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Women and men are equal, but not the same

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By Jim Thompson
HCP columnist

We all know that it took women until 1920 to get the right to vote. Of course, that did not stop condescending attitudes from men. We are still working on that, and in certain corners, progress seems slow.

Nor did it stop cosmetic and fashion companies from sending the subtle message that women must be beautiful to be successful. (My own principle criteria for desirability in a spouse: I don’t want to be lying in bed at night and hear the sound of someone chewing gum within earshot – the absence of that, coupled with simple hygiene and some fairly simple motivational evidence to get up in the morning and do something – which I would demand of anyone – and we are good).

It looked like in the 1960s women would get their due. Along came Title IX and that seemed even better. Roe v. Wade was a setback. While the message was that this was liberating, in reality, it forced many women who did not see any other way out of the dilemma in which they found themselves, into abortions. Adoption was thrown out with the bathwater, and we have the sad situation we still have today.

For a woman with an unwanted pregnancy today, it seems like abortion is the demand of society. This is sad, but the liberal element of our society demands this attitude and castigates any woman in similar circumstances thinking otherwise.

Now, if that wasn’t enough, the liberals have thrown women further under the bus with their latest move. This move is the “Equality Act,” which like many bills before Congress, means just the opposite of what its title purports.

This bill, if passed, will force women’s sports to accept transgender athletes; that is, men who identify as women.

In many places, not waiting for the bill to pass, this is happening already, and the predictable outcome is occurring, too. Sporting events entered by transgender men are being handily won by transgender men. The women of the NCAA should be boycotting en masse. Liberalism has failed them once again.

This all rises from the mantra that men and women should be treated the same. This is wrong-headed. Women and men should be treated equal, not the same.

Not so many months ago here, I pointed out the example of a water line. In order to install a water line, one needs pipe, which comes with male threads on each end, and couplings, which have female threads. Both are equally important; one cannot install a water line with simply lengths of threaded pipe nor can they install a water line consisting of only couplings – both types of components are needed equally, but they are certainly not the same. Same argument goes with equality among men and women.

Then, of course, we have the genderless bathroom nonsense, which, pardon my chivalry, is likely more of an affront to women than men, although it certainly works the other way, too. It is an affront to society.

But as if this were all the abuse and pressure women are getting today, I am here to tell you of a new movement on the horizon. In the May 14 edition of Fast Company, there is an article headlined: “Is this the generation that will trash tampons and pads for good?”

According to the author, “40 percent of women who expect to have a period in the future are using or are considering using reusable period products.”

The article goes on to say, “Greater concern for impact on the environment and waste reduction correlated strongly with the decision to commit to using reusable products to manage periods.” Are you kidding me?

It looks like 100 years of liberation for women has not been liberating after all. Suddenly, 2019 looks like 1919 in so many ways for women. The lack of progress is palpable. Women should be furious and protesting in the streets – just like 1919.

Jim Thompson, formerly of Marshall, is a graduate of Hillsboro High School and the University of Cincinnati. He resides in Duluth, Ga. and is a columnist for The Highland County Press. He may be reached at

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