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Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose comments on Issue 1

Columbus – Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose issued the following statement today regarding the vote on Issue 1:
“I’m grateful that nearly 1.3 million Ohioans stood with us in this fight, but this is only one battle in a long war. Unfortunately, we were dramatically outspent by dark money billionaires from California to New York, and the giant ‘for sale’ sign still hangs on Ohio’s constitution. Ohioans will see the devastating impact of this vote soon enough. The radical activists that opposed Issue 1 are already planning amendments to shut parents out of a child’s life-altering medical procedure, force job killing wage mandates on small businesses, prevent law abiding citizens from protecting their families and remove critical protections for our first responders. I’ve said for months now that there’s an assault coming on our constitution, and that hasn’t changed. I’m just getting started in the fight to protect Ohio’s values.”


Chuck Anziulewicz (not verified)

9 August 2023

Preliminary polling indicated that Issue 1 would be rejected pretty handily, and it was. It should be a wake-up call to Republicans who think they should control women's reproductive health.

Trump's three SCOTUS appointees swore up and down that Roe v. Wade was "precedent," "settled law," yadda yadda yadda. THEN, as soon as they were given the opportunity, they overturned it. And NOW, women in red states are losing a significant measure of their right to self-determination in ways that men simply have no frame of reference for.

Women are paying attention, this much is obvious. Even among women who would NEVER choose to have an abortion themselves, the overturning of Roe v. Wade makes them nervous. Look what happened during the midterms. Look what happened in Kansas and Michigan whan the issue what put to a popular vote. The same thing will happen in Ohio come November.

JimT (not verified)

9 August 2023

Mr LaRose, before the election you said "This is 100% about keeping a radical pro-abortion amendment out of our constitution,". You aren't fooling anyone with vague claims about 1st responders and minimum wage issues.

Kenneth Gratz (not verified)

9 August 2023

More lies from the Secretary.....who conveniently omits that the MAJOR supporter of Issue 1, to the tune of millions of dollars, is billionaire Richard Uihlein, an Illinois resident, who inherited the Schlitz brewing fortune. State Official were not concerned about outside money when it came to bankrolling their bogus Issue 1 amendment.

Anthony Lloyd (not verified)

9 August 2023

LaRose changed his rationales and reasonings at least a half dozen times to urge voters to say YES to Issue 1. In the end, Ohio voters weren't as dumb as he thought they were. They decided there vote was worth more than 80% on any future petition driven ballot initiatives. It's not surprising LaRose continues to lie. What other choice does he have?

Tracie Binion (not verified)

9 August 2023

Ohioans response was over whelming. High voter turnout in August on a 1 issue ballot. Election day 2024 is going to change the game. GenZ and Millennials out number GenX and Boomers voting at the polls. Republicans are soon to find out their out of date policies will come to an end.

Jim Surber (not verified)

9 August 2023

The results of Issue 1are simply Ohio without gerrymandering!

JimT (not verified)

10 August 2023

JimS I wonder if that was the point all along, to prevent a ballot initiative that would force a non partisan map of Ohio.

Jim, Ohioans have already passed an issue 2-1
to abolish gerrymandering. It is thus far futile because of partisanship!

POTO (not verified)

12 August 2023

Deceit! Unbeknownst to many of us, the proposed requirements of 88 counties also included a proposal to eliminate the 10-day cure period that allows citizen petitioners to collect more signatures if the signature verification process sees the campaign fall below county or state quotas. 60% or whatever, then denied would be the absolute result. They will try to bring this back again, mark my words. Don't ever be played again, citizens. A little comedic relief and possible bromance. A leftist organization promoting a rino. I often wonder who split-the-vote affects. Well, silly conservatives of course. Suckers!!!

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