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Eventually, everyone wakes up to reality

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By Rory Ryan
The Highland County Press

Sooner or later, everyone wakes up to reality. Even those liberal officeholders in so-called sanctuary cities.

Take New York City Mayor Eric Adams (please) for the first example. As reported by Christian Wade for The Center Square, Adams acknowledged this week the city's sanctuary status should be changed to allow migrants charged with crimes to be turned over to federal immigration officials for deportation. Ya think?

Speaking at a community meeting this week, Adams said the city's policy that restricts cooperation with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials needs to be modified to weed out the migrants who commit serious crimes. 

"So if you commit a violent act we should be able to turn you over to ICE and have you deported," the Democrat mayor said. "Right now, we don't have the authority to do so." 

And whose fault is that?

According to Wade's report, "Adams said the NYPD is dealing with incidents involving migrants who are participating in robberies using mopeds with 'ghost' license plates to commit snatch-and-grab stick-ups across the city. Adams' remarks come amid rising concerns about crime in New York City amid a surge of migrants who have flocked to the city over the past year following a surge of immigration on the U.S.-Mexico border." 

Two weeks ago, a video of a group of migrants beating two NYPD officers fueled national outrage.

In the college town of Athens, Ga. this week, protesters called for Athens Mayor Kelly Girtz to resign after the murder of Augusta University nursing student Laken Hope Riley, allegedly by illegal immigrant Jose Antonio Ibarra of Venezuela.

According to the warrants, Riley was killed on Feb. 22. The warrants say Ibarra "physically" prevented Riley from making or completing a 911 call and used an "object" to cause great bodily harm, "disfiguring her skull." The warrants also indicate he dragged her body to a secluded area and concealed her death.

On Wednesday, Feb. 28, Girtz argued with protesters who interrupted his press conference, calling for him to resign. 

"The blood is on your hands," one protester shouted before calling for a mass deportation of immigrants from the country.

According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform (

• On Jan. 30, Alonzo Pierre Mingo impersonated a delivery man to trick his way into home in Minneapolis, Minn. He demanded money and then shot three people in the head – Shannon Patricia Jungwirth, Mario Alberto Trejo Estrada and Jorge Alexander Reyes-Jungwirth – in front of two children under 5 who were in the house. In 2019, Mingo had been in ICE custody for firearms/ammo possession, which illegal aliens cannot possess. He was sentenced to a 57-month prison term in 2020 and let out on supervised release in February 2023.

• On Jan. 27, illegals attacked NYPD officers in the area of Times Square near many of the hotels converted by Mayor Adams into taxpayer-funded migrant shelters. Six illegals were arrested, and the first five suspects arrested were all released without bail. This is because New York County District Attorney Alvin Bragg did not ask the judge to impose bail, even though each migrant’s offense was bail-eligible. One of them, Jhoan Boada, was caught smirking and giving the [double-barreled] middle finger to waiting news cameras as he was set free. 

Several of the illegal aliens were subsequently arrested in Phoenix, Ariz.

• On Jan. 9, ICE arrested Haitian national Pierre Lucard Emile for allegedly raping a developmentally disabled person in Boston, Mass. The illegal alien entered the U.S. in Brownsville, Texas and was simply released into the country with a Notice to Appear (NTA) after being deemed inadmissible. He had previously been arrested for the rape, but authorities ignored an ICE detainer and released him in November with an electronic monitoring tag.

These cases are just a few of this year's more serious criminal acts committed by illegals who have no business being in the United States.

The Biden administration has caused the worst border crisis in American history and placed Americans’ lives at risk by abandoning deterrent-focused immigration policies and proven border enforcement tools, according to the House Oversight Committee.

Thomas D. Homan, retired acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said: “President Biden is the first president to ever un-secure a border on purpose. The administration’s failure to enforce and uphold the laws as written by Congress are not just matters of legal debate but have led to unimaginable suffering and death for Americans and migrants alike. For three years, this administration has directed and overseen the implementation of an open-borders agenda that has resulted in a national security, humanitarian, public health and public safety catastrophe unlike any we have ever witnessed at America’s borders.”

