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Hillsboro Library celebrating Banned Books Week

Sarah Davidson, Circulation Manager, Hillsboro Library

The Hillsboro Library will continue its tradition of celebrating Banned Books Week with a special weeklong contest starting Oct. 2.
We always have a lot of fun with Banned Books Week. It’s a great time to celebrate everyone’s right to read and to examine censorship, plus we also love the opportunity to give out some really cool prizes.
This year, patrons can earn raffle tickets by checking out any banned books (one ticket per checked-out book), adding their favorite banned book title to a special display and by designing their own banned book cover.
There is one ticket each up for grabs for adding to the display and making the book cover, but the number patrons can earn for checking out books is pretty much unlimited. If you see a prize that you’re hoping to win, come check out books, and who knows, you might find a new favorite read.
The prizes this year are three gift baskets based on different banned books: Harry Potter (featuring various merchandise), “Friday Night Lights” (with football-related items) and “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” (themed around rafting, fishing and Southern food).
The winners will be announced the following week.
For more information on this program, or other activities at the Hillsboro Library, visit, search “Highland County District Library of Ohio” on Facebook or call (937) 393-3114.