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Hillsboro boys, McClain girls win 2024 FAC Championships

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Hillsboro's Jahari Pitts (discus) and McClain's Lily Barnes (shot put, pictured, and discus) won individual Frontier Athletic Conference championships. (HCP Photos/Stephen Forsha unless otherwise noted)
Stephen Forsha, The Highland County Press

WASHINGTON C.H. — Following a two-day event on Tuesday (May 7) and Thursday (May 9), the Hillsboro Indians and McClain Lady Tigers won the boys and girls 2024 Frontier Athletic Conference championships at Washington High School. 

For the Hillsboro boys, it took until the final race of the evening, as their second-place finish in the 4x400-meter relay race was enough to push the Indians past Chillicothe for the FAC boys championship, while day two of the event was held under inclement weather conditions at times. 

HHS finished with 155 points, followed by Chillicothe in second with 154.50 points. The rest of the standings were: Jackson (124.50), Miami Trace (99.50), Washington (79.50) and McClain (38). 

“We told the kids we can win it if we just do our best, and the kids did,” HHS boys head coach Bud Marsh said. “I’ve never been prouder of these kids and how they stepped up and in the conditions we had. It was a great effort. Even the kids who weren’t running were cheering on their teammates, and it was a great thing.

“Our 4x4 team had the last race of the day, and in that grand finale they had to finish in the top two, and they did. That finish kept us in first place to win the FAC. This is supposed to be the time a team is to be peaking, and we are. Some of the kids weren’t happy with their time, and I had to tell them they did great competing in the conditions — a rain downpour — we were under. 

“This is a well-deserved win for our boys,” Marsh continued. “All season they ran in some bad weather conditions, and they’ve never complained and battled through it. We had some league champions and some second-place finishes, and the whole team competed at a high level.”

The girls champion McClain finished with 143 points, and in second place was Chillicothe with 141 points. The rest of the standings were: Hillsboro (137), Miami Trace (98), Washington (66) and Jackson (60). 

The McClain Lady Tigers track and field team and coaches are pictured. (Photo courtesy of McClain Athletics)

Girls Finals Top 8 Results (Hillsboro and McClain):

100m dash — 3, Luca Matesic (MHS), 13.05; 5, Allison Browning (HHS), 13.63. 

200m dash — 3, Olivia Covault (HHS), 27.78; 4, Katie Cook (MHS), 27.90; 5, Luca Matesic (MHS), 27.93. 

400m dash — 2, Olivia Covault (HHS), 1:04.64; 3, Becca Bergstrom (MHS), 1:05.41; 5, Larah Henson (MHS), 1:06.48; 6, Alizeh Hudson (HHS), 1:08.32. 

800m dash — 1, Jailyn Williams (HHS), 2:24.41; 4, Kaitlyn Jett (MHS), 2:36.38); 5, Taylor Thoroman (HHS), 2:42.05; 6, Lillian Saunders (MHS), 2:44.95. 

1600m run — 5, Ramsey Haines (HHS), 13:56.47, Kennedy Sexton (HHS), 14:18.54; 8, Katrina Sturgeon (MHS), 15:25.88. 

100m hurdles — 1, Kobie Miles (HHS), 15.36; 2, Brenna Wright (MHS), 15.76; 6, Kamryn Asbury (HHS), 17.57. 

300m hurdles — 1, Brenna Wright (MHS), 48.83; 2, Kobie Miles (HHS), 50.81; 3, Kamryn Asbury (HHS), 51.44; 8, Allie Burgess (MHS), 53.91. 

4x100m relay — 1, MHS (Luca Matesic, Brenna Wright, Katie Cook, Kaitlyn Jett), 51.68; 3, HHS (Meredith Dietrick, Elizabeth Sowders, Kelsey Gilkison, Allison Browning), 54.18).

4x200m relay — 1, HHS (Alizeh Hudson, Chanel Captain, Kobie Miles, Olivia Covault), 2:00.09; 5, MHS (Mylie Lovett, Adalynn Snyder, Addison Olaker, Anna Eikenberry), 2:07.71. 

4x400m relay — 1, MHS (Kaitlyn Jett, Larah Henson, Brenna Wright, Becca Bergstrom), 4:18.93; 2, HHS (Bree Bailey, Jailyn Williams, Kobie Miles, Olivia Covault), 4:18.98. 

