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  • Post 9/11: Putting America on trial

    How soon we forget.
        Americans seem to enjoy, again and again, proving George Santayana’s maxim that “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”
  • New coach has great perspective
    New McClain Tigers coach Brent Eaton can’t be all bad. I can’t profess to know the Coach Who Follows The Legend, but I will say this: I already like the guy. You know why? Because anyone who has the theme song of “The Dukes of Hazzard” on his ring tone can’t be all bad.
  • County says farewell to 'Roz'
    First off, this week, let’s all give a heartfelt congratulations to Rosalind Newman. Mrs. Newman retires this week after 30 years of public service to Highland County.
  • Changing time, thanking friends
    This has been one of those weeks. It’s been a week in which I lost an hour, or 10, instead of picking up an extra one as Daylight Saving Time came to its seasonal conclusion.
  • Will Parr: The Voice of WSRW
    My first and most lasting memories of Willard Parr go back more than 40 years. It was during my first three years of school, as one of Mrs. Loretta Dean's pupils at Concord Elementary School, that I came to know Willard Parr. Not the Man. The Voice.
  • What services are most important?
    There is an editorial topic before us and published online at which asks: What government services are most important to you? We felt the timing of the question was appropriate, given the economy  of the times. A fair number of government agencies, offices and departments have been, for the past year or so, forced to reduce their respective budgets. As these cuts continue or level off, we are left with a few questions.
  • Storefront totem pole turns heads
    Yes, our front window on Main Street is beginning to resemble a random totem pole. Thanks for noticing. And, we’re sorry about that. To be honest, that was not our intent; but as different people make different contributions in the dark of night, well, you get what you get. We like it, though.
  • Majority can end gerrymandering
       The political game of gerrymandering is almost as old as our great nation. It goes back to Elbridge Gerry, while he was governor of Massachusetts in 1812.
  • Listen to your spirit and find joy
     Six years ago this week, I wrote a column on the death of Mary Loraine Peets Buffett. "Peets," who died at the age of 82, had a few simple rules for living the good life.
  • A great day for the HCS district
    When Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland told the sizable crowd at the new Hillsboro High School and Middle School Sunday that he “knew how to prime the pump,” I couldn’t help but smile.
  • Spending our way to prosperity
    “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”   
        – Confucius
  • Changes loom at HCS, SSCC
    In the not-too-distant future, perhaps as early as next year, two of the largest public academic institutions in Highland County may be realizing new leadership.
  • Let the adventures begin
    It was a familiar feeling and a good feeling last Friday night, walking the sidelines at Richards Memorial Field to cover the Hillsboro Indians and Western Brown Broncos season-opener.
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