Pictured (top, l-r): Sierra Benney (LCHS), Emma Fouch (FHS), Kyla Burchett (MHS); (bottom, l-r) Kara Ward (WHS) and Gracie Dean (HHS). (HCP Photos/ Stephen Forsha)
Pictured (top, l-r): Sierra Benney (LCHS), Emma Fouch (FHS), Kyla Burchett (MHS); (bottom, l-r) Kara Ward (WHS) and Gracie Dean (HHS). (HCP Photos/ Stephen Forsha)

The 2020-21 Highland County Girls Basketball Preview Tip Off presented by The Highland County Press.(Editor's Note: All schedules are subject to change).

TEAM NAME: Hillsboro Lady Indians

Chad Fields (1st season)

CONFERENCE: Frontier Athletic Conference (FAC)

2019-20 — 6-17 (1-9, FAC)
2018-19 — 5-18 (1-9, FAC)
2017-18 — 8-15 (2-8, FAC)
2016-17 — 4-19 (2-12, SCOL)
2015-16 — 3-20 (1-13, SCOL)

LAST CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP: 2000-01 season (SBAAC champions)

2020-21 ROSTER
3 Gracie Dean (Junior)
5 Rylie Scott (Freshman)
10 Sinai Roberts (Junior)
11 Eden Edenfield (Junior)
13 Mya Bell (Sophomore)
15 Reagan Eastes (Freshman)
22 Susanna Barney (Sophomore)
23 Bryanna Bledsoe (Junior)
24 Jaden Moberly (Junior)
25 Hannah Holland (Freshman)
30 Morgan Garman (Freshman)
43 Madisyn Taylor (Freshman)

THE TIP-OFF: For the first time in a decade, the Hillsboro Lady Indians will have a new head coach, as first-year head coach Chad Fields takes over for longtime head coach JR Moberly, who coached Hillsboro for the past 10 seasons. The Lady Indians have had five consecutive losing seasons and lost five seniors from last year’s team that finished with six wins and went 1-1 in the postseason. Hillsboro’s last winning season was in 2014-15, where they finished 16-8 overall.

Going into this season, the Lady Indians have no seniors, but they have five juniors, two sophomores and six freshmen on the varsity roster.

Fields said the following of his team during the preseason: “Having the opportunity to be the head girls basketball coach at Hillsboro has been everything I'd hoped it would be. The girls have been amazing. They have responded to me so well and have really made this fun.

“Our ladies are hungry for success. I can see it in how they carry themselves on and off the court, and it is exciting. Having a junior-led team with no seniors, we will be young, but ready to compete each night for a shot at an FAC title.”

This season, the Lady Indians will have juniors Bryanna Bledsoe (SG), Gracie Dean (PG), Eden Edenfield PF), Jaden Moberly (C) and Sinai Roberts (SG). The sophomore class includes Susanna Barney (SF) and Mya Bell (SG). Freshmen on the varsity team are Reagan Eastes (PF), Morgan Garman (PG), Hannah Holland (SG), Addyson Miles (PG), Rylie Scott (PG) and Madisyn Taylor (C).

RETURNING LEADERS: Gracie Dean, 7.9 ppg, 4.9 rpg, 2 apg, 3 spg, 23 games, 176 points; Bryanna Bledsoe, 5.1 ppg. (113 points in 22 games).

TEAM EXPECTATIONS: “We are attempting to change the culture. We want to do what winning programs do on and off the court. Having no seniors on our roster means that we can take a long-term approach to this season while still fighting and remaining competitive each and every night. As a staff, we feel like we have a very talented roster that will compete day in and out.”

TEAM GOALS: “We want to improve every day, every game, and begin to do the things that winning programs do on a consistent basis. Things like being a great teammate, responding well to adversity and having great communication.”

OFFSEASON: “Well, it's a challenge taking over any job, let alone in the midst of a global pandemic, but the girls have been awesome in their commitment level in the weightroom. Our strength coordinators Kevin Fawley and Jarrod Rich have really got our girls to buy in year-round in our weight program. The progress they have made with our girls in the six short months I have been here has been amazing. Hillsboro Athletics is lucky to have them heading up our strength and conditioning programs.”

“We have had one scrimmage this season vs. Clinton-Massie, and I was very pleased with our results. Our ladies competed, and that was what was so encouraging. This has not been easy on our girls learning a new system, but their work ethic and competitiveness gives me hope for our future. It's a very exciting time to be a part of Hillsboro basketball.”

