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  • Gov. DeWine: Phenomenally corrupt or insanely incompetent?

    By David DeWitt
    Ohio Capital Journal


  • My plan to shake up Washington
    The Senate is a failure, unable to fix itself or the dysfunction in Washington. Millions of American families see the evidence of this failure every day, with chaos at the southern border, dramatic price increases at the checkout counter, and anti-Semitic, anti-American hatred spewed across our college campuses.
  • A generation lost to climate anxiety
    This reckless alarmism, saturated across the mainstream media and endlessly amplified by it, has had profound societal consequences. It has both distorted public understanding of the massive benefits the carbon economy makes possible and grossly exaggerated the risks of extreme events it allegedly makes more likely. 
  • Taylor releases statement on federal debt crisis
    As politicians in Washington, D.C. continue to spend the people’s money, Taylor puts forth a plan to begin fixing the real problem – D.C. politicians who only care about themselves. 
  • Biden's domestic technology seizure plan
    The White House would like the American public to believe that this framework is about taking on Big Pharma. Don't be fooled; it takes control of patents owned by universities (and their licensees, mostly start-ups) in virtually all areas of technology.
  • Claudine Gay is only digging deeper
    Thus Claudine Gay’s recent New York Times disingenuous op-ed alleging racism as the prime cause of her career demise was, to quote Talleyrand, “worse than a crime, it was a blunder.” And her blame-gaming will only hurt her cause and reinforce the public’s weariness with such boilerplate and careerist resorts to racism where it does not exist.
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