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Hillsboro FFA members participate in 2023 Highland County Goat Show

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Pictured are Hillsboro FFA member Gracie Thoroman, her brother and father with her champion Boer wether. (Submitted photo)
Hillsboro FFA, Press Release

On Saturday, Sept. 2, the breeding, market and dairy goats moved into the Highland County Fair from noon-4 p.m., with weigh-in following at 7 p.m. That was the start to the week, and then some of the Hillsboro FFA members exhibited goats throughout the week. 

On Monday, Sept. 4 during showmanship, Gracie Thoroman placed second, Abigail Fryman placed third and Rylea Scarberry placed fourth. Thoroman was Grand Champion and third overall in the County Born and Bred show.

On Wednesday, Sept. 6, the exhibitors showed in the breeding, market and dairy market classes. Thoroman had a first and second in class, was a division winner and was sixth overall with her market Boer goats. Fryman placed fourth and fifth in class with her Boer goats, breed champion dairy goat and a fourth-place breeding doe. 

On Friday, Sept. 8, these exhibitors sold their market Boer and dairy goats, where many local businesses had the opportunity to support these exhibitors one last time at the end of this project.

Congratulations to all goat exhibitors.