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2023 Highland County Fair Photography Award winners announced

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2023 Highland County Fair Department 14 Photography winners are pictured: (top left photo) Best of Show, Reserve Best of Show and winner of six classes, Shawn Conlon, is pictured at left with judge Eric Wright; (top right photo) Reserve Best of Show Digital winner Nancy Roosa; (bottom left photo) judge Eric Wright and Class E winner Tina Roe; and (bottom right photo) Class F winner Jeff Sunderland. (Photos courtesy of Don Edenfield)
Submitted by Don Edenfield

The 2023 Highland County Fair Department 14 Photography winners were announced this week.

Best of Show winners are: Traditional Best of Show, Shawn Conlon A-4 Human; Digital Best of Show, Shawn Conlon, H-7 Computer Paint; Traditional Reserve Best of Show, Shawn Conlon, D-1 Spring/Summer; and Digital Reserve Best of Show, Nancy Roosa, H-7 Composite.

The Best of Class winners are as follows:

• Best of Class A: Shawn Conlon, A-4 Human.

• Best of Class B: Shawn Conlon, B-4 Sports.

• Best of Class C: Shawn Conlon, C-5 Scene of Nature.

• Best of Class D: Shawn Conlon, D-1 Spring or Summer.

• Best of Class E: Tina Roe, E-2 Farm Animal.

• Best of Class F: Jeff Sunderland, F-1 Human Candid.

• Best of Class G: Shawn Conlon, G-2 Humorous Story.

• Best of Class H: Shawn Conlon, H-3 Computer Paint.

The plaque sponsor is Film Foggers Photo Club. Photos were judged by Eric Wright Photography of Dayton.