THOUGHTS ON CONFERENCE: “One word, tough. The league will be an exciting one to follow this season. Miami Trace and Greenfield return a large cast of players from last season. Jackson will be much improved this season with lots of young talent coming up. WCH has always had a great program and will continue that this season. Every night will be a battle, and that is exciting. All teams in this league have phenomenal talent and are well-coached. I look forward to the challenge, and I know my ladies do as well.”

“Athletic Director Dave Dietrick has done a phenomenal job scheduling tough opponents this season. I have no doubt that teams such as Wilmington, Waverly, East Clinton, Adena, Lynchburg-Clay and many more will prepare us for tough opponents in the FAC and in the tournament. It's very exciting for me to coach against such great competition. As a coach, that's what you want, to coach against tough competition, and we are not short on that this season.”

FINAL THOUGHTS BEFORE THE SEASON: “The girls have bought into what we are trying to accomplish not only on the court, but in the classroom, and in the weight room. I am proud to be their coach. With this being my first head coaching job at the varsity level, my staff has been amazing. Scott Haines, Sawyer Hooper Knutsson and Gabby Lochbaum will be coaching with me this year, and they have exceeded my expectations behind the scenes and on the court with the girls. In my opinion, I work for the best administration and athletic department around, and I am honored that they chose me to be the head coach for our girls basketball program.”

2020-21 SCHEDULE
Nov. 20 vs. East Clinton 7:00 PM
Nov. 25 vs. Adena 7:00 PM
Nov. 28 @ Chillicothe 7:00 PM
Dec. 2 vs. Washington 7:00 PM
Dec. 7 vs. Goshen 7:00 PM
Dec. 10 @ Fayetteville 7:30 PM
Dec. 12 @ Miami Trace 7:00 PM
Dec. 16 @ Jackson 7:00 PM
Dec. 19 vs. McClain 12:30 PM
Dec. 23 @ Paint Valley 7:00 PM
Dec. 30 vs. Blanchester 7:00 PM
Jan. 4 vs. Lynchburg-Clay 7:00 PM
Jan. 9 vs. Chillicothe 5:30 PM
Jan. 13 @ Washington 7:00 PM
Jan. 16 vs. Jackson 1:30 PM
Jan. 20 @ West Union 7:30 PM
Jan. 23 vs. Waverly 12:30 PM
Jan. 27 vs. Miami Trace 7:00 PM
Jan. 30 @ Western Brown 12:30 PM
Feb. 1 vs. Zane Trace 7:00 PM
Feb. 3 @ Wilmington 7:00 PM
Feb. 6 @ McClain 1:30 PM

- - - - - - - - - -

TEAM NAME: McClain Lady Tigers

HEAD COACH: Jarrod Haines (8th season)

CONFERENCE: Frontier Athletic Conference (FAC)


2019-20 — 15-7 (8-2, FAC)
2018-19 — 13-9 (6-4, FAC)
2017-18 —  5-17 (3-7, FAC)
2016-17 — 13-11 (8-6, SCOL)
2015-16 — 17-6 (10-4, SCOL)

LAST CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP: 2019-20 season (co-FAC champions)

2020-21 ROSTER
1 Evelyn Vanzant (Junior)
2 Genève Baril (Senior)
5 Bri Weller (Senior)
13 Payton Pryor (Sophomore)
14 Jaelyn Pitzer (Senior)
15 Iva Easter (Junior)
20 Jaden McCoy (Sophomore)
22 Josie Crabtree (Senior)
23 Haylee Havens (Freshman)
24 Kyla Burchett (Senior)
25 Lily Barnes (Freshman)
34 Emma Stegbauer (Senior)
44 Madi Sykes (Junior)

THE TIP-OFF: The McClain Lady Tigers are coming off a season where they were battle-tested to the very end and ended top as co-Frontier Athletic Conference champions. With all but two players back from that championship team, expectations are still the same, and that is to stay at the top of the FAC standings.

This season the Lady Tigers have seniors Bri Weller (guard/forward), Jaelyn Pitzer (guard), Josie Crabtree (guard), Kyla Burchett (guard) and Emma Stegbauer (guard) all returning to the roster, and exchange student Genéve Baril (guard) is a senior new to the roster. Juniors this season are Evelyn Vanzant (guard), Iva Easter (guard) and Madi Sykes (power forward). The sophomores this year are Payton Pryor (shooting forward) and Jaden McCoy (guard), while the two freshmen are Haylee Havens (shooting forward) and Lily Barnes (shooting forward).

