference, every single time I feel the worn wooden handle fit comfortably into the palm of my hand, I smile to know that I really am my father’s daughter.
  • The forecast calls for heat and humidity
    We looked ahead to the long-range weather forecast and sighed to see that the auction was going to be held on the only relatively cool, dry day, for days to come. The rest of the forecast called for day after day of deplorable heat and high humidity, punctuated with occasional rain showers. 
  • Two lessons shared
    This valley is our home, our world, and our neighborhood, and it is filled with the most wonderful life energy you could ever imagine. Perhaps now, you’ll better understand what I mean when I say that I so love these hills and the life that flows through them.
  • The tree and the wind
    The old tree might not have withstood the rain and the wind, but it had certainly withstood the once-upon-a-time city folks’ undying appreciation. 
  • Small wonders 
    We have always been proud to say that we don't have a problem with mosquitos in the creek valley, and now I believe that I know why. It is all thanks to this mighty army of voracious, though tiny, tree frogs.
  • Confessions of a cattlewoman
    Well, it is said that a cattlewoman is a person of female gender who looks after or owns cattle. I am certainly a female, and if you happen to stop by the creek valley, you will see two cattle contentedly grazing in the middle pasture, so I suppose that I might be considered a cattlewoman, though I truly have my doubts. 
  • Dry weather
    Until yesterday, rain was something I seem to only vaguely recall. The grass out in the orchard and around the edges of the fields is so parched it appears more yellow than green. Greg smiles and says that at least he doesn’t have to mow twice a week.
  • A little red tractor kind of day
    The little Farmall Cub is far from a show tractor. Her paint is weathered, and her front grill shows a bit of well-earned rust, but to my eyes she could not be any more perfect. 
  • In the dirt
    I have always felt happily at home with dirt on my knees, though never, in all of my wildest dreams, would I have ever imagined the variety of the wonderful tools that would become my dirt-working companions today. 
  • Fleabane
    Fleabane is a wildflower to some, a weed to others, and then there are those who even choose to plant it in their gardens. This has been such a wonderful spring for wildflowers here in the creek valley, perhaps because of the cool weather, but no matter the reason, fleabane is blooming everywhere.
  • Dogwood winter
    Dogwood winters occur in the last half of April, and are marked by flowering dogwoods, cold nights and a heavy morning frost.
  • Purple larkspur
    All throughout the valley, my eye catches on countless beautiful spring wildflowers that seem to vie for my attention. It is really difficult to get anything done. I just want to stop whatever I might be doing and sit down among them.
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