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Carnivore Snax issues voluntary recall on meat snacks due to products being adulterated

Ohio Department of Agriculture, Press Release

Carnivore Snax has issued a voluntary recall of its Carnivore Snax varieties sold in 5 oz. and 2 oz. bags. 

The products included in this recall are adulterated because they were produced without the benefit of inspection and the safety parameters were not able to be verified.

Specific varieties of meat snacks include:

• Eye of Round
• Leg of Lamb
• Pork Loin
• Wild Boar
• Ribeye
• Skirt Steak
• Chuck
• Brisket
• Wagyu Brisket
• Wagyu Chuck
• Wagyu Eye of Round
• Wagyu Top Round
• Wagyu Bottom Round
• New York Strip
• Beef Tenderloin
• Ancestral Bison Sliders
• Farm Sliders
• Pork Sliders
• Lamb Sliders
• Chicken Sliders
• Beef Sliders
• Bison Sliders.

Products were available for sale from Jan. 2, 2022 through Feb. 21, 2024 at 

The issue was discovered during a routine inspection conducted by the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA). Anyone who purchased these products should dispose of them.

No reports of illness involving these products have been reported. However, individuals exhibiting signs or symptoms of foodborne illness should contact a physician immediately.

Consumers with questions regarding this recall can contact Carnivore Snax at (740) 201-8410.