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17 Highland County softball players named All-District; Quickle named Div. III Co-POY

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Fairfield senior Caitlyn Quickle was named Co-Player of the Year for Division III. (HCP Photo/Stephen Forsha)
Stephen Forsha, The Highland County Press

The 2024 Southeast District Softball Coaches have released their All-District teams for the spring 2024 season, with 17 Highland County athletes honored.

Leading the way for Highland County was Fairfield senior Caitlyn Quickle, who earned Co-Player of the Year honors in Division III, along with Wheelersburg junior Catie Boggs.

Receiving first-team honors in Division II was Hillsboro junior Camryn Spruell, and along with Quickle, Fairfield junior Jobey Hattan was named to the first team in Div. III.

Highland County had six second-team honorees, with three in Division II, including Hillsboro junior Mylea Fridley and McClain sophomores Leah Lovett and Olivia Stegbauer. Named to the second team for Division III were Lynchburg-Clay sophomore Noel Barnhill and Fairfield senior Emmi Vance. Whiteoak senior Jaylie Parr was named to the Division IV second team.

Hillsboro and McClain combined for four Honorable Mention selections in Div. II, including Hillsboro senior Halle Reveal and sophomore Chloe Roberts, as well as McClain sophomore Brie Cummins and junior Kenzie Wise.

Lynchburg-Clay and Fairfield also had a joint four Honorable Mention softball players in Div. III, with a trio of Lynchburg-Clay Lady Mustangs honored in sophomore Caitlyn Collins, senior Autumn Griffith and sophomore Sophia Michael. Fairfield’s selection was sophomore Rilee Quickle.  

The complete lists are below.

Division I
Coach of the Year: Andrea Morgan, Chillicothe

First Team
CJ Rittinger, Chillicothe (9) (Player of the Year)
Alyssa Hill, Logan (10)

Second Team
Aislynn Slack, Logan (12)
Morgan Webb, Chillicothe (12)

Honorable Mention
Jocelyn Sarver, Logan (10)
Zoe Green, Logan (11)
Cadie Boltenhouse, Chillicothe (9)
Alyssa Dudley, Chillicothe (11)

• • •

Division II
Coach of the Year: Rob Hull, Unioto

First Team
Cora Hall, Sheridan (11) (Player of the Year)
Gabby McConnell, Circleville (12)
Hannah Hull, Unioto (12)
Kaylee Salyer, Fairland (12)
Camryn Spruell, Hillsboro (11)
Sadie Binkley, Logan Elm (10)
Avery Mueller, Sheridan (12)
Abbie Marshall, Unioto (12)
Adelyn Wolfe, Fairfield Union (11)
Abby Wilson, New Lexington (12)
Kendra Hammonds, Athens (12)
Lillie Eberts, Jackson (9)
Alexis Book, Unioto (12)
Delaney Gates, Warren Local (9)
Kayla Hammonds, Athens (12)
Abby Hollenbaugh, River Valley (12)
Kailyn Rife, River Valley (9)
Lynsay VanHoose, Logan Elm (12)

Second Team
Leah Lovett, McClain (10)
Ella Michael, Circleville (12)
Jordyn Zinn, Vinton County (12)
Makena Black, Fairland (12)
Rylee Toadvine, Athens (11)
Mylea Fridley, Hillsboro (11)
Serenity Taylor, Jackson (11)
Payton Powell, Sheridan (11)
Lexi Smith, Waverly (10)
Ava Angel, Gallia Academy (10)
Kayle Emswiler, Fairfield Union (11)
Addison Knisley, Washington Court House (12)
Mya Miller, Warren Local (12)
Machelle Stewart, Waverly (12)
KJ Worsham, Jackson (9)
Maddie Wright, Jackson (10)
Olivia Stegbauer, McClain (10)
Fern Sigman, Athens (10)

