The Ohio High School Athletic Association Board of Directors held its regularly scheduled February meeting Thursday morning at the OHSAA office. The following are highlights from the meeting. Complete meeting minutes will be posted at
The Board approved an additional seven referendum items that will go to the membership for voting in May. The updated referendum items are posted at: Approval in May by a majority vote of the membership is the only way that changes are made to the OHSAA constitution or bylaws.

The board approved the financial reports from the 2019 fall sports tournaments of cross country, field hockey, golf, soccer, girls tennis and volleyball. The cross-country regional tournaments drew 14,062 fans, and the state championships drew 11,915 fans. The two weekends resulted in proceeds of $54,570. The field hockey state tournament drew 1,238 fans and resulted in proceeds of $3,131. The golf state tournaments drew 4,195 fans and resulted in a loss of $47,747. The soccer regional tournaments drew 32,101 fans and the state tournament (semifinals and finals) drew 21,805 fans. The two weeks resulted in proceeds of $214,347. The girls tennis state tournament drew 1,049 fans and resulted in a loss of $1,978. The volleyball regional tournaments drew 24,384 fans and the state tournament drew 14,327 fans. The two weeks resulted in proceeds of $88,474.  

Following up on Board action from January when the sites and dates for the regional track and field meets were approved, the Board was given an update that indicates which districts meets feed into each regional. Details are posted at:

The Board reviewed the list of recent infractions by OHSAA member schools. Since the Board’s last meeting, Consequences were issued to 23 schools for violations of OHSAA bylaws or sports regulations. The list of infractions will be included in the complete Board meeting minutes posted at

The Board received the list of 15 inductees into the OHSAA Officials Hall of Fame. The OHSAA will announce the list of inductees next week.