Last year in the regular season, the Lady Tigers split the season series with the Miami Trace Lady Panthers, and for this season McClain has some of their best players returning to the roster, including All-Ohio selection Kyla Burchett, who scored 243 points last season.

The Lady Tigers also have made changes to their coaching staff, as Coach Haines stated with the following comments: “We are excited with where we are at this point. It’s been a blessing to add varsity assistant Mark Bihl to our program. Mark and junior varsity coach Drew Hamilton have spent a lot of hours with girls in the weight room developing strength.”

TEAM EXPECTATIONS: “Every year we want to compete for first place in our league. We understand that our league is always very tough and filled with talent and great coaches. This senior group stepped in as freshmen and sophomores and played a lot of minutes. I feel last year we witnessed the rewards of that with a co-league championship. This year we want consistency every night. This group is ready to make the next step and make a tournament run.”

RETURNING LEADERS: Kyla Burchett, 243 points, 11 ppg., 2.5 rpg., 1.5 apg, 22 games; Brianna Weller, 197 points, 9 ppg., 6.2 rpg., 1 apg., 22 games; Payton Pryor, 179 points, 8.1 ppg., 7.2 rpg., 1.2 apg., 22 games; Emma Stegbauer, 133 points, 6 ppg., 2 rpg., 3 apg., 22 games.

“Win the league and make a tournament run.”

OFFSEASON: “It’s been a very different experience this offseason. With no outside competition this summer, it was a very different summer. We focused on improving individually and getting stronger. Scrimmages have gone good so far. It’s kind of weird right now, battling some players in quarantine.”

THOUGHTS ON CONFERENCE: “I think it will be tough. Miami Trace will be the favorite. They are well-coached and have a good core of players returning. You never count Washington out. Jackson has one of the best coaches in southern Ohio, and he has a very good group of freshmen that will make an immediate impact. Hillsboro and Chillicothe have new coaches and I am sure will be competitive.”

THOUGHTS ON NON-CONFERENCE SCHEDULE: “We always play a tough non-conference schedule. With SVC teams like Unioto and Adena, playing Division I Western Brown and SHAC teams like Lynchburg-Clay and Fairfield, there should be tough games.”

2020-21 SCHEDULE
Nov. 21 @ Greeneview 7:30 PM
Nov. 23 @ Unioto 7:00 PM
Nov. 28 vs. Washington 1:30 PM
Dec. 2 vs. Jackson 6:45 PM
Dec. 5 vs. Ripley 2:15 PM
Dec. 9 @ Miami Trace 7:00 PM
Dec. 12 vs. Chillicothe 1:30 PM
Dec. 14 vs. Lynchburg-Clay 6:45 PM
Dec. 16 @ Blanchester 7:15 PM
Dec. 19 @ Hillsboro 12:30 PM
Dec. 30 vs. Adena 6:45 PM
Jan. 2 vs. Fairfield 1:15 PM
Jan. 6 @ Athens 7:30 PM
Jan. 9 @ Washington 7:00 PM
Jan. 11 @ Clinton-Massie 7:00 PM
Jan. 13 @ Jackson 7:00 PM
Jan. 16 vs. Miami Trace 1:30 PM
Jan. 23 vs. Western Brown @ Eastern 12:45 PM
Jan. 27 @ Chillicothe 7:00 PM
Jan. 30 vs. Waverly 1:15 PM
Feb. 4 vs. Manchester 7:30 PM
Feb. 6 vs. Hillsboro 12:30 PM

- - - - - - - - - -

TEAM NAME: Lynchburg-Clay Lady Mustangs

HEAD COACH: Whitney Lewis (10th season)

CONFERENCE: Southern Hills Athletic Conference (SHAC)

2019-20 — 11-12 (5-8, SHAC)
2018-19 — 21-4 (11-2, SHAC)
2017-18 — 14-9 (9-4, SHAC)
2016-17 — 23-4 (11-2, SHAC)
2015-16 — 24-2 (13-0, SHAC)

2015-16 season (SHAC Div. I champions)

2020-21 ROSTER:
Sierra Benney (Senior)
Serene Walker (Senior)
Allie Etienne (Junior)
Elba Garcia-Garcia (Junior)
Hanna Purcell (Junior)
Bry Price (Sophomore)
Kalyn Rich (Sophomore)
Ella Barry (Freshman)
Macy Etienne (Freshman)
Jade Massey (Freshman)
Addison West (Freshman)

THE TIP-OFF: Going into the 2020-21 season the Lynchburg-Clay Lady Mustangs will be without three of their top four leading scorers from last season, but they will have a mix of two seniors, three juniors, two sophomores and four freshmen who will all be looking to make their mark on the program this year.

