Fairfield’s Cohen Frost won the Ohio Classic with a time of 17:27. (HCP Photo/Stephen Forsha)
Fairfield’s Cohen Frost won the Ohio Classic with a time of 17:27. (HCP Photo/Stephen Forsha)
HILLSBORO — McClain’s Genève Baril and Fairfield’s Cohen Frost were the respective winners of the girls and boys races at the 2020 Ohio Classic held at Liberty Park Saturday, Sept. 5. The cross-country event hosted by Hillsboro saw the Fairfield boys and Pickerington North girls win the team championships.

For the girls race, the Top 5 overall runners were Baril (20:22), Katy Seas (Peebles, 20:31), Ashley Khatib (Pickerington North, 20.57), Emma Rittman (Pickerington North, 21:21) and Sam Seas (Peebles, 21:22.).

The Top 5 finishers for the boys race included Frost at 17:27, followed by second-place Bo Little (Miami Trace, 18:10), and in third place was Caleb Ware (Western Brown, 18:14). In fourth overall was Blake Haines (Fairfield, 18:30), and in fifth place was Ryan Richendollar (Adena, 18:49).

Also for the Fairfield Lions in the Top 10 was Brant Haines at 19:31. The Lions had the 11th- and 12th-place finishers as well with Dalton Hampton at 20:32 and Nathan Vidourek at 20:40. In 19th place for the Lions was Nolan Campbell with a time of 21:31.

McClain’s boys top finisher was Robert Surritt at 21:55. Hillsboro’s top finisher was Owen Ryan with a time of 22:42.

There were a total of 70 runners in the boys event.

In the girls race, Hillsboro’s top finisher was Bryauna Bailey in 16th place with a time of 23:31. Also in the Top 20 for HHS was Emily Letts in 17th at 23:52. Fairfield’s top finisher was Emily Price in 23rd at 24:10. McClain’s top girls racer after Baril was Katrina Sturgeon with a time of 26.12.

The top finishing team from Highland County in the girls race was Fairfield in third with 94 points. HHS was fourth, and McClain was sixth place. The girls race had a total of 85 runners.

The boys middle school race was won by Grady Myers of Peebles, and the middle school girls race was won by Taylor Thoroman of Hillsboro at 14:35. Western Brown’s girls team were the middle school champions, and the boys team title went to Hillsboro with a score of 35 points.

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