Honorable Mention
Brie Cummins, McClain (10)
Kenzie Wise, McClain (11)
Emma Sommerville, River Valley (10)
Jacklynn Richards, River Valley (9)
Kaylee West, Circleville (9)
Claire Davis, Circleville (10)
Ava Robertson, Waverly (11)
Caris Risner, Waverly (9)
Reagan Skidmore, Gallia Academy (11)
Colbie Nida, Gallia Academy (11)
Taylor Mathie, Gallia Academy (12)
Ella Harmon, Fairfield Union (9)
Marina Johnson, Warren Local (10)
Sarah Morris, Warren Local (12)
Ally Shepherd, Fairland (11)
Katie DeHart, Fairland (11)
Jorja Burkhart, New Lexington (10)
Caroline Dupler, New Lexington (10)
Kylie Fink, New Lexington (12)
Hailey Miller, Marietta (11)
Chloe Harris, Marietta (9)
Sophia Morris, Marietta (9)
Kira Farley, Marietta (12)
Megan Miller, Unioto (12)
Lilly Shaw, Washington Court House (12)
Mikhaylee Ragland, Washington Court House (10)
Olivia Haycook, Washington Court House (9)
Halle Reveal, Hillsboro (12)
Chloe Roberts, Hillsboro (10)
Hailey Mueller, Sheridan (9)
Peyton Richendollar, Logan Elm (10)
Ryleigh Wolfe, Logan Elm (10).

• • •

Division III
Coach of the Year: Teresa Ruby, Wheelersburg

First Team
Caitlyn Quickle, Fairfield (12) Co-Player of the Year
Catie Boggs, Wheelersburg (11) Co-Player of the Year
AndiJo Howard, Wheelersburg (12)
Skylar Zimmerman, South Webster (12)
Hannah Potts, Wellston (11)
Savannah Bushatz, Huntington (11)
Kate Rollins, Portsmouth West (12)
Kaylynn Carter, Wheelersburg (11)
Maddie Childers, Wellston (10)
Kiera Williams, Adena (12)
Jaylin Forbes, Piketon (9)
Lauren Redoutey, Northwest (12)
Abbie Deeds, Coal Grove (11)
Lauren Kaltenbach, South Webster (11)
Delana Landefeld, Westfall (12)
Ava Estep, Wheelersburg (10)
Gracie Brammer, Ironton (12)
Khamil Martin, Ironton (10)
Jobey Hattan, Fairfield (11)
Kaylor Pickelsimer, Portsmouth West (12)
Makayla Carmichael, Belpre (12)
Delana Wright, Meigs (12)

Second Team
Olivia Dickerson, Portsmouth (12)
Brynn Wipert, Zane Trace (11)
Bella Roush, Meigs (10)
Emma Garrison, Adena (12)
Karlee Gillispie, Rock Hill (12)
Allie Baker, Huntington (11)
Noel Barnhill, Lynchburg-Clay (10)
Emmie Fowler, Nelsonville-York (11)
Natalie Goode, Meigs (10)
Kaylee Hudnall, Alexander (10)
Sydney Fuller, Westfall (11)
Adyson Copley, South Point (9)
Brynn Lundell, Crooksville (11)
Bella Claxon, South Webster (12)
Abby Guffey, Zane Trace (12)
Emmi Vance, Fairfield (12)
Hannah Webb, Chesapeake (12)
Jozy Lougheed, Southeastern (11)
Emily Cheathm, Portsmouth (12)
Brooke Hawes, Northwest (12)
Braylin Wallace, Ironton (12)
Emily Moore, Portsmouth West (12)

