By Alan Wooten
The Center Square

Carrying handguns without a permit in Ohio no longer breaks the law.

On Monday, the Buckeye State became the 23rd in the nation with the allowance. Democratic legislators wanted Gov. Mike DeWine to issue a veto, but he signed the bill into law on March 14.

“Constitutional carry” allows handgun owners to carry in more places than not, but laws still limit certain places. Attorney General Dave Yost updated a manual available to all Ohioans through his office’s website.

"Not only do you need to know how to safely use a firearm, you need to know the law – about transport, self-defense and more," Yost said.

Ohio also removed a requirement that citizens had to notify law enforcement if carrying unless asked. The previous program, which gives a photo ID card to those over age 21, remains in effect and can be used.

Laws, rules and prohibitions pertain to both those that carry with and without a permit.