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WC’s Williams Stadium receives new lights ahead of 2024-25 academic year

Michael Pagano, Wilmington College, Press Release

The Wilmington College athletics department partnered with Midstream Lighting to install new lights at Williams Stadium. The lights will debut this fall during the Quakers athletic seasons.

"We are very excited and grateful to Midstream Lighting for this partnership,” said Wilmington College Senior Director of Athletics Bill Wilson. "The new lights will greatly improve the overall experience for our student-athletes and fans. I just can't avoid a cheesy pun here when I say that the difference is like night and day."

Midstream installed their Symmetry Series R1100 LED lights at Williams Stadium that include several great features. It can shine anywhere from 25- to 100-percent capacity, has the capability for paparazzi lights, where it continually flashes after a goal or touchdown, and can do a special spotlight shine for events like Senior Night.

Midstream Lighting President James McCarty was excited about working with Wilmington.

"Wilmington College takes immense pride in its athletic facilities, and Midstream Lighting was thrilled to collaborate with Athletic Director, Bill Wilson, for their recent stadium LED Lighting upgrade. Our new Symmetry LED lighting system delivers over 60-percent energy and operational savings compared to the old lights while maintaining optimal lighting for NCAA intercollegiate play,” McCarty said. "Midstream's 'fan experience' package, featuring dynamic light scenes for celebrations, will ramp up the excitement of home games at Williams Stadium, solidifying its place at the top of NCAA Division III facilities."

The luminaire output for this product is up to 150,000 lumens and has up to 1180 watts of power absorption. The LED lights are designed specifically for sports arenas and fields while keeping fans, players and neighbors in mind. They save costs through reduced energy usage and reduced carbon footprint.

Users can access the lights from anywhere using their SimplySnap technology. This gives the user the ability to "Adjust lights, activate scenes, or create schedules all from a user interface that was designed to be easy to learn and easy to use." A CBS Site Controller is also provided from Midstream giving users the ability to work the lights manually from Williams Stadium.

Night games will look different this season at Williams Stadium, and the Quakers are excited to show off their new lights during the fall.

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