It will be an interesting season ahead for LCHS as the new players mix in with players who are also working to get accustomed to more playing time at the varsity level, so head coach Whitney Lewis — who is entering her 10th season at LCHS — said this offseason that her team is just looking forward to getting the season started.

Seniors for LCHS this season are Sierra Benney (guard) and Serene Walker (forward), while the juniors are Allie Etienne (forward), Hanna Purcell (forward) and Elba Garcia (guard). The sophomores are Bry Price (guard), and Kalyn Rich (guard). Freshmen this season are Ella Barry forward), Macy Etienne (guard), Jade Massey and Addison West (guard).

Sierra Benney 7.5 PPG, 23 games, 7.1 RPG, 2.3 APG, 2.1 SPG, 1.0 BPG, 172 points, 164 rebounds, 23 blocks; Serene Walker 5 points in 23 games.

“We are very excited to get this season started. With everything that has been going on, just getting in the gym and playing basketball has everyone in the right mindset to start the season. We are a team that is looking forward to the season and can't wait to get started.”

TEAM GOALS: “First and foremost, we are looking to compete each and every game. Our goals are always to outwork our opponents. We believe that if we are able to do that, a lot of good things will happen for us.”

OFFSEASON: “I have been very impressed with our scrimmages and practices so far. (Our first scrimmage) was the first time that most of our girls have played up and down since last season. With our condensed and modified summer, we were not able to compete in the summer like we normally do. This preseason has been full of excitement as we are able to get back into basketball mode.”

THOUGHTS ON CONFERENCE: “I’m always amazed at the competition and talent we have in our league. This year is no different. We will need to bring our best game night-in and night-out against every league opponent. It should be a great season for the SHAC.”

THOUGHTS ON NON-CONFERENCE SCHEDULE: “We always try and put together a tough non-conference schedule to prepare us not only for our conference, but for tournament play as well. Every opponent on our schedule brings a new challenge. We are excited to meet those challenges this year.”

2020-21 SCHEDULE

Nov. 23 @ Ripley 6:00 PM
Nov. 30 vs. Fairfield (varsity only) 6:00 PM
Dec. 3 vs. Eastern 6:00 PM
Dec. 5 vs. Miami Trace 1:00 PM
Dec. 7 vs. Manchester 6:00 PM
Dec. 10 @ North Adams 6:00 PM
Dec. 14 @ McClain 5:30 PM
Dec. 17 vs. North Adams 6:00 PM
Dec. 21 vs. Peebles 6:00 PM
Dec. 30 @ Paint Valley (varsity only) 6:00 PM
Jan. 4 @ Hillsboro 5:30 PM
Jan. 7 vs. Ripley 6:00 PM
Jan. 9 vs. Western Brown 11:00 AM
Jan. 11 @ Whiteoak 6:00 PM
Jan. 14 vs. West Union 6:00 PM
Jan. 16 vs. Batavia 11:00 AM
Jan. 18 @ Goshen 6:00 PM
Jan. 21 @ West Union 6:00 PM
Jan. 23 vs. Clinton-Massie 11:00 AM
Jan. 25 @ Eastern 6:00 PM
Jan. 27 @ CNE 6:00 PM
Feb. 4 @ Fayetteville 6:00 PM

- - - - -

TEAM NAME: Fairfield Lady Lions

HEAD COACH: Chad Hamilton (8th season)

CONFERENCE: Southern Hills Athletic Conference (SHAC)

• 2019-20 — 13-10 (7-6, SHAC)
• 2018-19 — 10-13 (6-7, SHAC)
• 2017-18 — 18-6 (10-3, SHAC)
• 2016-17 — 12-11 (8-5, SHAC)
• 2015-16 — 12-12 (6-7, SHAC)

LAST CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP: 2017-18 season (SHAC, Div. II champions)

2020-21 ROSTER
11 Emma Fouch (junior)
3 Ella Newkirk (junior)
30 Braylynn Haines (junior)
23 Madison Bronner (junior)
32 Shaleigh Duncan (junior)
12 Peyton Magee (sophomore)
15 Faith Donley (freshman)
10 Caitlyn Quickle (freshman)
25 Campbell Ann Friend (freshman)
20 Emmi Vance (freshman)

THE TIP-OFF: The Fairfield Lady Lions should be one of the stronger teams in the Southern Hills Athletic Conference this season as they have all of their core lineup returning for the 2020-21 season, and that was a team that won 13 games and had a winning season a year ago.

