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  • My eyes, oh, my eyes

    If you see it, you can never unsee it. You hear it, it’s in your memory bank forever. Unless it’s the phone number to the pediatrician when your kid is running a 102 temp at midnight. But usually, everything you see and hear becomes part of you – good and bad. Kind of a scary, intimidating fact. 
  • It's really hard to like you
    Ever been looked squarely in the eyes and bluntly told you are a bitter, angry person? Probably not. After all, who in their right mind wants to be within 12 feet of a bear and throw heavy stones at that huge, furious mass of muscle and bone? Nobody wants to face that.
  • Happy Father's Day to all 'real' fathers
    If you can actually defend a functioning male who has deliberately walked away from his child and refused to be the dad that child needs in life, then you are an enabler. An enabler is someone who physically, mentally or emotionally aids someone else to shirk their responsibilities in life. 
  • Lone Wolf Larry lived a lie
    While you are lone-wolfing the stress, you are setting up your spouse to have to do the same if you die from that stress. And that isn’t fair to either of you. Learn to share the truth – and the stress.
  • Planners, no-planners and fuzzy-planners
    No one on this earth gets to own a permanent flat plateau on a mountaintop. Unfortunately.
  • To hurting moms and children everywhere
    Well, Mom, you aren’t here this year for Mother’s Day, but I will think of you. I will choose to dwell on the good memories of you, and to forgive the mistakes that may come to my mind. See you when I get there, too.
  • Locked up and secure – or scary?
    Remember, some rules and regulations are not made to harm you. I am specifically referring to The Ten Commandments written in your Bible. They are not there to take away the fun in your life and trap you. The One who created you only wants to help you.
  • Exhausted wings bring on clipped wings
    Too much constant physical or mental work, with no relaxation for your body and brain, can bring on serious exhaustion. And that kind of tired, with no time for recuperating, is dangerous for you. You run the risk of pushing too far over the edge, which can easily mean that you end up being grounded for a while.
  • 'You failed, but you aren't dead'
    Remember, you may have failed, but you’re not dead yet. You still have time to help yourself learn to succeed. Have the courage to admit your failure, look backward for potholes where you fell, and work at filling them in. Instead of giving in to the temptation to blame someone else.
  • The ears and memories of baby elephants
    Back in the ancient days of Fred Flintstone and no cell phones, when he was a young dad and a wet-behind-the-ears pastor, Andy had a habit. No, not a habit like we refer to today. But he unconsciously used a certain phrase – constantly. 
  • 'I yam what I yam'
    Remember the old TV cartoon “Popeye the Sailor Man?” He had a favorite saying: “I yam what I yam and dat’s all I yam.” And poor old Olive Oyl could never get him to see himself any other way. 
  • Why so many 'thou shalt nots?'
    Does it seem to you that God is always saying “No” or “Don’t do that” or “Thou shalt not?”  
  • The heart is the seat of your emotions
    If you are in the habit of consulting only yourself, trusting your own instincts and believing that you will know in your heart what to do when the time comes, then you have a big problem.
  • Deliberately stomped on? Learn to laugh
    Remember, their goal was to hurt you badly, and destroy who and what you are. So, finding ways to laugh while you go on successfully with your life is great revenge. Because they lose. 
  • Never, never give up
    Mr. Winston Churchill, former prime minister of England during the years of WWII, is quoted as saying, “Never ever, ever, ever give in.” 
  • The opposing thumb guy
    Just like the Creator had a great idea when the thumb was designed to be in opposition, The Thumb in your group is probably a good addition. Sure, I realize that the sore thumb always seems to stir up trouble and cause friction…but he or she may be exactly what your committee or workplace needs to keep from becoming run-of-the-mill and stale. 
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