Hillsboro junior Lane Cluff wrestles at the 2018 sectional tournament in Washington C.H. (HCP Photos/Stephen Forsha)
Hillsboro junior Lane Cluff wrestles at the 2018 sectional tournament in Washington C.H. (HCP Photos/Stephen Forsha)

WASHINGTON C.H. — In a day-long event held at Washington Senior High School, wrestlers from Hillsboro and McClain grappled their way to the district round by placing in the Top 4 of the 2018 Division II SE District Sectional Wrestling Tournament.

Highland County had 10 wrestlers place in the Top 4 to earn a spot in the district round, plus three more wrestlers finishing in fifth as alternates.

One wrestler from Highland County, Hillsboro junior Lane Cluff — who qualified for Division II State last year — won a sectional championship at 285 pounds on Saturday, finishing 3-0 on the day.

Cluff defeated Benito Guerrero (Circleville), 4-2 in the quarterfinal round by a 4-2 decision, followed later with a pin fall win over Colton McNichols (Washington) at the 59-second mark of the semifinal match. Cluff won the sectional championship with a 4-2 decision win in the finals over Alex White of Westfall, moving to 42-3 overall on the season.

Last year (2017), Cluff was the sectional runner-up, and in 2016 he placed fifth overall in the sectional tournament.

The McClain Tigers had two wrestlers earn sectional runner-up spots and a trip to the district tournament next week. At 106 pounds, freshman Lucas Jansen (33-10) placed second overall, finishing with a record of 2-1 on the day. In the quarterfinals, Jansen pinned Nick Rothe (Circleville) at 2:27. In the semifinals, he pinned Zach Griggs (Fairfield Union) at 37 seconds. Jansen lost in the finals to Blake Holzschuh (Logan Elm) by pin at 3:25.

Also for the Tigers, senior Keegan Rawlins (44-5) placed second overall at 152 pounds, finishing 2-1 in the tournament. Rawlins won his quarterfinal match over Cole Hartley (Logan Elm) in 39 seconds. From there. the senior defeated Miami Trace’s Dylan Arnold by pin fall at 3:35. In the finals, Rawlins lost to Zane Nelson of Washington by default.

There were five total third-place finishers for the Tigers and Indians at the sectional tournament with Hillsboro having senior Cordell Covault (145), junior Richard Adkins (152) and senior Deegan Boris (195). The Tigers had two third-place finishers in sophomore Quinton Smith (132) and freshman Kade Rawlins (220).

McClain’s Smith (28-7) wrestled five times in the 132-pound weight class with a tournament mark of 4-1, beginning with a first-round win over Ashten Moody (Unioto) by pin at 5:28. Next was a quarterfinal match where Smith lost to Alex Brown of Zane Trace by pin at 2:35. Smith then wrestled in the third consolation round, where he won by an 8-1 decision over Miami Trace’s Wes Gandee.

After that win, Smith moved on to the consolation semifinals and gained a win by a 7-3 decision over Nathan Welsh (Fairfield Union). In the third-place match, Smith defeated Liam Smith of Westfall by a 3-0 decision.

McClain’s Kade Rawlins (36-7) gained third place at 220 pounds, wrestling four times Saturday with a record of 3-1. Rawlins began his day with a pin fall win over Chris Close of Washington at 1:02. In the semifinals, Rawlins to Matt Prysock of Fairfield Union by decision at 6-4.

From there, Rawlins wrestled in the consolation semifinals match with Dalton Bartley of Miami Trace, winning by a 9-2 decision, In the third-place match, Rawlins advanced to the district tournament with a pin fall win (4:27) over Collin Roar of Logan Elm.

At 145 pounds, Covault (11-6) placed third for the Indians, finishing with a tournament mark of 3-1. The HHS senior began his tournament with a quarterfinal win over Washington’s Sam Willis by pin fall at 1:16. In the semifinals, he lost to Jonas Proffitt of Westfall by a major decision at 11-3.

Next was a consolation semifinal match where this time Covault won by major decision over Nathaniel McCandlish of Fairfield Union at 15-2. Covault won his third-place match with another major decision, this time defeating Miami Trace’s Jaymon Flaugher at 19-7.

Hillsboro’s second third-place finisher was Boris (35-10) at 195 pounds. Boris wrestled four times, beginning with a pin fall win in the quarterfinals against Skyler Graves at 1:03. Next was a semifinal loss to Timothy Diamond of Unioto by pin at 5:59. In the consolation semifinals, Boris rebounded with a win by a 3-2 decision over Ethan Taylor of McClain. In the third-place match, Boris defeated Scotty Mulkey of Westfall with a 5-3 decision.

The final third-place finisher for Hillsboro was Adkins (14-17) at 152 pounds, where he went 3-1 in the sectional tournament. The quarterfinal match for Adkins saw him win by pin fall over Thomas Martin of Westfall at the 2:22 mark. The semifinals saw Zane Nelson of Washington pin Adkins at 4:44. From there, Adkins won his consolation semifinal match against Cole Hartley of Logan Elm at 3:13 with a pin. The third-place match had Adkins defeated Dylan Arnold of Miami Trace at 10-5 in OT.

There were two fourth-place finishers from Highland County, with both the Indians and Tigers each having one.

Hillsboro freshman Scott Eastes (24-18) placed fourth at 138 pounds, finishing the tournament at 2-2. Eastes won his first match by major decision over Zane Trace’s Logan McDowell in the quarterfinals at 12-4. Next in the semifinals, Peyton Bennett of Logan Elm defeated Eastes by pin at 1:16. Eastes came back with a consolation semifinal win over Dawson Wallace of Miami Trace 39 seconds into the match. In the third-place match, Eastes lost to Will Baughn of Washington by pin at 2:26.