Head coach Chad Hamilton is entering his eighth season at the helm of the Lady Lions, and the team will be battling for their second conference championship this season. It won’t be an easy task, as they will have to take on the Peebles Lady Indians twice this season, as they are the defending champions of Division II in the SHAC.

For the second straight year, the Lady Lions won’t have a senior on the roster, but this season they do have five juniors, one sophomore and four freshmen. The juniors are Emma Fouch (guard), Ella Newkirk (guard), Braylynn Haines (forward), Madison Bronner (forward) and Shaleigh Duncan (forward). The lone sophomore is Peyton Magee (guard), and the freshmen are Faith Donley (guard), Caitlyn Quickle (guard), Campbell Ann Friend (guard) and Emma Vance (guard).

Fouch was an All-Ohio selection in Division III last season.

RETURNING LEADERS: Emma Fouch, 23 games, 50-57 FT (87.7 percent), 49 3-pointers made (34.5 percent), 14.1 ppg. (325 points), 4.7 RPG, 2.3 apg., 1.2 spg.41.2 FG percentage (113-274), 107 rebounds (27 off), 54 assists, 28 steals; Madison Bronner, 22 games, 43.1 FG percentage (85-197), 47-86 FT (54.7 percent), 217 points (9.9 ppg.), 194 rebounds (77 off) (8.8 rpg.), 31 assists, 41 steals (1.9 spg.).

TEAM EXPECTATIONS: “I hope we will be able to play as an experienced team from the beginning of the season despite still having no seniors. We gave away a few games last season in the final couple minutes due to mistakes from inexperience, so if we can eliminate those growing pains, that will be huge for us.”

TEAM GOALS: “Our goal is to win our division of the conference this season.”

OFFSEASON: “We weren't able to do anything this summer, and our scrimmages have shown us the areas where we need to improve.”

THOUGHTS ON CONFERENCE: “I think North Adams is the team to beat in the big school division, and while the small school division has lots of competition, I believe Peebles is the favorite.”

THOUGHTS ON NON-CONFERENCE SCHEDULE: “We have made our nonconference schedule tougher this year in order to prepare for the tournament. We are still adapting to the tournament being Division 3 now, so we hope tougher competition during the season will help us.”

2020-21 SCHEDULE
Nov. 30 @ Lynchburg-Clay (varsity only) 6:00 PM
Dec. 2 vs. East Clinton 7:00 PM
Dec. 3 @ West Union 7:00 PM
Dec. 7 @ Fayetteville 7:00 PM
Dec. 10 @ Manchester 7:00 PM
Dec. 14 @ Eastern 7:00 PM
Dec. 17 @ Whiteoak 7:00 PM
Dec. 19 vs. Williamsburg 12:30 PM
Dec. 22 vs. Washington 6:00 PM
Jan. 2 @ McClain Noon
Jan. 7 vs. Peebles 7:00 PM
Jan. 11 @ North Adams 7:00 PM
Jan. 16 @ Fairland 7:00 PM
Jan. 18 vs. Fayetteville 8:00 PM
Jan. 20 vs. Huntington 7:00 PM
Jan. 21 vs. Whiteoak 7:00 PM
Jan. 23 vs. Minford at Eastern 4:15 PM
Jan. 25 vs. Manchester 7:00 PM
Jan. 28 @ Peebles 7:00 PM
Jan. 30 @ Paint Valley 11:00 AM
Feb. 4 vs. Ripley 7:00 PM
Feb. 6 vs. South Point 1:00 PM

- - - - -

TEAM NAME: Whiteoak Lady Wildcats

HEAD COACH: Susie Lucas (1st season)

CONFERENCE: Southern Hills Athletic Conference (SHAC)