Joseph B. Edlow, former acting director and chief counsel of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services said: “The Biden administration has waged war against the immigration system of the United States. The results speak for themselves. As each memorandum, regulatory action or policy decision is announced, the crisis at the southwest border grows exponentially. There is a direct correlation between these policies and the exploding number of encounters, the number of known (and unknown) got-aways, and backlogs at both USCIS and the immigration courts.”

Biden – or whoever is really setting administration policy – continues to double down on failed immigration policies and now seeks to needlessly waste billions of taxpayer dollars on a border crisis their policies created.

It is encouraging to see Democrat mayors and their erstwhile supporters beginning to wake up. Sanctuary cities were never the friend of the legitimate U.S. residents living there. They are nothing more than feigned wokeness to play to a political base.

That base is beginning to have a reality check. It's about time.

Rory Ryan is publisher and owner of The Highland County Press, Highland County's only locally owned and operated newspaper.


Matthew (not verified)

1 March 2024

It'd be nice to have a large American city that claimed to be a sanctuary city for Americans.

David Anthony Mayer (not verified)

2 March 2024

Rory points out just a few examples of the unfortunate victims of violent crime in this country. In addition to these crimes, Cincinnati is seeing almost daily violence on their streets. Unruly teens for no reason are attacking innocent people. Our societal norms continue to decline. Illegal or legal citizens are a threat to anyone who leaves their residence. It can be in urban or rural areas. My advice is take a gun safety course. Lock and load and never let your guard down. Get a CCW permit. I disagreed with permitless carry when Ohio changed the law in 2022. Which 23 states now have. Minimal training should be required. Safe storage of guns also. Active shooter training also recommended. More enforcement of existing laws. Tougher sentences for repeat offenders and those prohibited to possess guns.

Matthew (not verified)

3 March 2024

The minimal training required to get an Ohio CCW permit is exactly that: minimal. I was 27 years old when a 17-year-old instructed me the finer points of proper handgun techniques. I was comfortable with my G.I. .45 and an adequate handgun user before that, but this young man had been raised by one the best pistol shooters in the region. I did way better on the range after the 17-year old's advice. Point being, Instead of a quickie course just to get a CCW then never hone your skills again or skim over the realities of deadly force, that's really is not the best way to be an armed citizen. A government-issued permit is not worth the plastic it's laminated on. A 16-year-old driver with a warm driver's license in his skinny jeans is not a fully capable driver. Am I wrong? It takes time and practice to learn how to safely and properly operate equipment. I prefer for an individual to take the time to learn and practice with their firearms. An initial course is good, but firearm application is a perishable skill. I'm talking learning, drawing, and sometimes shooting like 2 hours a month. Night or day, hot or cold. Various drills and different scenarios. The best class would be going through a stressful course for two hours and only shooting one round, or none at all. (Ammo is expensive after all, thanks to democrats.) An armed Citizen should read and learn responsible applications of firearms in self-defense. Study, backwards and forwards, when deadly force is appropriate. Get proper holsters, magazines, and ammo. Cheaper is not better in the self-defense realm! Another issue is the caliber and the actual size of the pistol. A lot of discussions on that. For me, I'm a big-framed guy so I carry and big-framed gun. A bullet is more accurate in a four, a five, or even a six-inch barrel. A bigger pistol also has either bigger rounds (i.e. more stopping power) or high-capacity magazines; and carry loaded extra magazines too. (Issues with magazines cause many of the malfunctions a gun may experience. It's good just to switch out magazines and continue defending. Practice smooth magazine changes too!) There are quality you tube videos on this subject. My favorites are Massad Ayoob and Clint Smith. They have a lot of wisdom about the legalities, techniques, and the actual avoidance of confrontations. I guess my own thought on what David brought up on the issue of illegal immigration and self-defense is that I'm my own sanctuary. Cities are not safe.

David Anthony Mayer (not verified)

4 March 2024

Where ever we travel ouside our castle, our sanctuary travels with us. With some exceptions. California being the largest example. Then the Ohio State capital which is trying to limit large capacity magazines. I do not recall the GOP in charge of Ohio working on legislation to outlaw local gun laws which conflict with Ohio gun laws. Seems to be on hold in this election year.

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