The Hillsboro Lady Indians middle school track and field team celebrates their conference championship. (Photo courtesy of Darci Miles)
The Hillsboro Lady Indians middle school track and field team celebrates their conference championship. (Photo courtesy of Darci Miles)
The Hillsboro Middle School Lady Indians placed first in the Frontier Athletic Conference track and field meet hosted in Hillsboro on Monday, May 2. The Hillsboro boys tied for second.

The Greenfield Middle School girls team earned conference runners-up as well, while the Greenfield boys team finished sixth.

Team scores for the girls events were as follows: Hillsboro - 164, Greenfield - 131, Miami Trace - 99, Washington - 98, Jackson - 70 and Chillicothe - 67.

Team scores for the boys events were as follows: Washington - 148.5, Hillsboro - 103.5, Miami Trace - 103.5, Jackson - 102, Chillicothe - 88 and Greenfield - 50.5.

Girls individual results for Hillsboro and Greenfield included:

• 100m Dash: 1st - Olivia Covault (H), 5th-Meredith Dietrick (H), 6th-Mylie Lovett (G).
• 200m Dash: 1st - Olivia Covault (H), 4th-Mylie Lovett (G), 7th-Abigail Marsh (G), 8th-Ryan Wagoner (H).

• 400m Dash: 1st - Olivia Covault (H), 6th-Paisley Pryor (G), 7th-Larah Henson (G).

• 800m Run: 1st - Taylor Thoroman (H), 2nd-Jailyn Williams (H), 5th-Kaelin Burchett (G).

• 1600m Run: 1st - Taylor Thoroman (H)  3rd-Jailyn Williams (H), 8th-Reagan Johnson (G).

• 100m Hurdles: 1st - Kobie Miles (H), 3rd-Lillie Saunders (G), 5th-Marianne Mycroft (H).

• 200m Hurdles: 1st - Kobie Miles (H), 2nd-Kamryn Asbury (H), 3rd-Abigail Marsh (G), 4th-Lillie Saunders (G).

• 4x100 Relay: 1st-Hillsboro (Asbury, Captain, Miles, Dietrick), 3rd-Greenfield (Saunders, Bergstrom, McGlone, Marsh).

• 4x200 Relay: 1st-Hillsboro (Evans, Captain, Trefz, Dietrick), 3rd-Greenfield (Burgess, Roble, Humphrey, Olaker).

• 4x400 Relay: 2nd-Greenfield (McGlone, Henson, Bergstrom, Pryor), 5th-Hillsboro (Evans, Rhoades, Swisshelm, Davis).

• 4x800 Relay: 2nd-Hillsboro (Rhoades, Seeling, Karnes, Williams), 4th-Greenfield (Hickok, West, Yoakum, Goddard).

• High Jump: 1st-Mylie Lovett (G), 4th-Chanel Captain (H), 7th-Paisley Pryor (G).

• Pole Vault: 1st-Becca Bergstrom (G), 5th-Toree Wareikis (G), 7th-Tylee Davis (H), 8th-Kayla Seeling (H).

• Long Jump: 3rd-Adalynn Snyder (G), 5th-Addison Olaker (G), 6th-Ryan Wagoner (H), 7th-Arianna Evans (H).

• Shot Put - 1st-Leah Lovett (G), 3rd-Bailey Parson (G), 4th-Reagan Leeth (H), 5th-Allie Roush (H).

• Discus - 1st-Bailey Parson (G), 2nd-Leah Lovett (G), 4th-Allie Roush (H), 5th-Reagan Leeth (H).

Boys individual results for Hillsboro and Greenfield were:

• 100m Dash: 6th-Mason Dumpert (H), 7th-Creed Davis (G).

• 200m Dash: 3rd-Jeven Hochstuhl (H), 4th-Ethan Eakins (G).

• 400m Dash: 3rd-Jeven Hochstuhl (H).

• 800m Run: 1st - Ryan Howland (H), 5th-Creed Davis (G), 7th-Cooper Swope (H).

• 1600m Run: 1st - Ryan Howland (H), 5th-Cooper Swope (H), 8th-Dartanyen Stoval (G).

• 110m Hurdles: 6th-Ethan Eakins (G), 7th-Mathias Hostetler (H).

• 200m Hurdles: 2nd-Ethan Eakins (G), 8th-Mathias Hostetler (H).

• 4x100 Relay: 4th-Greenfield (Bell, Dennis, Bishop, Vangundy), 5th-Hillsboro (Jurkovac, Sodikin-Reese, Pitts, Steward).

• 4x200 Relay: 4th-Greenfield (Bell, Dennis Beatty, Vangundy), 6th-Hillsboro (Rodgers, Hottinger, Shepard, Steward).

• 4x400 Relay: 3rd-Hillsboro (Hostetler, Pitts, Swope, Howland), 6th-Greenfield (Vangundy, Robbins, Dennis, Cummins).

• 4x800 Relay: 4th-Greenfield (Douglas, Stoval, Custis, Cummins).

• High Jump: 2nd-Mason Dumpert (H), T-5th-Jeven Hochstuhl (H).

• Long Jump: 4th-Mason Dumpert (H).

• Shot Put: 2nd-Griffin Hawk (H), T-5th-Andrew Roeder (G), 8th-Kaleb Fryer (G).

• Discus: 1st-Griffin Hawk (H), 2nd-JaHari Pitts (H), 4th-Andrew Roeder (G).