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  • Narrow perspectives and low expectations, Part 2

    I have no problems with airplanes at 44,000 feet. I can look out the windows with ease. But climbing a few hundred feet off terra firma, I can’t do it no matter how hard I try. You may have similar distances you can’t travel. There is another distance you may have trouble traveling, but that I would urge you to try. It is the distance to that family member or former friend with whom you have had a falling out.
  • Narrow perspectives and low expectations, Part 1
    It is the crime of the century, the dumbing down and demotivation of America. Let’s see if we can do something about it here. Adults, let’s resolve to all become Mr. Wisecups and encourage young people to be all that they can and should be.
  • Socialism - the pitch and the purpose, Part 10
    You absolutely can’t voluntarily give to others without love. It is impossible. Do you give Christmas or birthday presents to people you don’t love? Of course not. Therefore, the isms have to use the threat of incarceration or worse.
  • Socialism – the pitch and the purpose, Part 9
    Well, we finally get to the purpose. What is the purpose of socialism? This breaks into two pieces.
  • Socialism – the pitch and the purpose, Part 8
    For all its flaws, the United States is still the most successful country in the history of the world. The Constitution and capitalism have lifted more people out of poverty than any other government at any other time in any other place in the history of the world.
  • Socialism – the pitch and the purpose, Part 7
    When a government gives you money or goods or services, their side has the same implicit expectation. The government expects you to perform in a certain way in exchange for the money they gave you.
  • Socialism – the pitch and the purpose, Part 6
    The key human emotions in our narrative are, in no particular order: greed, ambition, fear, compassion, lust, charity, love, hate, concern and jealousy.
  • Socialism – the pitch and the purpose, Part 5
    Our final group of major players I will call chameleons. Chameleons move from the anointed to the useful idiots, subcategory, victims, as circumstances develop and according to what they perceive as the most advantageous posture for themselves. Their motivation is almost purely driven by money.
  • Socialism – the pitch and the purpose, Part 4
    Unlike the anointed, those who think they have answers to all issues, we in the flyover country can be genuine experts on one topic and completely ignorant on another – but know the difference within ourselves.
  • Socialism – the pitch and the purpose, Part 3
    The world is full of the anointed who can usually garner many followers and whose followers often only superficially, e.g., in the case of Che Guevara, examine their bona fides.
  • Socialism – the pitch and the purpose, Part 2
    Let’s just marinate on the idea that Marx never lived under Marxism, but instead enjoyed the genteel and well-fed life provided by capitalism, much like the headlining communists and socialists treading the stage today.
  • Socialism, the pitch and the purpose, Part 1
    We start this series with your author not knowing how long it is going to take or where it will finish. Rest assured, I have studied the Bible, the American Revolution, the British Empire, the French Revolution, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Mao, Hitler, Castro and many others enough to be able to share at least a modicum of insight on the subjects at hand. I am currently reading Thomas Sowell, whom I highly recommend.
  • The two sides of sales – and why it is important to everyone
    Want to see an economy with no salespeople? You don’t have to look far. In Cuba, the government has set the prices of everything since 1959. Look at some current pictures of the condition of the buildings and the condition of the automobiles. This is what happens when the government says salespeople are not needed.
  • A free in-depth education at your fingertips
    Social media and its onerous censorship are taking a lot of heat these days. I am there with the critics in nearly all cases. Social media should be treated as a common carrier, like the telephone companies are. But I want to pause this idea for a second to heap praises on the myriad of serious learning opportunities you can find on YouTube. All for free, some with commercials and some without.
  • What is going on in Cuba?
    Those malcontent Cubans are at it again, protesting 62 years of food shortages, COVID-19 vaccine shortages, shortages of every kind. Yet, Bernie Sanders remains silent.
  • The National Anthem
    I hope you have a happy and respectful 4th of July – the birthday of the greatest country ever to grace the face of the Earth.
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