Honorable Mention
Sonni Nelson, Crooksville (12)
Gracie Peck, Crooksville (12)
Rylee Chamberlain, Crooksville  (11)
Carly Jones, Oak Hill (12)
Brynlee Stickley, Oak Hill (9)
Gracie Evans, Oak Hill (9)
Haley Krannitz, Oak Hill (12)
Harli Lenegar, Minford (9)
Miranda Johnson, Minford (12)
Harley Lute, Minford (12)
Addi Lute, Minford (12)
Katie Ankrom, Portsmouth (10)
Bailey Waughtel, Portsmouth (10)
Rylee Black, Coal Grove (11)
Mia Haynes, Coal Grove (10)
Izzy Kitts, Coal Grove (9)
Reagan Arthurs, Zane Trace (11)
Rachael Chamberlain, Zane Trace (10)
Madison Potts, Wellston (12)
Allison Kilgour, Wellston (12)
Rilee Quickle, Fairfield (10)
Jenna Hines, Federal Hocking (9)
Audrey Clingenpeel, Federal Hocking (11)
Emma Sayers, Federal Hocking (12)
Karleigh Biggins, Federal Hocking (10)
Dylan Skaggs, Southeastern (9)
Ally Fisher, Southeastern (10)
Emily Moore, Portsmouth West (12)
Maci Bradford, Portsmouth West (11)
Alli Stidham, South Point (11)
Maddy Evans, South Point (12)
Kaylee Stidham, South Point (9)
Mackenzie Paugh, Huntington (10)
Nora Moore, Huntington (12)
Allie Grooms, Eastern (11)
Addison Arey, Eastern (10)
Caitlyn Collins, Lynchburg-Clay (10)
Autumn Griffith, Lynchburg-Clay (12)
Sophia Michael, Lynchburg-Clay (10)
Ava Messer, South Webster (12)
Abby Throckmorton, Northwest (11)
Jeanette Mustain, Northwest (12)
Riley Issacs, Chesapeake (12)
McKenna Brown, Chesapeake (12)
Addison Maynard, Chesapeake (10)
Marly Halcomb, Adena (9)
Aubrey Ferguson, Ironton (10)
Neveah Hackworth, Rock Hill (12)
Charlee Long, Rock Hill (11)
Bridget Stapleton, Rock Hill (9)
Kaelyn Musser, Peebles (10)
Caydence Carroll, Peebles (12)
Carlee Garrison, North Adams (10)
Paige Evans, North Adams (10)
Kyndall Carroll, Piketon (11)
Paige Helton, Piketon (9)
Aubrey Heath, Piketon (9)
Lucy Ruble, Belpre (10)

• • •

Division IV
Coach of the Year: Kayla Taulbee, Valley

First Team
Rylie Young, Manchester (11) Player of the Year
Emilie Johnson, Valley (12)
Desiree Simpson, Symmes Valley (12)
Jayden Agriesti, Miller (12)
Gwen Sparks, Portsmouth Notre Dame (12)
Megan Nickell, Eastern Pike (12)
Sarah Cassidy, Clay (11)
Jadelyn Lawson, Glennwood (12)
Jaylynn Hupp, Southern (10)
Ryleigh Weeks, Valley (10)
Sophie Huffman, Waterford (12)
Brenna Tibbs, Symmes Valley (10)
Emma Putman, Reedsville Eastern (11)
Sophie Stauffer, Paint Valley (11)
Alayla Soard, Portsmouth Notre Dame (10)
Lauren Smith, Southern (12)
Maycee Ford, Portsmouth Notre Dame (10)
Hannah Felts, Eastern Pike (12)

Second Team
Megan Whitley, Western Pike (11)
Joelle Richards, Trimble (11)
Maddie Entler, Portsmouth Notre Dame (11)
Jaylie Parr, Whiteoak (12)
Jenna Campbell, Manchester (12)
Ryleigh McDavid, Green (12)
Shea Rawlins, Clay (12)
Bailee Guido, East (11)
Olivia Kasler, Trimble (10)
Karsyn Davis, Valley (12)
Cassie Williams, Glennwood (12)
Shelby Stover, Miller (11)
Savannah Mart, Symmes Valley (12)
Hope Reed, Reedsville Eastern (12)
Ashlynn Thomas, Reedsville Eastern (9)
Ella Shope, East (10)
Addison Christian, Green (9)
Charlie Shafer, Trimble (11)

Honorable Mention
Lynsey Loop, Clay (11)
Syney Hornsby, South Gallia (11)
Kennedy Shamblin, South Gallia (11)
Emilee Bowling, South Gallia (12)
Leah Skillmore, South Gallia (12)
Rylie White, Reedsville Eastern (9)
Karleigh Lenney, East (12)
Bethenny Kilgore, Green (10)
Emma Brown, Green (10)
Addy Brewster, Western Pike (10)
Lauren Ware, Western Pike (12)
Finley May, Western Pike (12)
Madison Shuler, Eastern Pike (12)
Marley Ferguson, Symmes Valley (9)
Braxtyn Holbrook, Valley (11)
Lakyn Brooker, Waterford (12)
Shey Johnson, East (10)
Madison Carver, Clay (9)
Braelyn Bevins, Eastern (9)
Lexi Smith, Southern (12)
Hayden Turner, Southern (11)
Leah Ryan, Waterford (12)
Laykyn Jones, Waterford (12)
Brislynn McClanahan, Manchester (9)
Addilyn Hunter, Manchester (9)
Kasarah Cantrell, Paint Valley (10).

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