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  • A sermon on Mark 4:35-41

    I was riveted to the radio listening to an interview about a country singer's journey from the valley of a living hell to the mountain top of God's grace. His name is Jelly Roll, named by his mom to describe her chubby son. 
  • How Trump wins the debate – and the election
    On June 27, when Trump joins President Joe Biden on CNN for the earliest general election presidential debate in U.S. history, it’s not going to matter what the former president says so much as how he says it. Think of it as the equivalent of a medieval knight running the gauntlet. Every question from pro-Democrat moderators Jake Tapper and Dana Bash and every taunting response from President Biden about threats to democracy will be an opportunity for Trump to lose his temper or to alienate moderate voters with intemperate replies.
  • Finances, freedom and Main Street USA
    With each day that passes, China inches closer to waging war on Taiwan. Being thousands of miles away, surely you won’t feel the impact a foreign war has on the economy, right? Wrong. Not only is America unprepared for the catastrophic economic impact of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan but it would present a drastically more intense challenge given how deeply our counties’ economies are integrated. 
  • Nashville shooter’s manifesto released despite FBI resistance
    The news media and the FBI under the Biden administration are attempting to control the information available to Americans about a mentally troubled woman who identified as a man. The Biden administration is free to argue against linking transgender issues to mental illness or mass murder, but censoring the information is not the right approach.
  • Peace through strength: The stark contrast between Trump and Biden
    President Trump’s approach of peace through strength, in the Reagan tradition, has been supplanted by Biden’s record of war through weakness, in the footsteps of Jimmy Carter.
  • Hay deer
    Hay days finally came to the creek valley. The rain stopped, and even though the hay was past its prime, it was better late than never.
  • Thoughts on eating
    Truth be known, I would just as soon eat a hotdog as anything, but my doctor says no – no processed meats. I went to a nutritionist last week. When I described my diet to her, I thought she was going to have a heart attack. I guess two pots of coffee a day is a bit excessive.
  • Report: America has a fatherhood crisis
    According to the National Fatherhood Initiative, nearly 20 million American children live in homes where their biological fathers do not live. 
  • Americans must criticize corrupt courts
    These critics, however, are missing the point and undermining a principle that is in fact essential to preserving our republic: namely, that criticism of the justice system when it errs or overreaches is necessary to preserving freedom under the rule of law. Those who founded our nation were aware of this necessity.
  • Inspiring the next generation with Ohio manufacturing
    For the 12th summer in a row, my office is partnering with local businesses and other organizations to host Summer Manufacturing Camps for students across Ohio.
  • Happy Father's Day to all 'real' fathers
    If you can actually defend a functioning male who has deliberately walked away from his child and refused to be the dad that child needs in life, then you are an enabler. An enabler is someone who physically, mentally or emotionally aids someone else to shirk their responsibilities in life. 
  • Searching for the truth about the raid at Mar-a-Lago
    “There was zero reason to create an unnecessary, even one in a thousand chance, of a blue-on-blue situation with firearms,” former Secret Service agent and political commentator Dan Bongino said on his podcast. “The FBI, DOJ, and management of the Secret Service effed this up royally.”
  • Selecting generals and admirals who can fight and stay out of jail
    The 21st century has seen an almost unbroken decline in military competence and moral integrity. If the members of Congress do not seriously address it, they – not just the military – will be guilty of dereliction of duty.
  • Alert U.S. military thwarts would-be terrorists
    Biden administration has his hands full enough without tempting fate further with Gazan refugees. The White House’s first obligation is to rescue American citizens, not Gazans.
  • Remembering the 54th Massachusetts on Flag Day
    Nobody embodied bravery and patriotism in defense of the American flag more than Sgt. William H. Carney. He was an American whose wartime efforts epitomized the lengths to which one might strive to fulfill America’s founding ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
  • Hunter in jaws of same justice system President Biden defended
    This week marks the first time in American history that a child of a sitting president was convicted of a crime. The news complicates life for Biden ahead of an election and sent the first family into a hasty and literal retreat. The president had been slated to remain at the White House. After the conviction, he traveled instead to his Wilmington estate.
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