• 2019-20 — 1-22 (0-13, SHAC)
• 2018-19 — 0-23 (0-13, SHAC)
• 2017-18 — 1-22 (0-13, SHAC)
• 2016-17 — 3-20 (2-11, SHAC)
• 2015-16 — 5-18 (4-9, SHAC)

LAST CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP: 2007-08 season (SHAC, Div. II champions))

2020-21 ROSTER
Kara Ward (senior)
Kayla Jones (senior)
Hannah Price (senior)
Emmy Hawkins (junior)
Brooklyn Campbell (sophomore)
Lydia Carr (freshman)
Molly McMullen (freshman)
Jaylie Parr (freshman)
Madison Thompson (freshman)
Claire Ames (freshman)
Kelsey Monteith (freshman)
Brianna Hill (freshman)

THE TIP-OFF: The Whiteoak Lady Wildcats have a new head coach being Susie Lucas as she takes over for Steve Smith, who completed his second stint as the head coach of the Lady ’Cats last season. Lucas was an assistant varsity and JV coach last year for Whiteoak, and that experience will help her and her team this season, as Lucas spoke about that before the start of the 2020-21 season:

“Having been around last year, knowing some of the girls and what they’re capable of, I’m ready to see what we all can do working together. Chad Hauke is my JV coach/assistant varsity coach, and we’ve coached a few years together in the elementary level and have children coming up in the program. We both have the same intensity in coaching and value some of the same things. This should be a great year of growth for the Whiteoak Lady Cats.”

Coach Lucas said the Lady ’Cats have great leadership coming from the seniors, who are Kara Ward (guard), Kayla Jones (guard) and Hannah Price (guard), plus others who have experience at the varsity level and are returning in junior Emmy Hawkins and sophomore Brooklyn Campbell, with Lucas stating those two players “add size and aggressiveness under the bucket.”

Kara Ward, 113 points in 23 games (4.9 PPG); Kayla Jones had 2.6 ppg. in 22 regular-season games.

TEAM EXPECTATIONS: “My expectations for the 2020-‘21 season are to be in the best possible shape we can be in. Keeping the girls healthy all season is our number one right now. In doing so, be a competitive team each and every game with some upsets along the way. These girls come to work hard each day, and we are working to become more and more fundamentally sound.”

TEAM GOALS: “I’m excited to get this season underway. Of course, things are a little different this year to say the least, so hoping to get games in and keep the team healthy and in shape to really work.”

OFFSEASON: “These ladies have worked in the offseason both in the weight room and doing some individual workouts. Although we are coming off quarantine, we are back at practice this week and have our first scrimmage this evening against Western Latham and tomorrow against Portsmouth Clay. I’m excited to see these ladies in action and prepare for our season opener against Felicity this Saturday.”

THOUGHTS ON CONFERENCE: “SHAC competition this year should be competitive. Top contenders are North Adams, Eastern, and Peebles. We plan to work our best on staying healthy and being competitive in the league.”

THOUGHTS ON NON-CONFERENCE SCHEDULE: “Non-conference games include Sciotoville where we won one and lost one last year, Piketon, East Clinton and Portsmouth, where we should be more than competitive with this year.”

2020-21 SCHEDULE
Nov. 21 vs. Felicity 1:00 PM
Nov. 23 @ Peebles 8:00 PM
Nov. 24 vs. Portsmouth 7:30 PM
Nov. 30 @ Manchester 8:00 PM
Dec. 3 vs. Fayetteville 8:00 PM
Dec. 5 @ Piketon Noon
Dec. 7 vs. Peebles 8:00 PM
Dec. 14 @ West Union 8:00 PM
Dec. 16 @ East Clinton 7:15 PM
Dec. 17 vs. Fairfield 8:00 PM
Dec. 30 @ Northwest 7:30 PM
Jan. 7 vs. North Adams 8:00 PM
Jan. 9 vs. Paint Valley 4:30 PM
Jan. 11 vs. Lynchburg-Clay 8:00 PM
Jan. 14 @ Fayetteville 8:00 PM
Jan. 16 vs. Sciotoville East 5:00 PM
Jan. 18 vs. Portsmouth Clay 7:30 PM
Jan. 21 @ Fairfield 8:00 PM
Jan. 25 @ Ripley 8:00 PM
Jan. 27 vs. Sciotoville East 6:00 PM
Feb. 1 @ Eastern 8:00 PM