McClain’s fourth-place finisher was sophomore Phil Waters (26-15) at 160 pounds, where he was 2-2 on the day. Waters began the tournament with a quarterfinal win with a 14-12 decision win over Lucas List of Westfall. Next, he lost in the semifinals to Caleb Liston of Logan Elm by pin fall at 2:56. In the consolation semifinals, Waters defeated Mason Stanley of Hillsboro by pin at 3:51. The third-place match saw James Munro of Miami Trace win by default over Waters.

There were three fifth-place finishes for the Tigers and Indians, with the Indians having freshman Tanner Warner (113), while the Tigers had sophomore Dawson Jansen (126) and junior Ethan Taylor (195).

Warner (14-21) at 113 pounds lost his quarterfinal match to Chanston Moll (Westfall) by pin fall at 21 seconds. Warner then gained a win in the third consolation match with a bye. He lost in the consolation semifinals to Kaleb Frankopolous (Zane Trace) by pin at 58 seconds. In the fifth-place match, Warner won by pin fall over Cole Renier of Logan Elm at 4:26.

Jansen (23-22) of McClain wrestled at 126 pounds, finishing at 2-2, but lost his first match in the quarterfinals to Ben Miller of Fairfield Union with a pin at 5:02. In the third consolation match, Jansen won with a bye, and that was followed with a consolation semifinal loss to Mcale Callahan (Miami Trace) by pin at 46 seconds. Jansen won his fifth-place match over Wade Remsing of Hillsboro at 3:28 seconds.

McClain’s Taylor (38-11) wrestled at the 195 weight class. In the quarterfinals, Taylor lost to Scotty Mulkey of Westfall by a 10-5 decision. He then earned a win by bye in the third consolation match. Next was a loss to Boris of HHS in the consolation semifinals by 3-2 decision. Taylor rebounded with a win in the fifth-place match over Miami Trace’s David Tyndall by pin at 1:38.

The 2018 Division II District Tournament will take place on Friday and Saturday at Wilmington High School beginning at 3 p.m. Friday. On Saturday, the second day of the district tournament begins at 10 a.m.

More results for Hillsboro and McClain included:

Isaac Lewis (HHS) 120 Pounds
- Quarterfinal: Loss to Nate Keaton (Circleville) pin, 1:06.
- Third Consolation: Loss to Nevin Netherton (Westfall) decision, 6-5.

Wade Remsing (HHS) 126 Pounds
- Quarterfinal: Loss to Jordan Hoselton (Zane Trace) pin, 0:32.
- Third Consolation: Win by decision over Rex Brown (Westfall), 8-3.
- Consolation Semifinal: Loss to Ben Miller (Fairfield Union) by tech. fall, 22-6.
- Fifth Place: Loss to Dawson Jansen (McClain) by pin, 3:28.

James Coday (HHS) 132 Pounds
- Quarterfinal: Loss to Isaac Bennett (Logan Elm) by pin at 1:27.
- Second Consolation: Loss to Wes Gandee (Miami Trace) by maj. dec., 8-0.

Jake Krafthefer (MHS) 138 Pounds
- Quarterfinal: Loss to Peyton Bennett (Logan Elm) by tech., 16-0.
- Third Consolation: Loss to Logan Mcdowell (Zane Trace) by pin, 2:52.

Jacob Barton (MHS) 145 Pounds
- Quarterfinal: Loss to Jaymon Flaugher (Miami Trace) by pin, 2:23.
- Third Consolation: Loss to Nathaniel McCandlish (Fairfield Union) by pin, 2:39.

Mason Stanley (HHS) 160 Pounds
- Quarterfinal: Loss to James Munro (Miami Trace) by pin, 4:32.
- Third Consolation: Win by bye.
- Consolation Semifinal: Loss to Phil Waters (McClain) by pin, 3:51.
- Fifth Place: Loss to Lucas List (Westfall) by pin, 3:35.

Mason Lewis (HHS) 170 Pounds
- Quarterfinal: Loss to Chris Conger (Washington) by pin, 1:05.
- Third Consolation Win by pin over Justin Kegley (McClain), 1:12.
- Consolation Semifinal: Loss to Jacob Tinkler (Miami Trace) by decision, 5-3.
- Fifth Place: Loss to Jaiden Rittenger (Zane Trace) by pin, 3:39.

Justin Kegley (MHS) 170 Pounds
- Quarterfinal: Loss to Jaiden Rittenger (Zane Trace) by maj. decision, 13-3.
- Third Consolation: Loss to Mason Lewis (Hillsboro) by pin, 1:12.

Kyler Trefz (MHS) 182 Pounds
- Quarterfinal: Loss to Seth Duvall (Circleville) by pin, 1:51.
- Second Consolation: Win by pin over Caleb Reynolds (Westfall), 0:27.
- Third Consolation: Win by pin over Justin Conn (Hillsboro), 2:05.
- Consolation Semifinal: Loss to Collier Brown (Washington) by decision, 3-1.
- Fifth Place: Loss to Seth Duvall (Circleville) by decision, 12-7.

Justin Conn (HHS) 182 Pounds
- Quarterfinal: Loss to Austin Carroll (Zane Trace) by pin, 1:12.
- Third Consolation: Loss to Kyler Trefz (McClain) by pin, 2:05.

Kai Borrelli (MHS) 285 Pounds
- Quarterfinal: Loss to Noah Dehainaut (Fairfield Union) by pin, 1:31.
- Third Consolation: Win via bye.
- Consolation Semifinal: Loss to Colton McNichols (Washington) by pin, 2:59.
- Fifth Place: Loss to Benito Guerrero (Circleville) by pin, 2:13.