Hillsboro's Jordan Moberly led the Lady Indians with seven points, Wednesday at HHS. (HCP Photo/Stephen Forsha)
Hillsboro's Jordan Moberly led the Lady Indians with seven points, Wednesday at HHS. (HCP Photo/Stephen Forsha)
The Hillsboro Lady Indians played strong defense in the first half, but rebounding by the Milford Lady Eagles – and even more so, their ability to take advantage of turnovers made by the Lady Indians – led to a 45-27 loss on Wednesday night.

Milford (7-6) out-rebounded the Lady Indians 42-31, plus the visitors scored 22 points off turnovers to gain the win, despite the score being very close following the conclusion of the first frame when Hillsboro led by an 11-10 score.

“Early on, we were hitting some shots and got some momentum,” Hillsboro head coach JR Moberly said. “Then you see a couple [shots] go halfway down and kick out. We’re in there, the ball’s halfway down, it kicks out and then the confidence starts to slide away, now the shots aren’t going down and next thing you know we're not hitting.

“I thought we did a great job defensively in the first half. Our defense has been getting better and better. You get to a stretch where you look up and it just seems to be futile, so it begins to get a little more difficult, but they’ve been playing hard.”

Hillsboro opened the game with two points off a jumper from Karleigh Hopkins, followed by a jump shot made by Lana Grover for a 4-0 lead with 6:36 on the clock. The Lady Eagles answered with a run of 8-0 for a score of 8-4 with the clock reading 3:55. From there, the Lady Indians broke the run of points off a basket by Jordan Moberly.

Following two points by Milford, Moberly made three of her next four free throws, followed by a jumper from the corner for a 11-10 Hillsboro lead.

Moberly led the Lady Indians in scoring with seven points for the game.

Hillsboro opened the second frame with a 3-pointer by Kelsey Burns to extend the lead to 13-10. The Lady Eagles answered with a 7-0 run to take a 18-13 lead. Hillsboro broke that scoring run with two points by Josie Hopkins.

As the quarter continued, the Lady Eagles built onto their lead, eventually outscoring HHS, 19-7 in the entire quarter for a 29-17 score at halftime.

The second half saw a third quarter where Hillsboro was held to no field goals, but four free throw conversions with two each from Josie Hopkins and Karleigh Hopkins. Milford led the frame 12-4, eventually leading to a Hillsboro deficit of 41-21.

“[Milford] probably got eight of their points off of stick-backs or we missed box-outs, and probably another eight or 10 off of some careless turnovers that we made there late,” Moberly said. “We just got careless with the basketball. Up to that point, we had handled the press and had done a good job, but a stick-back and a turnover here and there and it goes from a two- or four-point game to a 10-point game, and you’ve got to start digging.

“We just haven’t been shooting the ball well enough to be able to dig out of those holes. On those nights where we shoot the ball well, it’s a pretty good basketball game. We’ve just got to keep putting up shots, and I’ve got to go back and try to find some things to give my kids an opportunity to get some good looks.”

In the fourth, HHS outscored Milford, 6-4 with two points from Karleigh Hopkins and four points from Mackenzie Cosby, who scored two points in the paint, followed by a jumper as well late in the fourth frame.

For the game, Moberly not only led HHS with the aforementioned seven points, but she also added seven rebounds, one assist and one steal.

Also for the Lady Indians, Josie Hopkins and Karleigh Hopkins each scored six points. Josie also collected four rebounds, one assist and one steal. Karleigh totaled three rebounds in the game. Cosby finished the game with four points, followed by Grover and Burns with two points each.

For the Lady Eagles, their leading scorer was Paige Ayler with 13 points and 10 rebounds. Azyiah Williams finished with nine points, and Morgan Hills scored eight points.

Next for Hillsboro is a Frontier Athletic Conference game against the Washington Lady Blue Lions at HHS on Saturday with a JV start of 6 p.m.