4x800m relay — 2, HHS (Bree Bailey, Taylor Thoroman, Ramsey Haines, Jailyn Williams), 10:44.80; 4, MHS (Kaitlyn Jett, Lillian Saunders, Brooklyn Baldwin, Katrina Sturgeon), 11:09.35. 

High Jump — 2, Mylie Lovett (MHS), 5-00.00; 6, Gracie Thoroman (HHS), 4-08.00). 

Pole Vault — 1, Becca Bergstrom (MHS), 8-06.00; 2, Allison Browning (HHS), 8-00.00.

Long Jump — 2, Luca Matesic (MHS), 16-02.00; 4, Gracie Thoroman (HHS), 15-03.75; 5, Allison Browning (HHS), 15-03.25. 

Shot Put — 1, Lily Barnes (MHS), 35-01.00; 2, Leah Lovett (MHS), 34-06.00; 6, Amani Cumberland (HHS), 27-04.00; Reagan Leeth (HHS), 26-06.00. 

Discus — 1, Lily Barnes (MHS), 119-02.50; 5, Bailey Parson (MHS), 91-05.50.

Hillsboro's track and field team and coaches celebrate their FAC title. (Photo courtesy of Bud Marsh)

Boys Finals Top 8 Results (Hillsboro and McClain):

100m dash — 7, TD Matesic (MHS), 11.91; 8, Keaton Beucler (MHS), 12.30. 

200m dash — 6, Cooper Swope (HHS), 23.58. 

400m dash — 2, Cooper Swope (HHS), 52.83; 5, TD Matesic (MHS), 55.29; 8, Austin Bledsoe (HHS), 56.94. 

800m run — 2, Tate Davis (HHS), 2:03.11; 3, Ryan Howland (HHS), 2:07.61. 

1600m run — 1, Corbin Winkle (HHS), 5:22.49; 5, Chris Sowders (HHS), 5:37.00. 

3200m run — 1, Corbin Winkle (HHS), 10:17.41; 4, Rason Brunck (HHS), 10:53.88; 8, Dartanyen Stovall (MHS), 11:59.01. 

110m hurdles — 1, Collin Swackhamer (HHS), 16.33; 8, Nathan Alvarez (MHS), 20.08. 

300m hurdles — 2, Collin Swackhamer (HHS), 43.32; 4, Kameron Evers (HHS), 46.19.

4x100m relay — 4, HHS (Jeven Hochstuhl, Michael Burns, Mason Dumpert, Keahi Mhanna), 46.97; 5, MHS (Keaton Beuchler, TD Matesic, Ethan Eakins, Aaron Dean), 48.18. 

4x200m relay — 3, HHS (Jeven Hochstuhl, Keahi Mhanna, Michael Burns, Cooper Swope), 1:37.35; 6, MHS (Cameron Medley, Brice Graham, Ethan Eakins, Aaron Dean), 1:45.40. 

4x400m relay — 2, HHS (Austin Bledsoe, Tate Davis, Ryan Howland, Cooper Swope), 3:37.42; 6, MHS (Brice Graham, Nicholas Alvarez, Jackson Crago, Nathan Alvarez), 4:05.09. 

4x800m relay — 1, HHS (Corbin Winkle, Ryan Howland, Chris Sowders, Tate Davis), 8:26.99; 6, MHS (Jordan Lugo, Dartanyen Stovall, Gunnar Bode, Jobe Lugo), 10:05.53. 

High Jump — 2, Mason Dumpert (HHS), 5-08.00. 

Pole Vault — 2, Jackson Crago (MHS), 12-00.00; 4, Austin Bledsoe (HHS), 11-00.00; 5, Jacob Seaman (HHS), 11-00.00; 6, Brice Graham (MHS), 9-06.00. 

Long Jump — 8, Collin Swackhamer (HHS), 19-02.00. 

Shot Put — 1, Ayden Clemons (HHS), 43-07.50; 4, Heath McCravey (HHS), 38-11.00; 8, Jobe Lugo (MHS), 36-04.00. 

Discus — 1, Jahari Pitts (HHS), 136-01.50; 4, Ayden Clemons (HHS), 124-07; 6, Austin Ruddle (MHS), 104-07.50; 8, Andrew Roeder (MHS), 103-08. 

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