The McClain boys and girls Tiger Sharks swimming teams competed at the 2019-20 District Swimming Meet at Ohio State, where both teams set either school records or personal best records at the event.

Members of the boys team set five PRs and one school record, while the girls had one school record and three PRs.

For the boys event, the school records set included the 100 freestyle event where Cody Borsini had a time of 50.79 for a PR and school record, as he was sixth place out of 30 swimmers.

A 400-yard freestyle relay team of Luke Bliss, Andrew Surritt, Matthew Milnes and Cody Borsini had a time of 3:43.28, which is 14th out of 30 teams. On another note, the same relay team set a school record at sectionals with a time of 3:38.23.

In the 50-yard freestyle race, Cody Borsini finished with a time of 22.84 for fifth place out of 30 swimmers for a PR.

Andrew Surritt in the 500-yard freestyle event had a PR time of 5:56.39 for 28th out of 30 racers.

The 100-yard butterfly race also saw Surritt with a PR time of 101.69 for 20th place.

The 200-yard individual medley included Luke Bliss with a time of 2:32.47.

The 200-yard medley relay team of Garett George, Matthew Roush, Andrew Surritt and Mason Reichman had a time of 2:02.10 for 27th place.

McClain had their 200-yard free relay team of Matthew Milnes, Logan Scales, Luke Bliss and Cody Borsini combine for a time of 1:39.88 for 14th place and a PR.

For the event, the Tiger Sharks finished 21st out of 34 teams, as MHS had eight swimmers in the event.

In the girls events, the 500-yard freestyle race saw Peyton Voss have a PR and school record time of 6:01.14.

The girls 50-yard freestyle event saw Kerigan Pollard finish with a PR time of 26.56 for 16th place.

MHS in the 200-yard freestyle relay race consisting of Kerigan Pollard, Sarah Snyder, Beckley Smith and Peyton Voss had a time of 1:56.66 for 23rd place out of 30 teams, which was a PR.

In the 400-yard freestyle relay, the Lady Tiger Sharks had the team of Kerigan Pollard, Jillian Voss, Sarah Snyder and Peyton Voss finish with a time of 4:29.70, which was 26th place out of 30 teams.

The Lady Tiger Sharks finished tied for 30th as they had just five swimmers in the event.